Album: Older (1996)
Charted: 1 8


  • Michael often sang about commitment in love, but in this song, he takes a different tack, making it clear that this encounter is not one that's meant to last. "Baby, I ain't Mr. Right," he warns.
  • This upbeat tune was the second single from Michael's third album, Older, following the melancholy "Jesus To A Child."
  • This song is built on a funky saxophone riff and a sample from the 1982 Patrice Rushen hit "Forget Me Nots."
  • Michael made a slick video for this song (directed by the British team of Anthea Benton and Vaughan Arnell) which kept the gender of his partner in this affair ambiguous - lots of saucy men and women appear.

    At one point, a shot of headphones labelled "FONY" is seen - a dig on Michael's former label, Sony. Michael and the label went through a protracted legal battle a few years earlier.
  • Adele performed this song in tribute to George Michael at the Grammy Awards in 2017, where she opened the telecast with a rousing rendition of her song "Hello." About a minute into the Michael tribute, Adele bobbled and stopped the song, saying, "I f--ked up, I can't do it again like last year," a reference to her glitchy performance a year earlier. She had the orchestra start over, saying, "I cant mess this up for him," and took it from the top, this time getting through without a hitch in a stirring performance.

    Later in the show, she won Song of the Year for "Hello." In her acceptance speech, she apologized for swearing.

    Adele met Michael in 2011 - they were introduced by Elton John. A planned collaboration never panned out, but Michael made a special appearance at the Brit Awards in 2012 to give Adele the trophy for Best Album, and in 2015, Adele dressed as Michael in tribute for her 27th birthday.

    So why did she choose this song? "My earliest memory of me being a fan was 'Fastlove,'" she told the press after the ceremony. "When the video came out, I was blown away by how hot he was. I was young. I was about 10 and I heard the vulnerability in that song."

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  • Lisbeth from StockholmFull of symbolism. Describe it as his coming out. It's about cruising (to search for an occasional sexual partner), covering the pain of the loss of Anselmo & lancing it with fast love.
  • Victoria Ana-tolian Semenenko 02.10.1976 from UkraineThe idea of "Fastlove" as about sexual violence is exposed in French film "Irreversible" (2002) where the rapist is bisexual like George having nickname as The Tapeworm. That means I considered George sucking my life energy as that hint is also clear from "Amazing" video making George youngish with those time&space scales being about our big age difference of 13 years. The nickname of another hooker who was beaten in the corridor before rape references to the original Ukrainian story "Gyspsies are found near heaven" (1975).
  • Victoria Ana-tolian Semenenko 02.10.1976 from UkraineFeaturing models Rachel William (crying blonde girl), Tony Ward "muscles man" as "Jesus", Ling Tan
  • Victoria Ana-tolian Semenenko 02.10.1976 from UkraineI remain "Older" album was written from 1993 to 1996.
  • Victoria Ana-tolian Semenenko 02.10.1976 from UkraineDespite in the video Greek Satyre is actually as exactly female as there were some other pretenders for George's love that is clear from that aristocratic big ned as an image of girl singing "Forget-me-nots". That means I made myself laughable for those other pretenders.
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineThis song and especially video IS about sexual violence.

    Adele chose this song for a tribute as actually it was meaning about that rape of my soul happened to me in Paris 2005 and finally caused George's death that I could never forgive so of course forget. Or as George says in the song "I'll make you to remember".
    Despite George was claiming could not live without me but that was firstly about my attention to his persona. So I just stopped care of him after that rape first of all emotionally that probably literally broke his heart making him die.

    Mostly the idea of song is as especially hypocritical as cynical expressing true George's violent narcissistic nature. So you can even see Greek Satyre as an exposed narcissistic smirk upon my trouble.

    So about George's vulnerability that was mostly just an impuissance before a girl he believed likely couldn't get her heart but mostly body. Or as he said "Who the man? I am a man damn!"

    Or something like "Oh, you decided to trick me, girl?! That is a big mistake of yours! Really big! Huge!"
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineOf course he was hot at the moment expressing the wish of revenge and desire to win upon a woman who pushed him in his gay s--t he really hated as being too much patriarcal. It also prooved later by "Eaisier affaire" where he prevents and finaly accepts his life as it is only 2009 (!)
    A SONG WITH SUBTITLES (means video)
    I have a knuckle-duster controller so I can do anything I want to you baby putting you under a black one you really couldn't stand.
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