I Stand Alone


  • Originally released on the Scorpion King soundtrack in 2002, it was later released on Godsmack's Faceless album in 2003. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), who starred in the movie, is in the video. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ
  • This song was used in the 2004 video game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, along with "Straight Out Of Line" >>
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    Neil - Conroe, TX

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  • Scorpion King from The Squared CircleY'all are stupendous!!!!
  • Richard Fairley from MobileWell, that was a March 5th, 1999 moment. As were hundreds upon hundreds of others; music and film alike. BTW, an ambulance was called that night in Biloxi; 30 pills.
  • Roger from Mississippi1st. The entire band is extremely talented. 2nd. They feel the music that they play which is what sets them apart from other well known rock bands! 3rd. This song is probably my favorite song along with Whatever. I played college baseball and I Stand Alone was my walk up music. When we played at home I had teams calling me the human rain delay. I sat down with the sound director and let him listen to the song and we pieced it together to where I would take my practice swings while the song would start and as soon as I put my foot in the batters box it would start the chorus... I STAND ALONE! Because I stood alone in that box and nobody could help me while I'm in there, it was all me!!! Then if I hit a homerun they would play the chorus of Running Blind cause I never disrespected the pitcher or other team. I would run with my head down. Just something I learned from baseball legend Mickey Mantle.

    Do yourself a favor: Youtube AN EVENING WITH GODSMACK It is an acoustic concert at the House of Blues in Vegas. It pure ear candy!!! Lee Richards and Jon Kosco. Also Youtube Godsmack Cover Songs.... Freaking amazing! These guys can absolutely rock the songs they did!!! Just as good if not better!!!! I personally think they did Pink Floyd's TIME better than PF did! Check that stuff out, you will thank me later!
  • Raaaeeven from Planet EarthI am so tired of people always trying to bring AIC into the comments in a public forum whenever it concerns an awesome GODSMACK song. It's usually the miserable haters who are so envious & jealous of GODSMACK's talent, fame & fortune. And it's always the same ole lame rumors they pass around as if we are suppose to believe what they say just because they heard it from some unreliable source. I really don't understand what their ultimate goal is-spending their entire AIC life listening to GODSMACK, a band they don't care for listening to ALL their songs, watching ALL their videos then search GODSMACK forums like this to write all their garbage. I love ALL of GODSMACK music. I've been a fan since the 90's and frankly don't give a damn if AIC did a song titled godsmack or not, don't care if they have a sun photo on their album, don't care if Sully made a reference about an AIC song or not--DONT CARE DONT CARE! What I do care about is the art of great heavy metal music, the lyrics, all the instruments & SULLY's singing - all of that coming together so artfully to create a great GODSMACK song-NOW THAT'S WHAT I CARE ABOUT. GODSMACK GIVES 150% at their live shows and every song they sing. With that said, if you haters think you can do any better then where's your number hit song? What? You don't have one? You don't even know how to even play an instrument? Then STFU & GTFO already and move along with your AIC bulls--t. GODSMACK KICKS ASS!!
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI guarantee that if Godsmack didn't take their name from an AIC song, there wouldn't be half as many music snobs out there screaming, "Alice In Chains ripoff!!!!!!!!" Sure, they'd say they were INFLUENCED by Alice In Chains, but they were also influenced by Metallica, Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Soundgarden, Rush, the list goes on and on. Tony also said his favorite guitarist is Jimi Hendrix. I think they definatley have a sound of there own, while at the same time being pretty Rock 'n' Roll sounding (mostly heard in their latest 2 albums, IV and The Oracle, while Awake and Faceless had a darker, more "metal" sound). And who does "Tribal Metal" better than them (besides maybe Sepultura, some would argue, but I like Godsmack bvetter) Any Godsmack kicks @$$! Go see them live if you still have doubts.
  • Joey from Dunwoody, Gathis is one of there best song and i hope all of you people that listen to godsmack love it
  • Crawler from Mandalore, CaDude, think about it, less and less people like rock, those who did are moving to metal and rap.
  • Dylon from Grant, Mithis album is me in a game of halo 3
  • Ollie from Here, FlI think of this song after my boyfriend broke up with me and I was okay without him "I stood alone"

    Amazing song
  • Josh from Louisa, KyI'll never rest until I can make my own way, I'm not afraid of fading. And now its my time, It's my time to dream. What makes us stand alone?? Our perception on things, or other peoples perception on things? Good point to ponder.
    Hylton, ky
  • Jeff from Helena, Mti think this song is the best godsmack song. by the way how many songs do they have? i count about 50
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandTerry of Houston, stop talking out of your arse you elitist knob. Rock and metal are basically the same thing just metal's heavier and without one you don't have the other.
  • Neil from Conroe, TxThis song was featured in the video game 'Prince of Persia: Warrior Within' along with "Straight out of Line".
  • Terry from Houston, TxThis band, like any other...has influences and other people to look up to and, in my mind, to sound like another band, (even though Godsmack has a sound of their own), whether intentional or not, is in a way a payment of homage to the bands that influenced you to be where you are. Any true Metal fan can appreciate exactly what I am saying. rock is Dead...metal will live on forever!
  • Jordan from Channelview, TxI think this song mean that you can really only depend on yourself
  • AnonymousWell, I think I know very well how it feels to be alone and although i am crazy about godsmack i think that their song i stand alone has no meaning!
  • The Prynce from Dillon / Hamer, ScThis is probably my least favorite song by Godsmack. Its a cool song but not for Godsmack. It's kind of like Metallica right after they sold out. 'Load' was a really good album but compared to the stuff before it, it was crap - or to put it more simply, it was a good album but not a good Metallica album. This song's similar to that to me. Its a freat song and kind of gets my blood flowing, but its just not too great of a song for Godsmack. And for anyone who wants to learn more about Wicca (if you're interested in it or if you just want to know more about it to cure your ignorance of it), go to http://pryncetonpagans.djara.com/

    -=The Prynce
  • Saki from Huntsville, Ali pretty much agree with Vince....i think that the song is about standing alone when someone doesn't agree with you...and you won't listen to them anymore and let them control you...
  • Celticknot from Phoenix, AzI Really don't think this song fitted well with the Scorpion King. This song is about not fitting in, being a freak. Here are some examples..

    (If you try to take me down,
    you're gonna break.)
    to take them down is to make them normal and he doesn't want to be.

    (Feeling your sting down inside me,
    I'm not dying for it.)
    He might of been normal at one time and the sting is maybe his more normal side.

    (Help me decide if my fire
    will burn out before you can breathe. breathe into me)
    he would rather kill themselves then join the crowd. the breath is the influence of the crowd. and his fire is his life.

    (Make me believe that this place
    is invaded by poison in me)
    Others are trying to tell (whoever it may be) that they don't fit in. that he is invading. His pressence is poison.

    Ah... well that really all i have. I know it might be a strech
  • Farrah from Bucyrus, OhI read an interview that someone had with sully somewhere that said I stand Alone was sort of about Tommy leaving the band.
  • Vince from Philiadelphia, PaI think its about standing alone when nobody agrees with you and you wont be influenced by them anymore.
  • Joe from Houston, TxThe singer sully is from a religion called Wicca. Wicca is a religion that witches belive in. It kinda goes along with all of Godsmacks music.
  • Nick from Paramus, NjSo Tommy is in the video for this song so he must have still been in the band when this song was recorded, so apparently that's the only track on the CD that he plays drums on, unless the drums were re-recorded for the album. (which was probably the case, since he wasn't credited in the booklet)
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