Album: Faceless (2003)
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  • This song was inspired by Rush drummer Neil Peart's book Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road. Godsmack lead singer Sully Erna used to be a drummer and is a huge fan of Peart. The book is about a road trip Peart took across the US on his motorcycle, which helped him deal with the tragic death of both his daughter and wife. Erna also loves motorcycles and was very moved by the book. For more, check out the Songfacts on "Ghost Rider" by Rush. >>
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    Jeremy - Cincinnati, OH
  • Erna sent Peart a demo of the song and asked him to play on it, but Neil couldn't oblige because of touring commitments. He told Erna he liked the song and wished him the best.
  • This was Godsmack's first acoustic song. Tony Rombola helped Erna write it.
  • This was the second single from their Faceless CD. Radio stations play a remixed version.
  • The tune that precedes this is a 1 minute intro track called "The Awakening."
  • Starting with this album, Shannon Larkin of the hardcore punk band Amen replaced Tommy Stewart on drums. >>
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    Nick - Grammys, NJ
  • In a Pandora Stories feature, Rombola said this started with a riff that was reminiscent of their early hit "Voodoo," and Erna turned it into a song. Erna added: "We were in North Miami writing the Faceless record and my bedroom was next to yours. There was a lot of riffs happening in that house."

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  • Luna Loud from Royal Woods, MichiganThis song is so beautiful, man! R.I.P. Neil Peart, aka the greatest rock drummer to grace God's green earth. Hopefully they're all together now.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjHah, it's funny you should mention that some people only know this one song, cause this was the first Godsmack song my friend ever heard and it got him into the band. He now likes all of Godsmack's songs but very ofter he'll scan the tracks of all the band's CD's and play only the ballads.
  • Amanda from Hopkinsville, KyI named my daughter after this song
  • Teresa from Lorain, OhI totally love this song.
  • John from Eagan, MnThis song is a tribute to Neil Peart's travels and tragedies. Neil has 4 published books, one of which is Masked Rider, in which he describes the tribulations of bicyling through west Africa. Ghost Rider is a recount of his journey to find meaning in life beyond deep personal loss. I recommend all of his books; they are deeply personal and well-written. Long live Pratt!
  • Shelby from Commerce City, CoThis song is so awsome
  • Annie from St Louis, MoI love this song. It actually calms me down when I'm all frazzled from the day!
  • Jeff from Helena, MtThe only soft music i like is from godsmack, but i think the yelling and screaming is awesome. Does anyone know how many songs godsmack has? exactly
  • Moon from Aplace, UtI think this song is about someones hectic life and that he just needs serenity from everything. he needs a place to hide and not care about anything..
  • Sara from Savannah, GaThis is a very spirtiual and a very soothing and
    very soft song. i really do like it. Its the one of the songs where they dont scream thier throats out for CHRIST SAKE!!! Anyway, this is a very peaceful song. I LOVE IT!!!

    GODSMACK 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Scott from Lompoc, CaExcuse me Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road
  • Scott from Lompoc, Cathe name of Neil's Book is actually Ghost Rider: Tales from the healing road
  • Katie from Christina Lakethis song is so soothing, even if it has a deeper meaning lying underneath. it annoys me tho how people think they like godsmack wen they have only heard this one song. but hey, its a start!
  • Luke from Memphis, TnThis proves that bands who have head pounding-face melting solos and hard guitar riffs can still play beautifully and make a sweet sound.
  • Jeremy from Cincinnati, Ohthe song is based upon the world's greatet drummer and his reflection's on life and his struggles with personnal losses and reflection. That drummer would be RUSH's Neil Peart. His words are found in the book, "Masked Rider".
  • Jim from Pittsburgh, PaI can't wait for an acoustic album. Godsmack does some deep, talented stuff which often gets overlooked by the yelling and hardcore guitar. I love their accoustic sets
  • Jacqui from Bedford, Va*sigh* one godsmack song that doesnt give me a headache ::breathes deeply::
  • Nick from Paramus, NjWhoa, why does it say I'm from Grammys, New Jersey? Anyway, Godsmack will be realeasing an all acoustic record sometime soon.
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