Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

Album: Nimrod (1997)
Charted: 11
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  • Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song when his girlfriend moved to Ecuador to live with her family and continue her schooling. He tried to be levelheaded about it, but to show his anger, he named the song "Good Riddance" and made "Time Of Your Life" the subtitle.

    "It's about trying to be cool, accepting that, in life, people go in different directions," Armstrong told Rolling Stone. "People come into your life and it's wonderful, but they seem to go out of your life as quickly as they came in."
  • This was written as an acoustic song to distinguish it from the heavily produced rock music that was popular in the '90s. Armstrong recalled to Spin Magazine in a 2010 interview: "That was really the first time we attempted a ballad. The first time we ever played that song was during an encore in New Jersey - I had to pound a beer backstage to get up the courage. I knew we were gonna take a tomato to the face."

    The song was such a sonic departure for the band that record stores reported a high rate of returns from customers who purchased the Nimrod album expecting similar songs.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song in 1993 and submitted it for the band's first major-label album, Dookie, which was released in 1994. Both the band and their label felt it was a great song but didn't fit on the album, which was loaded with punk blasters. The song was held back and didn't make their next album, Insomniac (1995) either. It was finally included on the Nimrod album in 1997.
  • This song was featured on two very high-profile TV shows in 1998. It was used on the penultimate Seinfeld episode in a scene where the cast takes a nostalgic look back at all the adventures they had on the show. It also featured in the ER in an episode "Gut Reaction," in a scene where a young boy dies of cancer.
  • Armstrong got the inking to try an acoustic song when he found himself at a house party in Berkeley, California with a bunch of college students. He described it as a "weird-dudes-with-ponytails-and-an-acoustic-guitar moment."
  • The line "tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial" relates to a tattoo Billie Joe Armstrong had of the girl he wrote the song about (he says her name is Amanda). When she moved away, he had it covered up.
  • A very poignant song, this is quite popular at graduations and weddings despite the kiss-off title "Good Riddance." Billie Joe Armstrong wrote it about a very specific event in his life, but he's thrilled when others relate it to their own experience.
  • Billie Joe Armstrong came up with the video's concept. Directed by Mark Kohr, it pauses on ordinary moments in people's everyday lives. To capture the "still frames in your mind," the extras were told not to blink, but some of them couldn't help it. Armstrong does plenty of blinking, but you won't see him smiling. Drummer Tre Cool chipped Armstrong's front teeth while he was throwing television sets out of their hotel window - a stunt that nearly cost them the video.
  • Green Day's label got pitches for the video from directors Mark Kohr, Roman Coppola and Kevin Kerslake, all of whom had done videos for the band. They rejected them all because they were too morbid, each one having something to do with death. Kohr, whose treatment had an undertaker putting makeup on a corpse, offered to make a video on the fly in the three days the band would be in New York. Kohr had done several Green Day videos by this point, including "Basket Case" and "When I Come Around," and had a great rapport with them.

    In a Songfacts interview with Kohr, he explained how it came together and what it symbolizes. "I tagged along with them for three days, and it was incredible," he said. "They did two or three television shows. They were on 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield. They were on Conan, and then they did a show at Tower Records and they did a show at Roseland, so they were very busy, and it was really fun.

    The show at Roseland was the last thing. It was an incredible show and it ended with the song 'Time Of Your Life,' which was just wonderful. And when we were on the Conan show, we were waiting there in the greenroom and Conan was in there playing the guitar with Billie. He's a really great guy, a real social guy. Conan went off to do the show, and Billie said, 'OK, I want everyone out of the room except for Mike and Tré and Mark because we're going to talk about the video. I'm going to come up with an idea.'

    We hadn't talked about it at all. Billie said, 'Maybe we make kind of like a Pogues video with people who are working-class people that are in their scene. They look really great and it looks really beautiful even though it's really ordinary, and it's kind of like they're drunk.'

    And that was it. Bang. That was as much as I needed.

    I worked on the idea and wasn't too crazy about the drunk part because it's such a fricking beautiful song, but all the other stuff I allowed. Then I remembered there's a Wim Wenders film called Wings Of Desire that's about an angel. Like, this guy is an angel and can move around and listen to people's thoughts and hear their conversations and so forth. It's a really beautiful film.

    So how did he move around? He kind of pops around, but there's this one part of the film where they do this hand-held thing with a slow shutter speed where they run around really quick at night, like here's a person - vroom - and here's another person - vroom - here's another person - vroom. And that little bit, it just hung with me. I felt like it was a metaphor for connection, so I was playing with that idea.

    I defined it like this. I said, 'There's moments in your life - and they can be really ordinary - where everything seems really vibrant and alive and open and it's just clear. You are connected.'

    Later I came to hear from different philosophers that the term for that is 'satori,' which is the feeling of universal connectedness and the clarity and beauty in that. So I was working with that. All these people are connected in their consciousness and in that kind of feeling of satori, and the individual is fully connected. So the visual technique and the metaphor had to arise that feeling in the viewer.

    I took a big f--king risk because it was a lot of money. We had three days to shoot and each one of those scenes, except for the girl who we open with, is only seen one time, and yet when we shot it we were moving from location to location shooting with 35mm cameras, dolly tracks, high-speed film, going through the camera and then hand-held and doing really nice lighting in these ordinary situations. I was trying to have reflections be seen through the windows and so forth, so there's just that little bit of information, and then sew it all together in this piece.

    When we were shooting, the assistant director would say, 'Mark, are you sure you don't want to shoot any coverage? You don't want to shoot anything else?' I was like 'No, it's not that kind of video.' I didn't shoot any coverage because I didn't want to spend that kind of time and I didn't want to lock myself into that creative, so I took the risk and luckily it all worked out, and as far as my career as a music video director, that was my greatest gift because afterward the visual technique showed up in television, in commercials and in movies. Art is a conversation, and we all add to the conversation and we all take from the conversation as it has preceded us, so I was really honored that other people were inspired enough to integrate that technique and that look into their pieces as well."
  • Like Pearl Jam, Green Day went through a period in the mid-'90s when they decided not to make music videos, which seemed to make MTV love them more. "Good Riddance" won for Best Alternative Video at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Regarding the album title, Nimrod, that word may not mean what you think it does. A "nimrod" is actually a skilled hunter, but most Americans use it to mean "idiot." Green Day bass player Mike Dirnt got the idea when he found out the British Royal Air Force had an aircraft called the Nimrod.
  • The album version begins with guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong playing a wrong note. He begins again, repeats the wrong note, and proclaims "f--k!". Then the actual song begins. Radio versions, of course, omit this. >>
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    Tom - New York, NY
  • This played when England walked onto the pitch in their football match against France in the 1998 World Cup. >>
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    Leanne - Crawley, England
  • This was the official theme for golf's PGA Tour in 1998. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

Comments: 252

  • Stefanoesperanto from FloridaThe first time I heard this song was on the final episode of the original MTV Road Rules. After the contestants were given their final rewards they played this song. It's stuck with me because they said I hope you had the time of your life.
  • Daniel from FrýdekI just wanted to say, that it feels so weird reading these comments, most of them are like 10 years old. You're making me feel old mates xd it's crazy to realize that it's already 2021
  • Max& Cathy Nz from Whangarei NzIt’s our wedding song & we got married in 1999 -still love it, reminds us to enjoy today & make the most of it - live for today!!

    Our kids know it word for word & are surprised when their friends don’t

    Billie Joe played it inAuckland gig& brought the house down with it!!!
  • Christine R from Lincoln, ArMy mother-in-law wanted this song played at her funeral, and had it been up to my husband, it would have been played. But the "rest" of the family wouldn't play it. My husband also wants this song played at his funeral, which it WILL BE played. I'm just afraid I will hate the song after he passes. Hopefully I won't and when I hear it, I will know he had "The time if his life"!
  • Minefordime from NebraskaI like musicians that are ok with speaking their mind like Armstrong (lead singer Green Day) and Kurt cobain (lead singer nirvana) and Marshall mathers (Eminem)
  • Krist N. from Aberdeen, WaSup Kurt.

    "Kurt from Aberdeen, Wa
    I sorta agree you know about the F.U. part. Its like giving the middle finger to what was left behind. I don't listen to a lot of radio cause all they play is that corporate pop sh*t!
    You want real music? Listen to what Armstrong has to say. Along with Morrison and Cobain the dude is right on. Its like you know looking back at all the sh*t you did as a kid."
  • Angela from California When my dad passed and I picked up his ashes this was the song playing. It makes me think of him when I here it. I wish the song was title “time of your life”,(good riddance)
  • Emily from LatamMy uncle died from a brain tumor this year, he was only 34 years old. He was a musician, he played the guitar like no one and he loved this song, there is a video of him singing this song and at the end he smiles and gives a thumbs up, it's just so beautiful. This song will always remind me of him, my whole life.
  • Jenny from Sydney NswI last heard this on the radio on April 14 this year (it's hardly ever played) I remember vividly 'cause I was sitting in the car waiting for my husband When he got back I was bawling my eyes out "What's wrong?" he asked I just said "listen to what's playing and think what date it is" He just said "oh I get it now" Sounds a bit crazy doesn't it? Let me explain April 14 2020 would have been my brothers 49th birthday (we lost him in 2014) and we played this song at his funeral I love this song And usually just crank up the radio when it comes on but this day it was like somebody just punched me in the guts
  • Patti from FloridaThis song makes me cry every time I hear it. It was one of my sons all time favorites (he was so lyrical). then he was killed in a car accident in 2006. Still seems like yesterday to me. So, every single time I hear this...i cry. Great song!
  • Charles from Reston, VaI love everyone on this blog or whatever it is.....even Alex. I'm sure I heard this song when It came out and probably thought what a nice song, and then promptly forgot it. A couple a years ago I saw Billie on a talk show (can somebody help me find it?) and he sang the song just sitting in a chair as I recall. The emotion that came from him was amazing. (One of you got that right) I thought about it for a few days and then again forgot about it. The other day It just popped into my head. I believe it was because I had just fallen in love and was worried things wouldn't work out. I didn't even know Green Day or Billie's name, but after some searching, I found it on the Internet and played the "official" video, and played it, and played it, and played it.
    Then I found you guys and I want to tell you, no one but Billie could ever sing that song!

    I know you are all gone now (except maybe Alex is still out there waiting to pounce on somebody) but at the same time everybody is sill here... another "...lesson learned in time."

    I just want to say I hope you had (and will have) the time of your life. Maybe those who come after us will wish us the same.

    There, I'm crying...
  • Shadow from Depression, VaOkay... disregard that.... just read it on the actual Songfact *facepalm*
  • Shadow from Depression, VaEver notice that at the beginning of this song on the album, he hits a wrong chord on his guitar and says "F--k"?
  • Kurt from Aberdeen, WaI sorta agree you know about the F.U. part. Its like giving the middle finger to what was left behind. I don't listen to a lot of radio cause all they play is that corporate pop sh*t!
    You want real music? Listen to what Armstrong has to say. Along with Morrison and Cobain the dude is right on. Its like you know looking back at all the sh*t you did as a kid.
  • Rj from Philadelphia, PaI just realized that this song is now 13 years
  • Triangle from Ib, Cathis song means too much to me, cousin died(not going into detail) he would always play this song...i miss him...*sigh*
  • Patrick from Wellington, New ZealandThis is the s--ttiest song ever. Want some real Green Day? Try the 'Insomniac' and 'Dookie' albums. I was digusted when this became a single.
  • Maddie from Salina, KsWe sang this song at 5th grade graduation. Even after all these years, I still remember the words.
  • Mario from Polson, MtThis song is about when Billy Joe Armstrong's girlfriend moved to Ecuador with me. Billy was mad that she moved in with me and that we were bangin' behind his back. To bad so sad.
  • Hannah from Gustavus, OhMy mom and I watched the video for this together on The Green Day Chronicles, and she noticed in the video, it shows a lot of people doing various things, but someone's missing - like a lady standing on her porch without her husband, an old man in a hospital with no family, etc., and she said she thinks they're supposed to be remembering whoever's missing. She said the song means that everybody's going to die someday, so have fun while you''re still alive. "It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life" - Nobody knows for sure when they will die, but it's ultimately going to work out okay, and have fun while you live.
  • Roy from Boston, MaI think this song is up there with "Every Breath You Take" by The Police as among the most misinterpreted. It's a pretty bitter song. Anyone who's gotten the line about life being about change and inpredictable as part of a break-up gets this song. I was consoling a friend after the bf said he'd always care, and appreciate the good times they had, "but feelings change" and then left. Without thinking about it I said, "Well, I hope he had the time of his life." I got a giggle with that one.
  • Htg from Glos, United KingdomGot really emotional over this track 2 years ago at my daughters leavers concert. Powerful lyrics. I now can't listen to it without crying. My son will be gone in another year but "I hope they have the time of their lives". FSNTASTIC. Also have a 4 year old and she loves it too!!!
  • Jon from Mishawaka, InI don't think Billie Joe knew what he had done when he wrote this song. I don't think someone can purposely write a song as powerful as this. Something this universal is raw emotion. Music is a translation of feelings and emotions. This is one of the purest, most unadulterated interpretaitons of emotion that has ever been written. It's definitely high up on my list of the best songs of all time.
  • Riley from Saskatoon, Skthis song is played ever year at our school for grad, but its still an awesome song!!
  • Bob from State College, Pa, PaI get the original, "Good F---ing Riddance" meaning. I wonder, though, what Armstrong thinks while singing it in concert knowing that there are about 50 different ways that his audience is "taking" his lyrics.

    I'm in my early 50s. Just watched the "Bullet in a Bible" video for the first time. "Good Riddance", just made a mess of me. My son just finished college and is moving to Florida this week. To me, the lyrics speak to the kids (and their friends) leaving home and heading out into the world - first to college, and then really out into the world. The words, "I hope you had the time of your life", create a jumble of thoughts. Did I do it right as a parent? Was it good growing up in our home? That the song is a sad one is my selfishness - not wanting to see them leave. Great songs generate emotional reactions. This is one of the best.
  • Jim from Ralston, Nethis song is covered by popular alt/rock band Wake Up Call
  • Jenny from Indianapolis, InI agree with Phil. :) This song always makes me happy and peaceful when I hear it. And it's fun to play on guitar.
  • Steve from Bangor, Methis song was played at my best friends funeral
  • Steve from Bangor, Methis is the song that we played at my best friends funeral last year we all cried
  • Anthony from Cape May, NjListen to this song especially when you are suffering through bad times, as it gives a glimmer of hope and a slice of times to come, meaning that everything you go through has a meaning..
  • Jacob from Rocky Mount, Ncgreat song, and Logan, the best thing to do is e-mail the girl, that's what i did, and i've been in love for 2 years now! The same girl!
  • Mike Fuentes from Melvindale, MiThis song makes me cry and when I do die its going to be played at my funeral. I also dedicated this song to all my ex-girlfriends and future girlfriends that break up with me.
  • Henry from Bath, United Kingdomthis song reminds me perfectly of the great times i had with my mates last summer, all the random fun me had and fond memories, just fits perfectly
  • Logan from Egan, LaThe other day, I was going to tell my friend that I liked her, and wanted to date her, and I never got the chance to talk to her alone. Since then I've been chickening out, and when I hear this song I can only think of her, and begin to cry. Such a beautiful song.
  • Regina from Hazel Park, Mimy boyfriend's brother died on Sunday and I sang this song in his honor.
  • Phil from Spotsy, VaFirst off, Joe. Comparing Green Day to Lennon is like comparing Mark Wahlberg to Marlon Brando. Brando is easily more talented and classicly trained, but Wahlberg is a good, fun actor. Green Day isn't the most talented band around, but that doesn't mean you can't like their songs just because something else is better than it. It's not like it's crap.

    Second- Stop arguing what the song is about. I don't care. A great song isn't about one universal thing, it's about whatever it means to the listener. I'd rather hear someone say they made out to this song (or something along those lines) than someone say that this song is about selling out or drugs or anything like that. I don't care.

    Third- this is a damn good song.
  • Nate from Syrause, NyI think its kinda cool that this song is made up of only 4 chords, and is really easy to play. Its great for getting girls...
  • Michelle from Brook Park, Mnand another thing.. when i was little i listened to this song all the time but never knew what it was called. one day i bought their internationl superhits and my friend told me to play it and i finally knew what my fave song was called.
  • Michelle from Brook Park, MnThis song is an awesome song. This song was played when 2 students from my school died in a car accident. It was very sad even tho i didnt know them.
  • Andrew from Clarksvile, TnI know i'm wrong, but it sounds a little like it's talking about the fans that left green day and started calling the sellouts
  • Danleichty from Rochester, MnOne of my favorate songs!This was my fav during my last year of high school. It meant alot to me.My dad played this at my graduation party at my house on his guitar.We all had a good time. AHHHH Memories
  • Dewd from Ontario, OnOk so this song is super sad for me becuase a kid in my class died of a heart attck during my gym class at school and that day the teachers played this song and we all sat there ans cried so to me this is like the saddest song in the world!!!!
  • Matt from Detroit Rock City, Mione of the most overrated songs of all time. it sounds good when your high or drunk, as does all the other green day songs.
  • Austin from Smallsville, NeI think it is funny when people play this at like graduations or funerals when it is actually one of the biggest "screw you" songs ever
  • Jesus Of Suburbia from Frinton On Sea, AlThis is a happy song and also a good song
    But the best Green Day song by far is Jesus of Suburbia its probally not just that its possibly the greatest song of all time only just behind Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Nunzio from Darwin, Australiachannel 10 in Australia used this all ove the promo for the last episode of Seinfeld & that's what I think of when ever I hear this. I wish this was around when I left school. A timeless classic. Check
    out Richard Cheese cover of one of their earlier songs.
  • Susan from Adelaide, Australiaok so i dunno if anybody elses mentioned this but isnt this song meant to be a big f*ck u to everyone that thought they sold out .. i watch alot of music tv and somebody they interviewed said that.....
  • Loz from Perth, Australiatheres more than one theory to the meaning of this song:

    1) its about when Adie & Billie Joe broke up due to the distance between them. lucky for Joey & Jakob, they got back together and got married

    2) death. if you listen to the words.. the song could be about dying.. and how its unpridicatble, but right in the end

    they both seem to fit the song really well, but it is actually about BJ & adie
  • Bert from Brighton, EnglandJust judging this song by the amount of comments posted proves it works in so many different ways. I'm sure when it was written it had 1 meaning but on hearing it everyone makes of it what they want. To me its uplifting in 'make the most of your life & enjoy to the max' or downing in 'middle finger up, i can't be bothered any more, get on with it good riddance,' its a celebration of dropping your guard & going for a relationship 150% or its a bitter screw you to the end of a bad one.To me personally its a summary of a life without deliberate direction, someone just plodding through then hoping at the end it was all worthwhile in some way, someone looking back & realising life is the thing that happens whilst your busy planning something else!!
    Like i said 'different cources for different horses' whatever way you read it....a true song.
  • Michelle from Brook Park, Mnhehehe... I always wondered what he said at the beginning of this song! He kinda mumbled it, but I sorta picked up on mumbling cuz my ex mumbles all the time. Anyway, I love this song cuz it helps me deal with depression at a certain degree. So, this is a wonderful song.
  • Dd from Indianapolis, InAs with any well written song, they lyrics can mean many things to different people. I am soon to be 51, and have left written direction and a CD, with my family that this is to be played at my memorial service.
  • Joe from Maysville, KyWell as a 45 year old,Green Day will never be a favorite of mine.And yes,the first time I heard this song was at the high school graduation of my nephew.While the song was playing,pictures of the graduates at different stages of their lives were shown on a screen over the stage.I admit seeing his pictures while this song was playing brought tears to my eyes.I went out the next day and bought the CD.Whatever the reason this song was written doesn't really matter.It's the affect it may have on the listener and what they relate that song to is what music is all about.At least that's my opinion.I think it's a classic song.
  • Alex from New City, NySeriously, to all of you people who think this song when you don't feel good or when a sad moment occurs ou are stupid. this song doesnt have a good meaning like it is thought to have. instead of meaning i hape you had a good time.....the songs true meaning is get out of my life b***h, Good Riddance!
  • Kylie from La, CaI think this is the last of the "Old Green Day" the GOOD Green Day..The Green Day that didn't write about the war in ever song and constantly remind us of how stupid we all are. This song reminds me of the "GOOD OLD DAYS" which is good, but I really wish they would revive this part of their repitore! I miss that.
  • Brock from Nsw, AustraliaI think it's a good song when your in the mood for it.. NOFX are better then Greenday though. But it is one of those good songs that will never be forgotten
  • Ollie from London, EnglandHands up, whos sick of debating what is or isnt punk? If youre reading this, chances are youve already made up your mind about green day. But maybe its time to forget what you know, because Green day couldnt care less about peoples opinions of them. They have spent the last years channeling their energy, positivity and, yes, sometimes frustration, into their music. And no matter how you want to label their music, all their songs prove that green day are not a punk band, a pop band, a rock band or whatever label you can come up with; they are just a great band a band that strives to write great songs and put on a hell of a show!

    p.s. im prolly gunna put this up everywhere.
  • Ollie from London, Englandby the way, GREEN DAY ROCK, in my eyes anyway
  • Aisling from Dublin, Irelandthe meaning and the moral of the song are brilliant...the only problem is its way over played...every yr at least 3out of the 4 schools in my town use it for graduations...if the song wasnt as over used in tv etc i thin k i mite enjoy the song more..
  • Sam from Louisville, KyPlayed by my high school during our Senior "Last Walk". ...Ironic... (Good Riddance) LOL
  • Ollie from London, Englandfor gods sake, joe, get a hobby instead of trying to crush a good band. youre not gunna convince anyone that green day are rubbish. THEY'RE NOT. so youre never gunna succeed. give up. i do listen 2 john lennon, the beatles etc. but green day are still alive, and people like them. so stop trying to bring the whole world back to the '60s. NOTICE: we are in the 21st century. do you use a car? right. so we can listen to green day without being critisized and called childish. lu green day.
  • Devin from New York, NyThis is the song that got me to start listening to Green Day back in '97, and it remains one of my favorite songs by the band to date. It completely overshadows everything from American Idiot imho.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaThis song is medicore. Green Day sucks ass. If you want a similar song that is 100,000 times better listen to John Lennon's Imagine. You'll be embaraced that you ever listened to Green Day.
  • Desiree from West Hempstead, United StatesI love this song 2 really helps me calm down whenever i am really helps me get through tough times
  • Sara<3 from Austin, Txthis song breaks my heart. first green day song i ever heard long before i was a fan.
    i played this on my guitar sitting on the floor of the 70 yr old house that i (and my father!) had grown up in after we had moved all our stuff out right before we sold it.=(
  • Amanda from Scranton, PaThis song is about the break up of the go-gos and His relationship with the singer..
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhThis is a song you could listen to netime-especially after a break-up.
  • Miles Freeston from Plmouth, EnglandMan what a brilliant song (one of their best after WMUWSE, homecoming and she's a rebel), it definitely deserved to be at number 1. If you have broken up with you girlfriend it is so sad so true. I also blink 182 and sum 41
  • Tj from Woodbridge, Vathis is an AWSOME song! i HATE green day with the exception of this song. but this is the best song ever. i thought of this song when my gf broke up with me, so i gave it to her (good riddance) and hoped she had the "time of her life" with me. but to keep goin.
  • Jason from El Paso, TxThis is the best song by green day . to me it means with or with out her that he hopes that he hopes that she has the time of her life live without regrets and live life to the fullest. that is why when i die i want to have that song to be played at my funeral because with or without i hope you alll have the time of your life.......... and ROCK ON. lol
  • Enzo from Ottawa, CanadaWhen i first heard this song I really liked it but I didn't know it was Green Day. It's my favourite song other than Homecoming. Have fun spotting the other band members in the video.
  • Paul from Redditch, EnglandTheir best song. Shame the bands fanbase has been taken over by twelve year girls in long sleeve t-shirts.
  • Micky from Berkeley, CaThis song is awesome. I can listen to it many many times and no get tired of it. Maybe its just because I like Green Day, but this song is especailly awesome. I think the live "Bullet In A Bible" version isn't as good, cause he has this weird accent. But, what ever.
  • Mszacefron from Chicago, IlOMG...this is my fav song eva...i used to hear it on the radio b4 i knew who green day was and loved it...and then i found out it was green day when i fell in love with them and i was elated!!
  • Whitney from Little Rock, ArGreat song 4 a graduation. My sis is using it 4 hers.It just wouldnt sound right if anyone else sang it.
  • Poo Head from Manchester, Englandhi its not really my name!
  • Tanya from London, United StatesAmazing song. As I've said before. On the live one on Bullet in a Bible (get it if u havent, the gig was incredible =D), just after Billie Joe sings the last line, u can hear some girl shoutin 'YES BILLIE!' Just thought i'd share that with u all lol
  • Christian from Stockholm, SwedenFor me this song is like magic. When I play my guitar I don't even think I just start to play and it always feel so good to play, sing or listen to it. It really made me think that sh*t happens but you still have to move on with your life. I love it.
  • Turkey from Loveland, CoThis song is good and I like chocolate milk!! The pure and simple truth is rarely ever pure and never simple. Please email me chocolate milk!
  • Alex from Loveland, CoOkay, Okay. I guess I do like this song after all... I suppose I couldn't listen to it over and over again, but once or twice is okay. I start getting sad when I listen to it. I started liking it mainly because I slow danced with a really nice guy to it... but yeah, it is a decent song. I have more personal feelings for other songs, though.
  • Ddanni from Inverness, Scotlandi love green day. i have for years. i have met them to and i have a signed photo of all of us.
    this song holds alot of memories for me aswell. two of my younge cousins passsed away reacently.
    one was 6 and the other was 7. i got to sing this song at their funerals. it was dificult but i managed.
  • Benny from Melbourne, AustraliaIsn't it funny how a song which was originally intended to be sarcastic is used as the closing song of Green Day gigs? He sings to the crowd "I hope you had the time of your life" when he really means "You wrecked my life now piss off"
  • Sarah from Sandiego, CaThis song rocks. BJ actually wrote this song when dookie came out.
  • Tanya from London, United StatesTheyre not tryin to tell us about LEDCs in this song though Jorge
  • Eileen from San Diego, Cathis is such a great song!!! it gets really short after you listen to it all the time, over and over and over. billie joe sings really fast in this song. i'm trying to learn this song on the guitar, i'm almost there, i just need to find out the rest of the chords to this song, and play it on the guitar!! if u guys knew, time of your life really came out aroun' the time Dookie came out. weird.
  • Jorge from Codoba, South AmericaYou guys can cry all you want, but lets get serious here, people are dying from AIDS in Rwanda, Africa, and there are alot of sweatshops out there, there are even kids out there being sold for 16 cents from there parents, i personally hate this band for "trying" to open all your eyes when really, they gave the completly wrong message
  • Clare from Liverpool, EnglandThats right. Billie joe said when he was writing it he meant it in a sarcastic way, but he thought a lot of people would missenterperate the lyrics, because, not only the main line that Ben said, but lots of others (e.g, time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go ... people thought that meant like finding a long lasting relationship or something) so he called it good riddance just to show his annoyance to his ex (who the song was dedicated to) when she dumped him.
  • Ben from London, EnglandThis song is very misunderstood, when it was released it became the number 1 wedding song just because it says "i hope you had the time of your life" when if you listen to the lyrics its actually quite sarcastic as if its saying "I hope your happy now youve messed up my life". I relate to this song while im moving home. I hope the people im leaving behind have had the time of their life messing my life up. However, its made me stronger and so "it was worth all the while" I know eople may disagree but its how i can personally apply the song to my experiences.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoSorry, Clare, but you might want to know that A.K.A means "also know as" and the context you're using it in is wrong. Just thought you could use that as a future preference... Anyways, I am plenty happy, and as I have said MULTIPLE times before, I do like Green Day, just not this song. A song might help you forget about a problem or life's sorrows, but it doesn't make them go away. I have been through many hard times, and I know it is nice to know that someone else has gotten through them, but I think you are misinterpretting the whole song itself, or just simply overanalyzing it; take it for what is it: a song by Green Day.
  • Tanya from London, United StatesListening to this song made me realise we only live once, be happy. And it was a very good goodbye song to my old life and friends. But anyway.....awesome song.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandoh yeah nobody on this website SAID that we thought that everyone on Earth liked this song, but here is my personal opinion: Anyone who doesn't like this song ... or more importantly GREEN DAY ... is extremely sad. You can disagree but thats what i think.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandi'm sorry alex but you're wrong. as a matter of fact songs like this CAN help you through everyday problems. Plus its nice to know when you're going through a bad time that someone (a.k.a the person who wrote the song, a.k.a billie joe) has been through a similar problem and gotten through it, plus its also nice to know that they recognise that people DO have similar problems.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoOkay, Benny, that made sense in some strange way and I cannot relate to this song after ALL that I have been through, all the times I have gone through hell and back. I can personally relate to other bands like Blink-182 (my favorite, of course) and Good Charlotte. Both bands sing more about life, it would seem to me and many others. . . they sing more about emotions and going through life, in MY opinion. I suppose all you crazed Green Day fans would just BEG to differ. . . and DON'T get me wrong: I like a lot of Green Day music, but it's harder for me to relate to them as easily as some others.
  • Tanya from London, United States"Putting this song on our record was probably the most punk thing we could do" - mike dirnt
  • Alex from Loveland, CoAnd to all you EDITORS!!! you should stop taking off online arguements!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI can understand that you all adore this song. I don't care that you all hate me. I don't care what any of you think; your opinions mean nothing to me. I don't like this song. You should all step off and except the FACT that not everyone on Earth is going to agree with you; and if you think that, you're going to have a tough time taking reality and this song, TRUST ME, is not going to help your every day problems. Yeah, you might listen to it for awhile and it may get your mind off things, but a song doesn't make problems away.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandwhen this song came out i was 2 and i grew up listening to it coz my dad gave it to me on tape before he left me. what i'm tryin to say is this song is my FAVOURITE song EVER and it always has been ... even when i was too little to have anything like a favorite band, which in case you're wondering has been green day since i was 5 :)
  • Matthew from Waterford, MiDoes anyone know who wrote the string arrangement for this song? I can't seem to find the name anywhere and it's an amazing song.
  • Benny from Melbourne, AustraliaFor those who say that Green Day are sell outs for doing an acoustic song well maybe you need to understand a little more about punk.

    Punk music is all about going against the flow, doing things your own and and not following the rules. For a punk band to release an acoustic song they were doing just that, they were going against the flow that all other 'punk' bands of the era had produced.

    They were different and didn't conform to the common punk sound, and by rebelling against the norms they were being punk... understand?

    Everyone in the world can relate to this song and it trully marks something special that can be appreciated by every generation to come. It's pure magic. Love it.
  • Skye from Jefferson City, Utright on alex~~!!!!!!
  • Joel Schmendrick from Ottawa, IrelandHey Alex from loveland ,you should shut up and take a seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joel Schmendrick from Ottawa, Irelandwhat do you mean this song sucks? it rocks like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joel Schmendrick from Ottawa, Irelandit rocks dude
  • Sam from Amesbury, MaThis was first song I learnt on the guitar. I love this song in all it's entirity.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandAmazing song. Fits with every one of life's problems, changes etc. Best lyrics I've ever heard. Sounds awesome on electric guitar too. I'll never forget Billie Joe's face at the end of the milton keynes gig (bullet in a bible those of u who didnt go). he looked overwhelmed. Everyone was. It was weird coz obviously everyone had been waiting for that song coz its alot of fans favorite, but when it started up, no one actually wanted it to coz it meant it was the end. Ahh never forget that night. And congrats Billie Joe for writing the best lyrics I've ever heard
  • Michelle from Sydney, AustraliaThis is my ALL time fav song! It describes life so well, it just fits into every situation. I've been through a hell of a lot of changes in my life, and through all of them I can find a way to make this song relate to those changes. It has such a deeper meaning, you really have to sit and listen to the lyrics. I set this song as my alarm every day during my final year 12 exams "it's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right, I hope you had the time of your life." And it's playing at my 21st birthday party, no doubt about it!!!! Rok on Greenday! We love you!!!
  • Stacey from Nowra, Australiahated this song wen it came out it was everywhere all the time but now coz it isnt played as much I LUV IT and i think its hilarious that this was the no.1 wedding song in 97 and its about saying goodbye but it's a perfect break-up and funeral song
  • Grace from Fairfax Station, VaI always thought this song was positive, but I heard Billie Joe say in an interview that it was negative.
  • Billy from Chesterfield, MiThis was my sister's graduation song. It fits in perfect for that.
  • Amy from Lathrop, CaTo me this song has become one that will forever have a special meaning, before the end of Aug. this year. I hadent really heard much of Greenday, I had heard "Good Riddance" a few times and liked it, but didnt pay attention to the lyrics, in Aug my Daughter,(still 17 yrs old) went into the Navy, before she left we made each other CDs of songs that had been our songs and also some songs that we wanted each other to hear, that expressed things that we felt. My Daughter had included this song on my CD and when I listened to the lyrics I had to find out what was being said about the verse, Dead skin on trial. I do believe that it is in reguards to tattoos of memories, good ones and then some that we may still question ourselves about, in a sence putting those memories (tattoos) on trial. While my daughter was at bootcamp she couldent listen to any music at all, and when I finally went to see her graduate, she had me make her some CDs, and the song that she felt she was living was "Wake me up when Sept ends" Since then I have become a fan of Greenday and my 5yr old son who loves music, has learned all the lyrics and listens to Greenday every day. Another song she put on my CD that now makes my heart ache is "Incomplete" by the backstreet boys, These songs all mean so much to me as my baby is now taking such a hugh step in her life, a turning point that only time will be able to guide her through. She is very sad to have to grow up and take all the fun and goodtimes that she had and pack them up and put them up on the shelf and my life will always be Incomplete until she is back with me.I am very greatfull that there are such great songs out there to help us relate to all the tests and great times in our lives.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandyeah theres quite a bit of stuff bout the beatles in some museums ... i dont like museums though but thats what i've heard
  • Dan from Lee, NhClare, do you seriously live in Liverpool? That's awesome. Are there like tons of Beatles memorials there.
  • Carolyn from Newcastle, EnglandAnna if you don't like then then thats all well and good but keep your oponions away from the people who like then there really as clare said just no point.
  • Alex from Loveland!!!!!, CoThe first time I saw Dodgeball, I laughed so hard that I cried. . . Lol. It is hilarious. I would definately recommend that movie if you're looking for a good laugh.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoOh yes, I know, but I would rather spend my money on something I would watch more than once, like a favorite movie. (I love the movie Dodgeball, I could watch it again and again.) Lol.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoYeah, I sort of did that on purpose. Don't get me wrong, I like Green Day very much, but it's perfectly normal for a band to make at least one song that someone (like me) won't like very much.
  • Magda from Addison, IlI never knew Green Day sang this song. I feel like and idiot now, but I always heard it on the radio when I was little. Coming back from Europe, I logged onto and clicked on the "Good Riddance" video by mistake. I was drinking coke, and when I heard the song (and realized what band was playing it), I actually spat coke out of my nose (not very fun).
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI am not so sure I would want to buy Bullet in a Bible for these reasons: one, the title is a major turn-off (I am a Christian) two, I have better things to spend my money on, three, I could just wait until they start airing on TV, four, I am not that crazed of a Green Day fan, five, I could just go watch it a friend's house, six, it's not that big of a deal, seven, I dislike watching bands perform live, eight, based on everyone else's opinion, the real experience of actually attending the concert was better than the dvd, nine, listening to bands perform live is really unappealing to me, and ten, I'm still not that crazed.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoYou do have a point, Tanya, but I think it's more the beat and melody that I'm not fond of. The lyrics are very good and true, but some bands (like Green Day) are just better off not making slow, sad songs. I can relate it to my life in some ways. I'm usually not the kind of person that likes listening to sad, depressing songs. Very rarely for me do I come across a sad song and could listen to over and over again. Probably my favorite sad song is Adam's Song by Blink-182. Something about the way they worded everything and the whole song in general is perfect. I like Green Day and all, but hey, every band makes a song that at least one person won't like, and for me, this is the one.
  • Alex from Loveland, Conicole, i'm so sorry to hear that. i think it might've been a strange coincidence but you never know. that must've been really hard.
  • Nicola from Kk, Irelandthis song came on the radio just a few minutes after i found out my brother had died. i was half way accross the world and had to face the journey home. maybe it's a coincedence but maybe it's not.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandwow your the first person ive ever heard to say that about this song alex
  • Alex from Loveland, CoWow, i guess i am the only one. It just rubs me the wrong way! lol
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI personally do not like this song. The whole Nimrod cd basically sucks. I hate the video and the song. All my friends are like" Oh my God, I love this song!!" I despise it.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandi want this song played at my funeral ... i dont say that about many songs ... either this or wake me up when september ends. Actually i think i'll have both.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandyeah, but this is like one of my favourite songs, along with letterbomb and should i stay or should i go by the clash
  • Trenton from Minneapolis , MnThis song was pretty good before being played to the point I wanted to burst my eardrum anytime it played in the 90's. First Green Day song I heard that had some dynamacy and power cords so they gained some respect for them.
  • Ginny Fred from Westward Ho!, EnglandI agree with clare, i love this song, we both love this song together and i've been to liverpool too, we should hang...
  • Paul from Castalia, NcI saw the Bullet in A Bibble preview last night and it was AWESOME!!!!! Just because of it Iam going to buy the DVD when it comes out. That was the first time I had ever heard this song played on a electric guitar. Man, I wish I could have went to the concert!!!!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandDonny, this song is overplayed???!!!! I hardly ever hear it :-s Unless ofcouse I put it on. Which I hardly ever do coz I don't want my mascara running :-( Everyone, get Bullet in a Bible. If you don't, u r completely out of your mind. Seeing this live at milton keynes was absolutely mind blowing and I will NEVER forget it. That whole night was the best night of my life. It was so good, Billie Joe was in shock for a week after it and said it will stick with him for the rest of his life. C'mon people, get the frickin DVD. And by the way, this song has the most amazing lyrics I have ever heard. Lol I've got a video of Billie Joe really really drunk singing this and he messes up. still good though
  • Dave from Sault Ste. Marie, On, CanadaGood Riddance is one of the best songs I've ever heard, and the same goes for Jesus of Suburbia and pretty much every song on the American Idiot album. I think Good Riddance was played at just about everyone's graduation, and it means so much to people for a whole whack of reasons. How many songs can you really say that about? I saw Green Day in Barrie, ON on August 12, 2005, and that was the best experience of my entire life. I will never forget it.
  • Wc from Antelope Valley, CaKind of Celtic. I like it.
  • Mike from Los Angeles, CaI think Billie Joe's gf leaving him triggered him to write the song but it's not exactly about her. It helped him realize what life is about and the lessons we learn. Looking at the song there are only two parts. I think the first verse is about how in life things happen for the better and for the worse, as well as the decisions we make in life. During this "test" we shouldnt question why something happens but instead we should learn from it and move on "and in the end it's right"

    I think the second verse is about Billie Joe's own life experience with friends and all the good times they had. "so take the photograghs and still frames in ur mind ........ good health and good time" He means take the moments and remember them forever. "tatoos of memmories and dead skin on trial, for what its worth it was worth all the while", this part is how him and all his friends would go off and have fun doing what they do, maybe it was not "proper behavior" but it was worth it.

    so yea interpret this song anyway u want but its really just about learning from mistakes,moving on,enjoying good times and as bad as life can seem in the end everything will be fine.

    whats w the suicide crap?
  • Paul from Castalia, NcA little tip to all you guitarists out there. If you are goning 2 learn how 2 play this song you should play it on a Fender(type of Guitar), it just sounds better.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI wanna cry everytime I listen to it. If u listen to the lyrics n the emotion in his voice, its just overwhelming. Its always moved me but now since I saw it live at milton keynes, and it marked the end of the best night of my life, I cant listen to it without blubbering. Also I sang it over and over in my head at my grandads funeral so it brings back memories of that too. It can be interpreted in so many different ways and like Jade said, it can relate to anything. My all time fave song. Billie Joe is an amazing song writer
  • Steve from Raynham, MaTo me this song is about not being selfish and not taking everything for granted because it could be gone in an instant. It says that your not the only person in life too, and that if you just let go and just take what life gives you, you'll have the "time of your life".
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI know this song is about the old punk lot on gilman street rejectin them and all that but I think it goes alot deeper than that too. It must be a song personal to billie joe or he wouldnt do it on his own would he, the whole band would perform it if it was just about the gilman lot. I see it as a song about life n death and changes that happen to people. Get over the past but dont forget it. Learn from it and get something good out of everything that happens
  • Jade from LondonHey Tanya cum 2 fnk of it i culd actualy teach u guitar, but hey the distance is quite wel. . . HUGE, u no wot i mean, lol!!! Ppl r prb fnkin London, London, doesn't add up, lol!!!
  • Jade from LondonKool, nva knew that, i'm nt materialistic, & proud of it, lol! All u need is family & friend's, & a gd band 2 me, lol! Yeah wel me & the band i'm n nw hav jus gt 2gthr, i'm so hapi coz there's real talent, duno whre it wil lead 2, lol!!!
  • Tanya from London, Englandwow coooooool. I so wanna learn guitar, as u know lol. Well macys day parade is about wantin materialistic stuff like money n that (thats why he sings about mausaleums, however its spelt, coz thats where rich ppl get buried) but all u really need is hope (im thinkin about a brand new hope....coz now i know its all that i wanted) Sweet song. defo in my top 10 now i know what its on about. Ofcourse this bein number 1
  • Jade from LondonSo Tanya wot does Macy's Day Parade mean??? My friend wrkd out the solo of Time of your life, which Billie Joe playd at Milton Keynes, coz we're gna play sum Green Day stuf n our band.
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhI liked this song a lot when it first came out. It was slow and soft and very graceful. After I heard it so many times, including it was my High School graduation theme song and my sister's graduation song too, I soon hated it. It became just another song you play at graduations and weddings and lost all value. Which is a real shame because it was one of Billie's best songs.
  • Jade from LondonWel we hav sumfin n common then Tanya, except i dnt cry, jus fink of all the gd time's, agree?????
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI can never really like a song unless i know what it means. i do like macys day parade tho n i have no idea what thats ravin on about lol. This is not only green days best song lyrics wise, but also has the best lyrics I have ever heard. Brings up so many different emotions in me. I sound like a soppy cow now n maybe i am but i cant listen to it without cryin now since the milton keynes gig. Im gonna ball my eyes out when i watch bullet in a bible :-(
  • Holly from Vero Beach, FlBillie Joe didn't have a girlfriend before adrienne, adrienne has always been his first. and he wrote that song to tell people they can believe in wat they want to and you should guestion anything and have the time of your life
  • Jade from London, EnglandMy funeral song!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tanya from London, EnglandWell its bein played at my funeral, no doubt about it. To cut along explanation short, this is how i see this song.... Its about life and death. simple as
  • Faith from PerthThis is the most played song at teenage funerals, and no wonder why! this is one of my favourite songs. It's really great.
  • Johnny from Rockland, Ma"time of your life" reminds me of an REM song called "Nightswimming". if you liked "time of your life", then listen to REM's "nightswimming". youll be impressed.
  • Bill from Washington, MiGreenday's only song worth paying any attention too
  • Tanya from London, EnglandBet it does get covered sometime though. I mean, look how popular it is? people still talkin about it in 2005. no but seriously, if there's one song that really should NOT be touched it's this one. Its got soooo much meanin in it and personal meaning to green day. GREEN DAY FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aby from Queens, NyTanya, London, England ... I definately agree with you. LOL. No one can do it like Greenday so don't attempt it !!! This song is definately the best. I love it. It reminds me of when I graduated middle school and no one knew where they were going for high school but we took it as it was and moved on. It was great =]
  • Emily from Byron, MnOops, I spelt "how" wrong!
  • Emily from Byron, MnThis song is really,really great. I liked it so much that I took out my acoustic guitar and learned ho to play it. I now can sing and play at the same time. I'll never be as good as Billie Joe himself though. *sigh* Thats how it has to be and remain. <3
  • Lacey from Portage, MiThis song makes me cry evry time I hear it. It was played at my friend's funeral last summer. I miss him so much and this song makes me remember him and all the good times we had. I dont think it was fair that he was taken from us at only 15 years of age, but there was a reason. This song was his favorite and is now mine. I miss him so much. I love this song. I love you Matt!
  • Marek from Colling Wood, Canadathis song is a touching song song and sad it is a very good song when you are sad or dying.
  • Jane from Manchester, EnglandTHIS IS A MINT SONG!!! nuff said
  • Pete from Mcdonald, OhI had cancer about 2 yrs ago and I really enjoyed listening to this song. I have now overcome cancer and I am learning to play guitar.Its the perfect song for any occasion. It works out for the good times and the bad.....
  • Tanya from London, EnglandPeople grow, people change, everything changes. Nothing can last forever. Keep the past in the past, put your memories away whether they're good or bad "take the photographs and still frames in your mind, hang it on a shelf in good health and good time", and don't ever forget the past because you'll learn from it "it's a lesson learned in time". This song is yes, a bif F you to the gilman lot, saying I hope you liked what we gave you "I hope you had the time of your life" but nothing can last forever, people change. But this song applies to almost anything that happens in a person's life - death, illness, saying goodbye to someone or something, someone close to them changing for the worse, or even gigs (I will never forget this song being performed at milton keynes 05. I truly had the time of my life that night) Unpredictable sh*t happens, at the moment it seems like theres no way of it getting better, but in the end it'll turn out ok and you'll learn from whatever's happened. This is my interpretation of it anyway. Take from it whatever you want to take from it because that's what music is all about. PS i want this song at my funeral to remind ppl close to me that everything's gonna be alright and put memories of me away but never forget them, and learn from my mistakes. Everyone, YOU HAVE TO SEE GREEN DAY IF YOU GET THE CHANCE. trust me. you will have the time of your life
  • Lauren from Bensalem, Pain 2003 i met a young girl who had just been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). This disease took her sight, speech, ability to swallow and move. This happened all within 6 months of them finding out. I used to play the song for her when she was upset, and it used to calm her down. like most of you on here, i don't know what the song is about, but what I do know is that it helped one very special young girl get through some very hard times in her life.
  • Rhiannon from OklahomaPeople mostly use this song in weddings, graduations, or like someone said in Seinfeld but its actually a very sad or serious song, i think people have mentions this before on here but i dont read them all.....Anyways its about (to me) when something bad happens in life it may suck at that moment but in the long run it will turn out okay "its something unpredictable but in the end is right/ i hope you had the time fo your life"
  • Sergio from Bucaramnga, South AmericaActually when i hear this song it makes me think about, time on how fast it goes by and that you should enjoy every minute of it, i take the part where he says "its something unpredictable " as death because it can happend any time , so we should have had the greatest time of our life becuz life is to short.
  • Francv from Chicago, IlMetallica sold out way before St. Anger, they've been irrelevant since Cliff Burton died.
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandI guess Andrew, the reason that Metallica seem to have sold out with St. Anger, is because they appear to have tried to keep the same spark that they had since the beginning. Some people do like the new stuff, but I reckon it sounds a bit forced. They are older now and it sounds like they are trying to compose like the 20 somethings they once were even though they are past that stage in life. I guess it seems they haven't just kept writing how they did but just tried to be popular again. But then I may be wrong, I'm not a die hard Metallica fan, it's just my opinion.
    But in relation to Greenday...this song is great!
    Lovin Billie Joe with that black hair...mmm
  • Mike from Buffalo, NyFirst off, i would like to say this song means whatever you interpret it to be, all of you out there trying to force the idea of suicide down the rest of our throats can just stop b/c no one wants to hear you. I just graduated for high school and this song has been in 2 important moments this past year. This song was the ultimate prom song for me, our theme was "time of your life,"I couldn't have wished for a better song/theme for prom and the end of high school. It was the perfect send off. It was also played during a slideshow at our football banquet and it made me and the rest of the seniors cry knowing that after 6 years of playing football it was over forever. Good Riddance/Wake me up When September Ends, forever will be among my top 5 favorites.
  • Andrew from Harrisburg, Pai agree green day didn't sell out at all and this is great stuff. But how the hell did metallica sellout with st. anger?
  • Elysia from Hamilton, New ZealandI must say I'm sick of people talking about these guys selling out. They have some great melodic qualities to their songs, it's all good music regardless of how well it does on the world charts.
    Selling out is like Metallica with St. Anger or something. But musicians and artists evolve like we all do. Just because their music isn't exactly the same as when they started out it doesn't mean they have sold out. They are just expressing their experiences and view of the world as they move along. Selling out is when a band gives up the talent and just makes sound for the hell of money, radio and recognition. I say respect the hard work these guys have put into all these albums.
  • Red Bonapart from Tenis Ville, Francealso kevin calgary if you wrote it do you have proff on a CASSETE From the eighties for wierd coincidence discusion
  • Red Bonapart from Tenis Ville, FranceKevin Calgary did you used to live in TAcomA WA
  • Allen from Uniontown, PaSome people may want to think of it aa having fun in your life but its a big F You to the gilman crowd Billie Joe said it himself.
  • Casey from Nashua, NhI won three kareoke contests with this song
  • Jessica from Fayetteville, NcYou guys, as many people said before: they wrote it for the Gilman Street hang out. As soon as Green Day went mainstream, Gilman Street disowned them, so this song is basically saying "Screw you" to those people at Gilman Street who couldn't accept them as a mainstream band or thought they were selling out.
  • Kevin from Calgary, Canadathis song is the greatest song, only thing is I wrote it, and billie joe stole it from me. I dont mind though, cause when i see him on august 12th barrie ontario, I will confront him about it
  • Tanya from London, EnglandNick, Hartline... i see where you are coming from about it being suicide and i agree with Jared, Seattle that this song is about whatever you want it 2 be about. But how do you explain the "make the best of this's a lesson learned in time" ? How can someone learn from commiting suicide? Because, well, they'd be dead. best song ever written this, no doubt about it
  • Samantha from Nyc, Nyits supposed to be a big f-you to the kid on gilman street who turned their backs on them when they hit it big
  • Tanya from London, Englandwell said Jared, Seattle
  • Jared from Seattle, WaAs a long time musician the answers to your questions are simple...What the song means is what you take from it. If you have a particular incident in your life to which your relate this song than that is what it means... to you. To hell with what everyone else thinks. Cheers
  • Derek Jordan Sytsma from Las Vegas, NvThis song tells the truth, you can't take one event and let it rule your move on. Nothing can be predicted, but if look at it always does turn out right...So..."take the photographs, and still frames in your mind, hang them on a shelf in good health and good times." You never lose your just don't let it rule you.
  • Nick from Hartline, WaOk, this song is about suicide. Easily mistooken for moving on for obvious reasons, but examine the lyrics closly, "So take the photographs, and still frames in your mind.
    Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time. " ---- basically saying take your memorys and put them away, "something unpredictable, but in the end its right" moving on? how is moving on something unpredictable?, oh well though, i analyzed this song for a long time, so yeah, w/e you want to take it as, that's what music is about right?
  • Jake from B Town , WiI see it as the only way to like a song is to know what it means first. And its the same with this song. This song is my favorite also with Stairway to heaven. I Salute you Billie for writing this song
  • Tanya from London, Englandthis is possibly the best song ever written, lyrics wise anyways. i think its basically saying : put the past behind you (hence good riddance) but dont ever forget it and learn from it. "tattoos of memories" means dont try to forget the past, learn from it because it will always be there and "dead skin on trial" is a metaphor for putting the past in the past (dead skin) and letting the new skin in (learnt from whatever has happned.) I think anyways. I can relate to this song so much its quite scary! I cant listen to it unless I'm upset about something coz it makes me feel all wierd lol. sorta butterflies n i want 2 cry and laugh at the same time! anyone else get that???
  • Elliot from St. Louis, MoThis isn't really a comment, but the music video for this is still on the top 100 list, 10 years after it was made (today's date is June 6, 2005). That is very impressive. Green Day is awesome.
  • Tanya from Botswana!, United Statesok... i could read through all like 50 of the comment things... but does anyone know exactly what the line "Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial" is supposed to mean? cuz no one i know knows exactly.... even though we can guess.... oh well this is a wonderful song!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Craig from Madison, WiIt's cute, but trite and seems to be written specifically for high school graduations. A cunning move on Armstrong's part, so that the royalty checks roll in big come June.
  • Laura from Glasgow, ScotlandThis is honestly one of the best songs ever written. It makes me sooooo happy when I hear it even though it's such a sad song. I see that there are many debates as to what the true meaning of the song is but in all honesty, I don't care what it's about, I'm just glad it exsists. Thank you Greenday!!!!
  • Georgina from Leeds, Englandthis song means alot to me as it reminds me of someone I dearly care for who left my school.This line "tatoos and memories and dead skin on trial" also reminds me of him because i carved his name in my arm > joe scotcher < that whenever i look at it memories come back to me of the times we spent together.He is honoured i love him and i will always love him the honour is all mine. Greenday you rule this song is beyond anything i have ever heard!
  • Alexandra from Staten Island, NyI love this song, definately one of my favorites to listen to and play on the guitar.
  • Karis from London, Englandomg this song gets me everytime.... before i heard it i couldn't let go of anything but it taught me to move on but not to forget i don't think i could have grown up if it wasn't for greenday so thank you!
  • Toshio from Kyoto, JapanTakashi-sama is right, I saw the interview and they said it was about death. But it reminds me of when my friend died. This was played at his funeral.
  • Jackie from Chicago, Ilthis song is about breaking up, clearly, but ending things on good terms. this breakup was sudden, but needed to happen, and they both had a good time.
  • Will from Aurora, CoBrent dude you probably think that every song is about suicide. No, this song is definately about letting go of the past, namely his ex. Examine the lyrics man, it's not suicide.
  • Brent from Comox, CanadaThis whole song is about suicide people, how can you not realize what it is!! You must be really obtuse not to know what it means, and im only 15!!!!!!
  • Ginette from Richmond Hill, CanadaWhat I love about this song is how it can mean so many things to different people. Evaryone has a different interpretation, and yet each and every one seems to fit with the it.
  • Teresa from Sydney, AustraliaHey everyone,

    I love this song dearly too....

    i was considering in using this song for an assessment task for school. Do you think that it relates to a physical journey?
  • Kira from Channahon, IlIt reminds me of when i moved away from my friends. But it reminded me that it for a good reason. I 2 hope they had the time of their lifes. (cries)
  • Mary from Philadelphia, PaThis song, is easily, a legend in music history. No matter how old you are, or what music you like, you've heard this song, and mostly likely you like it. In my opinion it means a lot of different things, death, growing up or moving on in life, or, yeah, Billie Joe talking about his new style of music. I hate the idea of growing up, so whenever I'm upset about changing grades or something like that, I listen to the song, and it calms me down a whole lot. I also love it because it's the only song I can play on the guitar, usually I play bass guitar, and it's the only one I can sing nicely.
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanIT's about death. Mike said in an interview.
  • Izzie from Lala, Hithis is such a sentimental song and i love it. it's very very good. o it would be cool to have it played at my wedding! it reminds me of camp because at closing campfire every cabin has to sing a little goodbye song and that's the one that we sang and it brought back the fun memories of camp and my friends and everyone was crying and it was sad sad sad! but i love this song!
  • Tj from N Wales, United StatesThis song is about all there punk m8s leavin him wen dey supposidly "sold out"
  • Felicia from Spring Hill, FlGood Riddance is about an ex of Billie Joe who moved to ecuador
  • Taylor from Manistee, MiThis song has a diffrent meaning for everyone. To some it's used to remember someone who has passed away, to others it is a graduation song but I truely think the real meaning of this song will never be known to anyone; except Billie Joe Armstrong.
    To me this song means live life to the fullest and no matter what happens along the way things will work out, through the bad times, and mistakes, you must remember all the good things; and with those mistakes comes a lesson learned.
    Taylor, Manistee MI
  • Justin from Scranton, Panot to many people will probably read this because it will be at the bottom but I love the song, I listen to it a lot and it jst can make me think for hours on end, its pretty cool how a song can change your way of thinking!
  • Takashi from Tokyo, JapanHi, this is my first post. I have a question: What is the name of the girl in the video (you know, the one with the pretty eyes?)
  • Kevin from Toronto, Canadai belive that this song is a truly immortal song. no matter who you are or what u have done in your life u can relate to this song in some way. this song had a profound impact on my life, so much so that i remember the exact place i was when i first heard this song on my friends old beatup ghettoblaster. this song is about the forks in the road and how somtimes u dont have a choice in which u choose (directs u where to go) but it also says that you have to look back on your life and that when u come to a cross roads it is your choices in your past that will predict your future (tatoos of memorise and dead skin on trial) this song also gives hope by saying that althought life is unpredictable in the end it always comes out right. and the over all message of this song is no matter what u do in your life have a great time doing it and make it worth your while by putting your all into it
  • Elle from Uk, United StatesIts like saying its time for a fresh start , its time to live again. Its saying time grabs you and tells you what to do. Its saying you learn from your mistakes and that fate will always guide you to the right direction. Its looking back at the past and then looking forward.This song means a hell of alot to me coz this is the song my band played for a special person who died, Its a very soft song which was fantastic.
  • Kevin from Fallston, MdThey played this at my Elementary School Grad...???
  • Ryab from Lackawanna, NyI Heard This was inspired by a Beatle Song 'In My Life.'
  • Megan from Portsmouth, Englandi do really like this song and it can have different meanings. i think he wrote most of his songs, not to have a specific meaning but with a few. I also think that this song is about their pass fans.
  • Jon from Luton, EnglandThe 'F word' at the beginning is said because Billie was half-stoned at the time of recording, and messed up the intro.
  • Tmon from Pen Argyl, PaIts so funny how they say the f word in the begining. You have to really listen for it and have the music up a little. I played it for my schools morning show lol.
  • Amy from Mays Landing , Njyes this song is awesome. best meaningful Green Day song. And I'd like to give a greast thank you to Arkady for the novel interpretation to the song.i wonder how long it took to write that
  • Lisa from Huntington Beach, CaI love this song, i swear everyday since i was like 4 i would listen to this song, and it was like a routine it wold always be on when i got in the car on the way to school, but then i didnt want to get out of the car cause i loved the song, its an awesome song, and Green Day is so cool
  • Melita from Wilts, EnglandThis has been my favourite song since I was 6. It makes you think of what you thought you have forgotten and what you are losing. This was played at our 'Oliver!' cast party at school near the end.
    Oh and by the way, I like the way someone says the f-word during the intro, shows that this song isn't all 'soppy'. My Mum and sister didn't belive me, but know I know I'm right! :)
    Maybe I should have this played at my funeral.
  • Charl from Cannock, Englandits my favourite song eva! it was the last song i danced 2 with sum1 special.. i love it
  • Nate from Robesonia, PaThis is not clean as most people would think. Right after the second set of four notes in the beginning you can hear the bass player drop the f-bomb before the song really starts.

    Oh yeah, this is the best Green Day song not on American Idiot.
  • Lee from Leeds, Englandwots all this about them selling out,so what if theyre not a harcore as say...Black Flag or Left Over Crack if all the songs were played with the same old riff it would become a bit boaring
  • Tiffany from Bay City, Miit's definately a good song, but i wouldn't say it's Green Day's Best, they've done better, just not as.. meaningful.
  • Andy T. from Naperville, Ilthis is the first song i played after my girlfriend n me broke up n it really gto to me cuz its like looking back (i know it sounds stupid) but yea :)
  • Maggie from Wilmington, WvI absolutely lvoe this song, its probably the only one i know how to play on guitar. A year ago this kid justin in my school died of a brain anuerism and he was jsut one of those kids that everybody loves and is everybodies best friends. At his funeral they played this whenever i hear it i think of him, and it's really sad...i think that it was a really good song for the time because it just fit..
  • Heather from Bristol, Vathis song is awesome it reminds me of graduation where its kinda happy but kinda sad to. like your happy your leaving but youll miss everyonw
  • Yasmin from I Live In London, Englandeasily one of the best songs ever. whoever doubted them better not have after this song.. its touching and has so much meaning.. bit of a downer gets u thinking a lot but in a good way. i played this when 4 of my closest friends left the country on a power point i made them, it basically teachers u that things dont just happen. they have to, because of a reason u cant know until the end. really well written.. green days best... !!
  • Jordan from WvMy graduation song was "Another Brick in the Wall"
  • Jeffrey from Victoria, CanadaEasily one of the most famous songs ever written. I once used the melody to write a song of my own for a "secret friend" thing, and I think it was quite well recieved. I have Greenday to thank for that, eh?
  • Tom from Bridgewater, MaAbout one of the previous comments above by are dead on and you are so right
  • Jeni from Beaverton, OrI agree more with it being about looking back at one's life and seeing all the things, good and bad.
    I sang this song (oddly enough, being a female I actually did and still do have the range to sing it. Yay altos!) at my Senior Awards Ceremony a week before graduation. After I was done I recieved a standing ovation from my entire senior class, and as I was looking out over the audience I saw my mother sitting there looking at me with emense pride, tears streaming down her cheeks. Ever since then it was sort of an unofical song for the two of us. Unfortunately she passed away back in April. Durring the time that she was sick I would sit in the hospital with her and hold her hand while I sang this song. To me its defentately about memories and looking back on life, and even though there were alot of bad times for both of us I can put this song on, close my eyes, and still remember that wonderful look of pride on her face when I preformed.
  • Tyler from Nashville, InI worked at a Christian Camp for 10 weeks, and got to know everyone really well. At the last night, there was a talent show, and as a guitarist, I was somewhat forced to play. And so I played this song, at first saying that it demonstrates everyone's feelings of sadness for leaving and that we'll all miss each other. Especially the workers (including myself). This song nearly brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. It's such a wonderful song, and was the first "performance" I ever made. We were complete with violin, and acoustic guitar. And when I stood up afterwards, the greatest feeling in the world is seeing everyone stand up for you and applause. Taking that I am only 15, and I'm having great milestones in my life, this song is usually played through my head at points like when my friends move away. It's really sad and, of course, I hope they have time of their lives.

  • Rebecca from Havant, EnglandI think this si a really poignant song and it means a lot. sorta helps u refect on where your going, how u got there, and why.
  • Ariel from Woodbridge, Cti am a guitarist, and it seems like every guitarist on the face of the earth knows this song, but i dont
  • Kevin from Vorrhees, Nj this is for their fans about them 'selling out" witch the fans were right billie joes choice to kill rock forever should be some kind of crime he did kill it because rock was all about one thing and one sound not 2 only one green day's classification is rock/pop withc combines pop vocals with rock sounds witch was a form of selling out just to make money because before that time billie joe was a low life and he had no other was to make money
  • The Jorge from Hell, OtherThis is the official international graduation song, this and that other song that I never listened to. Oh well, I love this song, but it's so cliché.
  • Kendra from Wellington, New ZealandThis song means so much to me, it was played at one of my friends funerals, who committed suicide, even before that it was a really emotional song for me, its short but it compacts everything, awesome song!!!
  • Adam from Westwood, NjThis is a great song, and green day is the greatest band ever. But i think its funny how at my 8th grade DARE (drug abuse resistence education) "graduation" they played this song. A Green Day song at a place where your not supposed to associate with drugs? Anyway, if you're ever in a bad mood or a good mood listen to this song. It really makes you calm down and think.
  • Lizzie from Bloomfield Hills, Mithe song me and my friends i met on my cruise picked when we all had to leave
  • Toni from Fort Wayne, Inyeah they played this at my high school graduation. it was sad
  • Arkady from London, EnglandI think this song is a message to the fans who accused of them of selling out.

    "Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road"

    -We've taken a turn for better or worse, you can
    follow us or not.

    "Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go"

    -Don't force yourself to like us if you don't want to. Don't hurry your decision either.

    "So make the best of this test and don't ask why"

    -Take what you can and learn from it and be stronger for it. This line almost says that for fans who think they've sold out, they will return to their old style, but even if they don't they still want you to remember them for what they were good at.

    "It's not a question but a lesson learned in time"

    -This says that the change is inevitable. It's not a case of "will they/won't they?" It's a case of when and a way of saying that they knew it would happen.

    "It's something unpredictable"

    -But didn't know when it would happen

    "But in the end it's right.
    "I hope you've had the time of your life"

    -Self explanitory. He's telling the fans that no matter what pressure they put on him, he's going to go with his choice, what he believes is right for him. He's just glad they enjoyed it, even if it didn't last.

    "So take the photographs, the still frames in your mind
    "Hang them on a shelf in good health and good time"

    -Don't be ashamed of having liked us. Don't deny it, cherish it.

    "Tatoos of memories and dead skin on trial"

    -Tatooes of memories means that the fans will never forget them. Dead skin on trial means always question it, and you may find the new stuff grows on them, and don't be afraid to change your opinion.

    "For what it's worth, it was worth all the while"

    -I enjoyed doing it too. I did what I loved, but now its time to move on. I learned from the experience, but what I'm doing now is better.

    I think the title Good Riddance implies that, remorseful as he is of leaving his past, he knows it will only weight him down.

    The other one is "Good riddance to all the lightweight fans, who are fickle enough to change as soon as we go through a weak spot."

    Incedentally, when he dies, I think Billie-Joe should have "It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right. I hope you've had the time of your life" as his epitaph.
  • Pat from Northboro, MaThis song is about keeping your head up and remembering the good and bad times.
  • Iris from El Paso, TxThis song means so much too me. This was the first song that came on when I got into my car after being told that I was pregnant. I can't explain what exactly happend to me that day. And as crazy as it sounds, I closed my eyes and actually saw myself walking away. I guess you would call that an epiphany, right? Anyways, my son is now going on 4 and I couldn't be any happier than I am right now.
  • Cody from Hamilton, Ohi love this song, its wierd everytime i hear it i just have to listen to it over and over again, it really means something when i listen to it but i just cant put my finger on it
  • Cheryl from Haddon Heights, NjThis song was released alomost the same day that a very special Uncle died suddenly and unexpectedly. He was one to always live life to the fullest and never passed up an opportunity for a new adventure. Though his life was cut short prematurely, I keep the song in my heart as a reminder that he made every day "the time of his life".
  • Pj from Clearwater, FlThe last song before my bride and I left our reception. Kind of a thanks to the family and friends of the Songers and Barkers. 31 months strong! 3-12-04
  • Melissa from Falcon, Coi love this's one of green day's best. You can listen to it at any time, whether you're in a good mood or bad one.
  • Richard from Syracuse, NyAt the beginning they were a very hard core punk band, then as their songs grew more popular and the music more top 40 sounding, that's when the original fans said they were "selling-out" to the almighty dollar, kind of like what BRYAN from Woodbridge said. I don't think it is really about anything else.
    To sum it up; this song was meant to have satire or to be sarcastic to their original punk fans.
  • Mishel from Madera, Camy graduation song
  • Deana from Indianapolis, InI'm 47, my daughter is 26, it's one of the few songs we both agree is good.
  • Bob from Shields, Englandthe song was originally a B-side on the Brainstew/Jaded double A-side
  • Alatriel from Lothlorien, OtherThis is my favorite Green Day song. It is so uncharacteristic of them and yet so very characteristic for them to do something like this. The only Green Day song to ever make me think.
  • Nick from Quesnel, CanadaThis has to be one of the greatest songs ever written. It fits almost any occasion in which someone leaves. Who would have thought a punk band wrote this
  • Katie from San Antonio, TxIt as well holds a few memories for me they played it for David Robinson and it was also my class song
  • Stykman from Little River, ScIt's a nice song to listen when thinking about Good & bad times.
  • Andy from Halifax, EnglandThis song holds a lot of memories for me, and im sure it does for a lot of other people
  • Jared from Norwalk, OhThis has to be one of my favorite songs of all time. I have the lyrics memorized after looking them up. It's a great song and always will be my favorite.
  • Bryan from Woodbridge, Njit is about the flack they got for "selling out" from their originally fans and telling them i hope u liked what we gave you
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