Hitchin' A Ride

Album: Nimrod (1997)
Charted: 25
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  • This song is about quitting drinking, then giving in and going back to it ("Cold turkey's getting stale"). When you do it, you've had the urge for a while ("My tongue is swelling up"), and when you start again, the first day you do, you get drunk ("Hitching' a ride"). The song reflects the struggles Billie Joe Armstrong was going through with alcohol. He says the song is about "having balance in your life and falling off the wagon."
  • "Hitchin' A Ride" was the lead single from Green Day's fifth album, Nimrod. Their third album, Dookie, was released in 1994 and exceeded all expectations, selling over 10 million copies. The touring and promotional obligations wore out the band, whose batteries were running low when they issued Insomniac in 1995. With Nimrod, they had more time to craft the songs and got better results.

    The band didn't make singles available for sale in America, but promoted them to radio stations and MTV. "Hitchin' A Ride" was big in October 1997 as the band was starting their tour. The next single, "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)," was an uncharacteristically reflective song that earned them many new fans. It garnered most of its airplay in February 1998.
  • Green Day premiered this song on July 19, 1997 at a secret show at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, California, where they were billed as "Nimrod."
  • This is one of the most popular songs for Green Day to play live. It shows up in most of their setlists.
  • The music video has Green Day performing as an old-timey carnival act at what appears to be a speakeasy. It was directed by Mark Kohr, who did most of their early videos and was always down for outlandish scenes. His video for "Mr. Krinkle" by Primus is a continuous stream of circus performers.

Comments: 13

  • St. Jimmy from CaliforniaAbsolutely love this song. Never gets old!
  • Jesus Harold Christ from Jerusalem I have spotted the anti Christ in green day but i still love their music
  • Denise from Richmond, VaHitchin' A Ride is AWESOME!!!! :) I love this song. My parents say it sounds like The "Stray Cat Srut" song by Stray Cats.
  • Jacob from Rocky Mount, Nchitchin' a ride, not hitching a ride, and nimrod not imsomniac
  • Mrcleaveland from Cleveland,A catchy little bubble-gum tune called "Hitchin' A Ride" was a minor hit in the late '60s (I think). It was done by a group called Vanity Fare.
  • Chris from Basking Ridge, NjJust pointing out a fairly obvious error...This song is on Nimrod not Insomniac. :P
  • Ellie from Sf, SdThe phrase "Eating crow" means to be humiliated so, the lyrics "cold turkey's getting stale, tonight i'm eating crow"...could mean that he can't stand going another night without a drink, even if it means people will laugh at him
  • Jay from Jackson, MsMan have you seen that video???? it pwnZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmfao.
  • Declan from LiverpoolThe song definitly about giving up alcohol then failing to do so.

    It describes what I've been doing the past 2years as I jump on and off the wagon hence why I love this song so much :)

    When am finally of my medication (accutaine) am gunna get pissed and have me n some m8s mosh about to it :) I did it 2 years ago when I first quit so would be like the end of me journey :p

    god how em am I sounding here :D
  • Tom from Mead County, KyJust to get something straight with song facts,
    hitching a ride is on the album nimrod, and was released in 1997.
  • Jared from Oklahoma City, OkBob got close, but "Hitchin' a ride" is a reference to the phrase "Falling of the Wagon" when someone has began drinking again.
  • Joe from Chicago, Ari don't think this song has a definition it's just a kool song that they wanted to make and it is really good live on the bullet in a bible dvd
  • Bob from Rio Vista, CaI dont know if my definition is true, but its what i get from the song.
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