Welcome To The Jungle

Album: Appetite For Destruction (1987)
Charted: 24 7
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  • This song is about Los Angeles. It exposes the dark side of the city many people encounter when they go there to pursue fame. Guns N' Roses knew this side of the city well: in 1985, they lived in a place on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles that they called "Hell House." The house was often filled with drugs, alcohol and groupies.
  • Axl Rose wrote the lyrics when he was in Seattle, which gave him some perspective on the size of Los Angeles.
  • Slash (from the notes to Guns N' Roses: The Hits): "I was at my house and I had that riff happening and Axl came over and he got those lyrics together, and then the band sort of arranged it. We got an arrangement for the whole band, 'cause that's how we work. Someone comes in with an idea and someone else has input and in that way everyone's happy. That came together really quickly too, that was arranged in one day."
  • In 2007 Rolling Stone magazine ran a feature on the 20th anniversary of Appetite For Destruction. They explained that a famous lyrics from this song originated when Axl Rose spent a night in a Queens schoolyard before joining the band. Said Rose: "This black guy said, 'You're in the jungle! You gonna die.'"

    On 93.1 WIBC FM, a radio station in Indianapolis, Indiana, Jake Query, a friend of Axle Rose, gave a different account, saying: "When Axl Rose hitchhiked to Los Angeles, California, on the last leg, a truck driver drove him to Los Angeles, and when Rose got out of the truck, the truck driver said, 'Welcome to the Jungle." >>
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    Andrew - Indianapolis, IN
  • When this was released as a single in 1987, it charted in the UK but flopped in America. It finally became a hit in the US when they re-released it in October 1988 after "Sweet Child O' Mine" hit #1.
  • This was used in the 1988 Clint Eastwood movie The Dead Pool, where the band makes a cameo. It also plays in the opening sequence of the 1989 film Lean On Me, about an inner-city high school reformed by principal Joe Clark. Other movies to use the song include:

    The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)
    How to Be Single (2016)
    The Interview (2014)
    Megamind (2010)
    Selena (1997)
    The Program (1993)
  • This was the second UK single and third US single from Appetite For Destruction. The first single, "It's So Easy," was a flop.
  • Numerous college and pro sports teams use this to intimidate their opponents at home games. The Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL were probably the first. The Norwegian Soccer team Lillestrom SK uses this song before every home game. >>
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    Christer - Jessheim, Norway
  • This was the first track on Appetite For Destruction, which caused controversy because of its cover, a drawing of a robot apparently raping a woman.

    The album was a raging success, selling 18 million copies in America by 2008, making it the best-selling debut album in history until 2018, when the RIAA certified Cracked Rear View by Hootie & the Blowfish at 21 million.
  • Slash re-recorded his guitar parts as he was dissatisfied with his first attempts. To produce the vicious yet pure tone, the Guns N' Roses gunslinger used a Les Paul '59 replica plugged into a Marshall JCM, aided most likely by some Jack Daniel's.
  • The video was shot at Park Plaza and 450 South La Brea in Hollywood. The band's first video, it was very successful, winning at the 1988 MTV Video Music Awards for Best New Artist Video. Guns N' Roses performed the song on the show.
  • This was used in the 2017 movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and the next installment, Jumanji: The Next Level (2019). The films are set in a virtual jungle.
  • When Axl says "my serpentine," he's describing his famous dance, which he copied from Richard Black, lead singer of the band Shark Island. >>
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    Anthony - Mesquite, TX
  • Slash left the band in 1996, leaving Axl Rose firmly in control. Rose kept the band going with new members and in 2001 got in yet another dispute with Slash when producers of Black Hawk Down wanted to use "Welcome To The Jungle" in the movie. According to Slash, Axl refused unless he could re-record it with the current members of Guns N' Roses, meaning Slash and the rest of the Appetite For Destruction lineup would have lost out on royalties.

    The song never made it into the film, which tells the story of an ill-fated US raid on Mogadishu in 1993. It was going to be used in a scene where Army Rangers are preparing for the raid - in real life, they really did blast the song before heading out. The Faith No More song "Falling To Pieces" was used in its place.
  • Guns N' Roses made a surprise appearance at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards where they performed this song. At the time Axl Rose was the only original member in the band, but there was great anticipation for their album Chinese Democracy, which was expected soon. The album finally appeared in 2008.
  • This song is used in the soundtrack to the Playstation 2 game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Axl lends his voice to one of the radio stations. >>
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    Mayank - Birmingham, England
  • In 2007, three teens at Booth Free School in Roxbury, Connecticut (one of them a janitor), were messing around with the public address system when one of them sang some lyrics to this song, including "You're in the jungle baby; you're gonna die." This freaked out one teacher, who thought it was a threat, barricaded herself in a classroom and called the police, who came in and detained the three teens until they could clear up the misunderstanding.
  • A line from this song became a bit of a catch phrase for Axl Rose, who began screaming at crowds when performing it at shows, "Do you know where the f--k you are!?" Axl said it in 2006 when he introduced The Killers at the MTV Video Music Awards.
  • Guns N' Roses opened for Aerosmith in the summer of 1988, culminating in a show on September 15 at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa, California. At this final show, Aerosmith's road crew had some fun by dressing up in gorilla costumes and messing around on stage when G N' R performed this song. It was all in good fun, as the bands got along great, with Axl expressing his admiration for Aerosmith at every show. When Aerosmith took the stage that night, they had Guns N' Roses join them for an extended jam of "Mama Kin," a song Guns often covered.

    By the end of the tour, Guns N' Roses was the hotter band - "Sweet Child O' Mine" hit #1 the week the tour ended.
  • Slash's gear for the entire Appetite For Destruction album was a Kris Derrig-built 1959 Les Paul replica guitar, and a rented S.I.R. (known to S.I.R. as Stock #36) Marshall 1959 Superlead Metal Panel modded by Frank Levi and Glenn Buckley (based on Tim Caswell's modification to Stock #39). >>
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    Ryan - Sarnia, ON
  • This soundtracked a 2016 Super Bowl commercial for the Taco Bell Quesalupa featuring basketball player James Harden, soccer star Neymar, actor George Takei and "Texas Law Hawk" Bryan Wilson. In the spot, we learn that the cheesy treat will be bigger than Tinder, drones, and possibly even football.
  • This was used four times on The Simpsons:

    "Bart Has Two Mommies" (2006)
    "Mobile Homer" (2005)
    "Eight Misbehavin'" (1999)
    "Marge on the Lam" (1993)
  • Axl Rose wasn't the first famous frontman fro Indiana to write a lyric about the seedy section of Los Angeles: In 1981, Van Halen released "Mean Street" on their Fair Warning album; David Roth is from New Castle, Indiana, but the group formed in LA.

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  • Warvet69 from VietnamCould be the second best Vietnam war song after obviously fortunate son
  • Elwelcome to the jungle is a song about how axl came to new york (I think new york if not, la) as a 17 year old and then some homeless guy was like, "do you know where you are? in your in the jungle baby, your gonna die." that's where the idea came from (and the beginning of the music video too :0)
  • Thomas Young from Plaquemine, LouisianaI heard this song "Welcome to the Jungle" in one of my favorite movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: The Next Level.
  • Camila from The JungleAxl is completely insane! That's why I love him!
  • Dave from UsUsed as core component of the Jumanji sequel, "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" and played over the end credits.
  • Stevie from Cookeville TnAny mechanic, shadetree or ASE certified, will automatically think of a serpentine belt. They are usually twisted and manipulated to take up less space because of their length and resemble a coiled snake. And everybody knows If a man refers to his snake that he is one - more than likely talking about his package, and two - probably insecure and doesn't want to be realistic and say earth or inchworm. So feel my serpentine is probably more poetic and more cryptic than wrap your finger(s) around my junk. Ink but sounds good. Either way still a kick-ass tune.

    All joking aside I think it's about some innocent girl hopping on a bus with a bag of her nicest things, a pocket full of crumpled bills, and a heart full of hopes and dreams of being discovered and becoming a ster. Axl is the city so to speak and tells of how more often than not the girl eventually gets hooked on drugs, sells her body, is f--ked over loses her innocence or cherry not necessarily her virginity and bleeds and eventually loses her life or wastes it away in the city that swallows more and more young girls everyday.

    It says Axl wrote a third verse that was cut. Does anyone know the lyrics?
  • Ian from GeorgiaOk first off Axl never said omg in the first 10 seconds of the song thats bulls--t. I've known for years that was me saying it and I just now found out this f--ker is taking credit for it. Its because of a technical glitch in my itunes when I downloaded the song I had said omg because I hadnt heard that song in awhile. And I said it in my earbuds. And if you hook up earbuds to a amp you then use it like a mike only difference is the volume will be low. Hints the reason you barley can hear and that few people know this. I'll prove it with anylizer if he dare wants to challenge me. And I garenteed it'll say it's a match to my voice.
  • Auds from San Diego, CaOk. I'm honestly pretty sure that when Axl goes "oh, I, I wanna hear you scream" then starts making female you know what sounds... that obviously means a jungle is his bush. . . and like when he says I wanna watch you bleed, you're a very sexy girl...
  • Jodie from Xxxxx, MdI could of swore that this was their first hit in the US not Sweet Child of Mine.
    If I'm wrong sorry.
  • Bella from Portland, OrAhh... this song is the freaking best! It is like, the perfect song! "you know where you are?! youre in the jungle baby! youre gonna diiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!"
  • Imogen from Bristol, United KingdomTo be honest, it sounds like Axl is singing about, uh, his penis as well as singing about the city.. I mean maybe it's about a hooker, like Rocket Queen was. Think about it, if Serpentine is an adjective, it wouldn't make sense, UNLESS it was a nickname. Also when it says 'I wanna hear you scream'.. Well I've heard Axl was kinky..
  • Kenny from Remsenburg, NyApproximately 7 seconds into the song Axl says "Oh my God". I think it's a reaction to what you will see in the city.
  • Dougee from San Bernardino, CaSerpentine (noun form) refers to a class of rock (often dark green in color.) That said, the phrase "you're my serpentine" still makes no sense - unless "Serpentine" is being used as a nickname.
  • Merlin from Lawrenceville, NjI loved the version from "Live Era 87-93". The booming guitar solo combined with the explosions were fantastic!!!!
  • Homer from Springfield, KyThat solo after the second chorus is by far my favorite guitar solo ever. And Billy, it was used in the Simpsons episode where Marge and her neighbor Ruth go out together.
  • Derek from Shrewsbury, Mayour in the jungle baby your gonna die
  • Slashlover from Halifax, NsSlash is the coolest, most sexiest member...still is. I was him for Halloween
  • Slashlover from Halifax, NsI love Slash! If I could marry him, I would... How about you?
  • Craig Lee from Valdosta, GaThis is great song from a band that squandered their talent. The "serpentine" line makes ZERO grammarical sense. 'Serpentine' is an adjective. This makes about as much sense as saying "feel my poisonous" or "feel my lawless".
    If you don't believe me then go ask your 6th grade english teacher.
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhThis song is Grand Theft Auto Sand Andreas's theme song at least thats what I think. This dong is AWESOME!!
  • Linc from Beaumont, TxWhen the band was making the video for this song, Axel Rose was running late and when he showed up his hair was teased and crazy. They taped the video(hair in all). Axel never gave an explaination, guess he was trying something different.
  • Sam from Lexington , KyI don't really know or care what this song is about, but it's just one of those songs that is "in your face" if you know what I'm saying. And the lyrics to this song... they're freakin evil! "i want to hear you scream", "i'm gonna watch you bleed", "you're gonna die". It's like a song about death and destruction. But either way is a great song.
  • Guitar Chic from Small Town, KyCome on guys...read between the lines...it's HELL! "In the jungle - Welcome to the jungle - Feel my, my, my serpentine - I, I wanna hear you scream - In the jungle -Welcome to the jungle -Watch it bring you to your knees, knees - I wanna watch you bleed - You know where you are -You're in the jungle baby -You're gonna die"
    Serpentine: characteristic of, or resembling a serpent, as in form. It's HELL! "In the jungle
    Welcome to the jungle - Watch it bring you to your
    It's gonna bring you down-HA!" Sounds like Satan to me.

  • Scott from Jacksonvill, FlThis Song was Used for the 2008 Flim "Death Race"
  • Alex from Northampton, United Kingdombest song on guitar hero III then sunshine of your love by cream

    Slash rules
    World greatest guitarist behind the legendary jimi hendrix
  • Chandler from Candyland, LaThis is the coolest song ever. I heard that the band went to L.A. and this homeless man saw them playing around and he told them, "Do you know where you are?! You're in the jungle baby. You're gonna die!" Thus, creating the maraculous masterpiece known as Welcome to the Jungle. G n' R should have never broken up anyway. They were the stuff. I thnk that there are too many people out there who say that this is their favorite song, when they don't even try to look up the history about it, why it was written, what other people think about it, etc. They just hear someone else play it one like Guitar Hero 3 and say,"Hey! that's a pretty gosh darn cool song. That's gonna be my favorite now!"... Exactly. People like us, actually look up the song and try to find out what it's all about. We're not POSERS! We're REAL music lovers!
  • Zach from Green Bay, Wisong is awesome, but over played on FUSE.
  • Jake from Columbia City, InThis song is INSANE!!! I love it.
  • Andrew from Bartlett, Tnthe best thing about Guns N' Roses' songs is that that are true and are fun to listen to.
  • Michelle from Maplewood, Mnthis is the best song of G'nR and it is ranked number 2 on VH1 's greatest metal songs
  • Kent from Toronto, CanadaThis is one of a number of stuttering hits, along with David Bowie's "Changes", Elton John's "Bennie And The Jets", Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" (actually written as a throwaway for Randy Bachman's stuttering brother) and The Knack's "My Sharona".
  • Echo from Normalville, Malove the "nananananananananananana knees...knees" part
  • Jamie from Los Angeles, CaAwesome song! It is wicked cool. Axl is awesome
  • Nate from Deltona, FlThis is a HUGE song used in sports, especially by the Orlando Predators! Its such a hit with them, that they nicknamed the stadium "The Jungle"
  • Larry from Knoxville, TnThe guys yelled at AXL in the same city as the Ritz hotle. I'm not 100% sure but I think that's NYC. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  • Kristin from Yaphank, NyGosh, I love this song. It's got such great lyrics, and a great beat. It's so raw and chaotic, I love it.
  • Jeeves from Dc, Dcaxl is a little screwed up (just alittle)
  • Larry from Knoxville, TnI thought that this was about New York. I heard Axl was hitch hiking and a hobo who was trying to scare run aways yelled "Your in the jungle baby! You're gonna die!" Thats just what i heard
  • Nicole from Kenosha, WiI love this song so much, it reminds me of my hometown, just a wild crazy town where something is always going down.
  • Fernando from São Bernardo Do Campo, BrazilOh, what can I say?
    Axl is the King, I love him, he is in my whole life.
  • Holly from Gold Coast, Australia"The Jungle" is LA and this song is about Axl arriving from a small town into a world of sex , drugs and rock n roll where everything and anything is assessable but it can drag you down. LA attracts alot of want to be rock stars.
  • Dee from Northfield, IlThank God for this song. I can't imagine what would've happened if it was never played on MTV.

    And to answer everyone's questions on the guy yelling to Axl he was in the "jungle"? It was in the BRONX, not LA. Wrong city, but the same meaning.
  • Caitlin from Durham, Ncman back in the 80s axl used to look really good, but now i mean you know hes gotten older but his hair looks terrible
  • Mike from Goshen, InPart of these lyrics are incorrect. It clearly says "You learn to live like an Animal." not a Vagabond it's said pretty clearly.
  • Christine from United Kingdom, Englandi always thought this song was wbout sex and drugs as when gnr did a live show from paris years ago they had a gynormous willy floating up and down on stage which made me think that this was about someones first time,the serpentine being that and your first time you bleed.hence the lyrics,i want to watch you bleed,any thoughts please
  • Spencer from Mcbride, CanadaIt is true that a man from LA said "you know where you are? your in the jungle baby. Your gonna die."
  • Billy from Otway, OhThis was on The Simpsons episode where Homer buys an RV. Homer,Bart,and Lisa do some serious headbanging to this song!
  • Nathan from Manchester, EnglandOne of the most brilliant songs and most recognizable guitar riffs ever. Well written. Speaks of the darker side of Los Angeles in the 80's. Scary stuff!
  • Sean from Colorado Springs, CoWow... nice calls.. its about drugs, all the way. I usually hate it when people say 'drugs!!!' when they're asked to describe what a song is about, but im as disappointed by the relative lack from this one, especially from apparent druggies. Well done. Addiction? Anyone?
  • The Last True Rocker from Phoenix, Ar"paradice city" and 'wlcome to the jungle" and "sweet child o mine" are their best songs
  • Ryan from Kansas City, MoAlso, Axl Rose was a DJ for one of the Radio Stations in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If you put this on when trying to play the game, you get an incredible addrediline boost and you can get a really good score!
  • Nick from Prospect, Kyi like this band, but there gettin old fast. the song is about the cops worts enemy.it is about gangs and if u join, ur gonna take a risk to die. (in the song he says:ur in da jungle baby, ur gonna die!)and gettin prostatutes and stuff.( like inn the grand theft auto games)i now that because he says:u got ur money honey, weve got your desease! any way i think this is there best song
  • Mick from Las Vegas, NvI heard Axl say that he was partying in L.A. and past out in an alley. He woke up surrounded by a group of hispanic gang bangers and one of the the gang members said,"Hey mang! Ju know where you are? Ju're in the jungle, baby! Ju going to die!".
  • Nathan from Defiance, OhThis is the perfect compliment song to Paradise City. But aren't both songs about Hollywood culture though?
  • E from Vancouver, CanadaGnR released at least two different videos for Welcome to the Jungle. One has real news footage of violent riots, the other is the band playing on stage and Axl has huge hair.
  • E from Vancouver, CanadaActually Jesse, it was Axl who followed Izzy to LA. Izzy had moved there a few years earlier.
  • Dejaye from Wagga, Australiaabout the cement jungle that is LA and exposing the more f****ed up side of it not a good place to be in those days
  • Jesse from Grand Rapids, Miizzy followed axl there some time later, they didn't go there together
  • Matt from Millbrae, Camy favorite from G&R. Slash's guitar playing in this is unrivaled. You rarely see anyone try to cover this.
  • Aman from Kolkata, IndiaCould Any One Explain To Me Why Was This Song A Flop When It First Came Out?My email is misra_aman@Yahoo.com or ash_thedevil15@Hotmail.com Please Lemme Know!
  • Jona from London, EnglandThe video is the first video to intercut news reel riot footage inbetween a band playing (this has now become a rock video standard).
  • Jona from London, EnglandThe band 'Kik' ripped of the whole intro for their song 'No ring around rosie'

    The band 'The Donnas' stole the main riff for a song.
  • Jona from London, England"I heard back in the 80's that when Axl first got off the bus in LA, some bum said to him "Welcome to the Jungle!". Hence, that is supposedly where he got the title from"

    No, the part axl got from the bum was the 'you know where you are, your in the jungle baby, your gonna die".
    He recants this on the '88 live at the ritz for the song intro (he has also mentioned this in interviews).
  • Ken from Louisville, KyThe band has had an ongoing battle with national radio sports talk show host Jim Rome who calls his show "The Jungle" and uses the song's opening intro as the opening to the show.
  • Jona from London, EnglandThe songs title is taken from lyrics to a a Hanoi Rocks song 'Underwater World'(both Axl & Izzy both cite the band is a majot influence on GNR:

    "Welcome the jungle/deep inside of me"
  • Amy from Leeds, Englandi love this song so much, its just an explosion of ace music! i agree with will, portland, its obviously about drugs from those lyrics, its an amazing song tho, love it,n i also agree with shana from canada, without slash theres no gnr! i dont hate axl tho, hes cool, although not after that damn facelift!!
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcI always thought this song was about gambling I don't know why
  • Scott from Nyc, NyThis song described my High School to a t...But I still love it (the song that is).
  • Zac from Gastonia, NcLMAO at the Bengals using this song to "intimidate" opposing teams....The Bengals haven't had a winning season in 15 years....Its high time they quit ruining this songs reputation by playing it at home games....
  • Jammie from Deckerville, MiThis is a kick ass rock song. I love it I could listen to it over and over again!
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, AlCody, Houston, AK - Have to disagree, without a doubt motley crue were the most drunk and most high band of the 80s
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, Althe song is about axl being a country boy (hence the bit of corn hes chewing on in the video)arriving in the big city for the first time to pursue his singing career. Its basically a journey through his eyes into a world that he hasnt experienced before
  • Adrian from Merthyr Tydfil, AlShana, Pembroke, Canada - Slash is an amazingly talented guy and theres no doubt he contributed a great deal to GnR - I was really disapointed though after buying the velvet revolver album to see the direction his music has gone in - I think for me it was axl's songwriting ability that I loved bout GnR.
  • Cody from Houston, AkI think it was about drugs, too. The whole of G'n'R (Especcially guitarist Slash) had a reputation of the most drunk and most high band of the eighties and nineties.
  • Elliot from Toronto, Canadait was used in another Simpsons episode also... the one where marge becomes freinds with her (bad girl) neighbor.
  • Shana from Pembroke, Canadafor some reason i hate Axl...dont know why...but i think Slash was the heart of that band..without Slash, there is no GNR.
  • Mariah from Miami, FlThis was also used in the movie "Selena" several times.
  • Kim from Chalfont, PaI heard back in the 80's that when Axl first got off the bus in LA, some bum said to him "Welcome to the Jungle!". Hence, that is supposedly where he got the title from.
  • James from Covina, CaMr. Brownstone is the song about drugs on Appetite. Jungle refers to the seedy part of L.A. which includes drugs that Axl encounters coming from the midwest.
  • Rob from Castaic, CaI dont know it as welcome to the jungle, i know it as "that song that plays when eric gagne comes in."
  • Paulo from New York, NyThe song is what the description says it's about. Or does the word "serpentine" refer to drugs too? And "we've got your disease" sounds like a allusion to prostitution to me. Simply put "Jungle" = City.
  • Paulo from New York, NyIn the movie The Dead Pool, the rock star "singing" WttJ was none other than Jim Carrey.
  • Andrea A from Shy-town, IlThe "Songfact" that Slash refused to have the song used in Black Hawk Down is false. according to VH1, two members of the original GNR are accusing >>Axl (not Slash) for "rejecting requests to use old Guns N' Roses songs in major motion pictures even though he lacks controlling interest in the material. Axl wanted to re-record [welcome to the Jungle] with the new members of GN'R he had hired so Slash and McKagan wouldn't receive any licensing payment." So maybe Slash rejected having a rerecorded version (not the original) used in the movie...??
  • Zed from Boston, MaAxl was crazy... I still think it's about drugs. He probably made that story to cover the true meaning of the song.

    "When you're high, you never ever wanna come down"
    Jungle probably refers to the Black Market....
  • Will from Portland, OrWe are the people that can find
    Whatever you may need

    If you got the money, honey
    We got your disease

    Watch it bring you to your
    knees, knees

    We take it day by day
    If you want it you're gonna bleed
    But it's the price you pay

    You can taste the bright lights
    But you won't get them for free

    Welcome to the jungle
    It gets worse here everyday

    seems like its about drugs to me!
  • Will from Portland, OrI heard this hilariuos thing on the internet, it was Howard Deans crazy speech where he screamed in the background, while the beginning was playing. Hilarious!
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlYes, this song is definitely about drugs: "If you've got the money honey, we've got your disease" "I wanna watch you bleed"
  • Mercedes from Terre Haute, InThis song is not about Los Angeles it is about doing drugs.Chorus:
    In the jungle
    Welcome to the jungle
    Watch it bring you to your
    knees, knees
    I wanna watch you bleed, thats pretty much tells you and this,Whatever you may need
    If you got the money, honey
    We got your disease
    come on ppl
  • Jason from Wylie, Txit was going to be original cover art and i think there are a few rare records out there that still have the original cover art if so they would definetly be worth something they just moved it to the inner sleeve after the record company or whoever banned it i have a poison cd that has the original cover art for open up and say..ahh! i bought it for 5 bucks! those ppl had no idea it was worth so much more
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandThis was used in an episode of the Simpsons when Apu has octuplets. The 8 babies are on a TV show and one is dressed as a rock star. 'Welcome to the Jungle' plays as the baby enters the stage.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandThe picture of a robot raping a woman isn't the cover of the album. It's a painting by Robert Williams, called 'Appetite for Destruction', which features in the sleeve booklet. I'm guessing that's where the band got the name of the album from.
  • Jim from Pittsburgh, PaThe remaining members of G'n'R formed Velvet Revolver with Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots and played "Set Me Free" which was featured on the Hulk movie Soundtrack and used in many of the trailers.
  • Brett from Moore, OkI think that this is on the the greatest opening songs ever. The beggining of the song just keeps building up. It is a great song. I wana know why there is nothing on Paradise City!!! I think that this is one of thier greatest songs. If you want it on this site, write a request!!! Appetite for Destruction is one of the top 5 greatest albums in my opinion. I wish they would have never broken up.
  • Pj from Lowell, Ma Axl tells the story of He and Izzy first arriving in LA from Indiana, and a black man comes up to them and says "Do you know where you are, you're in the jungle baby, you're gonna die." True story, according to Axl
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