by Hifi Sean (featuring Crystal Waters)

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  • Sean Dickson led the '90s alternative rock band The Soup Dragons before transforming into the producer/DJ Hifi Sean. On this track, he teamed up with Crystal Waters of "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)" renown, who added the lyric, supplied the vocal and gave the video a focal point.

    "I get a lot of tracks from DJs and they were sending me a lot of those EDM tracks," she said in a Songfacts interview. "When I got this one, it was such a departure from the rise-and-fall tracks. It really had that soulful thing and it gave me an opportunity to put some attitude on it, if you will. So, I just remember writing the first line: 'Tell me what you mean by...?' Like, 'Who you talking to?'

    I really liked the good-and-evil battle with the song. I envisioned seeing a prostitute and a preacher meeting at a bar and went from there."
  • With a gospel feel and a tight production, this song stood out from the fray, reaching #1 on the Dance chart in October 2017. In an interview with Hifi Sean, he told us: "Crystal and myself decided to write something along the lines of a classic 7-inch record, including a fade. It was recorded and mixed as you hear it, just over three minutes long. I sometimes feel that in the world of dance music, artists just elongate tracks for the sake of it. 'Testify' is one of those songs you wish went on for a bit longer."
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