Album: Back Of My Lac (2007)
Charted: 32 5
  • Chris Brown was considered to record this song but the song's writer Terius "The-Dream" Nash decided to give it to J.Holiday. Brown was disappointed, he thought the song was his and there was an ensuing feud between the two.
  • J. Holiday says in Caught magazine: "I actually didn't write 'Bed.' Actually one of the cats that I wrote with on the album, his name is The-Dream, he wrote the song. He also did the Rihanna song "Umbrella." Me and him worked together throughout the album, he has 2 other tracks on there too and I co-wrote one of those with him. He already knew, he was like 'I have a joint for you,' basically that's what happened. I told him I needed another record for the ladies but something that the fellas could ride to."
  • Model Jennifer Gordon, Holiday's girlfriend in the video, played the same role in the promo for his follow-up single "Suffocate." Gordon also featured in the video for Omarion's "O."
  • In an interview with Real Talk NY, Terius 'The-Dream' Nash discussed the feud he had with Chris Brown over Nash not giving him this song: "Before me and Chris even had a discussion we were talking to executives over there and it was just concerning certain lyrical content of the song and they wanted to change a lot of it. And I wasn't going to do that; it would have put in jeopardy the integrity of the song based on trying to get it on an act that was 18 years old. So, that was really the basis for whether or not the record was going to go to him or not, and he basically took it in a whole other direction and put another spin on it. But that's basically what happened."
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