93 Million Miles

Album: Love Is A Four Letter Word (2012)


  • The song title refers to the Earth's geographical location within our solar system, which is 93 million miles from the Sun. Speaking to Billboard magazine, Mraz explained: "No matter where you are, there you are. And no matter where you are in the planet, you can call that home. I wanted to create a song that acknowledged that home is where the heart is and that's up to you to decide."
  • This was one of four songs on Love is a Four Letter Word that Mraz wrote with Michael Natter, a guitarist in his 60s who lives up in the mountains of San Diego, and has been playing the same guitar since 1967. Mraz told Artist Direct: "I met him at coffee shop gigs, open mic nights and songwriter nights. He and his wife would play and sing' they are adorable. I invited him to my house to help me change out a toilet, since I figured he would know. He did and brought his guitar over. We change the toilet and he played his guitar. He had all these ideas and riffs that he has been playing for 35 years. He has never had an outlet. I am almost 35, so some of those ideas came into existing same time I was being conceived."
  • This song is based on something Natter would say when the pair were sitting out in the sun, playing guitar. He told Artist Direct: "We'd look at the sun, this fiery nuclear furnace, 93 million miles away, by the time the heat and light gets to us, it's just right."
  • In our 2014 interview with Jason Mraz, he mentioned this as one of his favorite songs of the ones he had written. He explained that it came very quickly, although he did need to "schedule a date with the divine in order for it to come through."


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