Don't Slack

Album: Trolls World Tour (2020)
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  • "Don't Slack" is a feel-good toe-tapper recorded by Justin Timberlake and Anderson Paak for the computer-animated musical comedy Trolls World Tour. Both play characters in the movie: Justin Timberlake is Branch, a grumpy but good-hearted Pop Troll, while Paak portrays Prince D, who lives in the land of the Funk Trolls. Timberlake also serves as executive producer of the soundtrack.
  • The song combines funk and pop to create a vintage R&B vibe with an irresistible bounce. Timberlake and Paak take turns in encouraging themselves and others to achieve their potential before combining forces on the handclap-heavy chorus.

    Okay, now, don't slack
    I need all my racks
    No, we don't hold back
    Act like you know that

    Timberlake explained the hook is a call to action to live life to the fullest. "When your eyes wake up, it's like how lucky are you to have that moment," he told Genius. "Your eyes open every morning like, 'So what are you doing today? What's next?" You know? So that's where the whole mentality of the chorus comes from."
  • Timberlake and Paak wrote "Don't Slack" with Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson, who has helmed the music for the US TV sitcoms Community, Happy Endings, and New Girl. He is also Childish Gambino's longtime collaborator.
  • Featuring Anna Kendrick, the song's playful music video is set in the Pitch Perfect star's house. The clip depicts Kendrick trying to start her day, but Timberlake and Anderson keep popping up and startling her.

    Filmmaker/director Calmatic shot the video. His resumé includes major visuals for the likes of Lil Nas X ("Old Town Road") and Khalid ("Young, Dumb and Broke") as well as the promos for Anderson Paak's "Come Down" and "Bubblin'" singles.


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