Album: Made Of Bricks (2007)
Charted: 2


  • In an interview with Kate Nash was asked if this song about the impending end of a relationship was based on personal experience. She replied: "I've never really had a long term boyfriend but I did have a relationship with someone and it was quite intense... and it got nasty and confusing, saturated and concentrated. Which one do I mean? They're opposites, aren't they? Sometimes it's just not the right person. As you go through life, hopefully, one relationship will click. Sometimes you go through ones that don't work, but you want them to work because you're attached to that person. You love them, but you might not like them anymore. And they might love you but might not like you. And you try to stay together. And you end up being really nasty to each other, and stabbing each other, and not knowing when it started or when it ended, and it being really confusing. I've seen it happen to my friends."
  • This came close to topping the UK charts, peaking at #2 for five consecutive weeks, behind first of all Rihanna's "Umbrella," then Timberland's "The Way I Are."
  • The album Made Of Bricks was named by Nash in tribute to her sturdy family foundations.
  • Kate Nash explained on her record label's website the reasoning behind the album's title: "People thought that title would make me sound hard, but I really fought for it. Bricks are strong, just like good relationships are strong, and that's what bricks signify to me. I'm a homey kind of girl and I like hanging out on a Sunday and eating mashed potatoes and bricks just say home and family - the things that I can't live without."
  • This made the biggest ever leap to #2 in the UK chart, jumping from #187 to the runner-up position the week when physical sales were added.
  • The song was played in all six episodes of the first series of the UK TV series The Inbetweeners.

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  • Amy from Liverpool, United Kingdomthat song is BRILL i sang it 4 ages. hahaha take that kate nash's bf!!
  • Chanel from Somewhere, WaI love the music video :)
  • Latasha from Austin, Txi lubberz ths song lol
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