All God's Children

Album: Three Sides Of One (2022)
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  • King's X guitarist Ty Tabor wrote this song and also sings lead. It deals with how Christians can be blinded by conformity. "It's probably going to be one of the most misunderstood songs of the bunch," Tabor explained. "I was looking around at all of these people who call themselves Christians, but they believe a whole lot of non-Christian things. They choose to believe anyway despite everything collapsing with all of the death and ugliness around their beliefs."
  • King's X were never a Christian band, but early on they did put a lot of biblical references in their lyrics and held strong Christian beliefs. They were often described as "Christian Rock" despite their efforts to distance themselves from that genre.
  • This is one of the heaviest songs on Three Sides Of One, the first King's X album since XV was released 14 years earlier. "Musically, it's Black Sabbath meets Black Sabbath," bass player Dug Pinnick said in a Songfacts track by track. "And it's awesome. I love the brutally heavy Black Sabbath vibe. And then then the beautiful acoustic stuff. It just turned into a really nice masterpiece. A cascade of beautiful music and brutality. I really like that song a lot. It's fun to play."

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  • Jp from AlabamaOh, please save the lecture about Christ-like behavior. Way to make Ty's point...
  • Jerry C from AlabammyMaybe the reason Ty wants to distance himself from conservative Christians and orthodox Christianity is he can't stand the racism, homophobia, bigotry and general ignorance perpetually espoused by many of the supposedly 'devout'. Maybe he thinks the sort of people that burned their King's X records when Doug Pinnick came out as gay are violent, contemptible imbeciles who aren't really worth engaging with. Maybe after years of experience, he's realised there's no point discussing anything with prejudiced morons who are incapable of being anything but petty, narcissistic fundamentalist cretins who treat the bible as a literal text. That might be something to do with it.
  • Gdk from NcTy stating that he hates conservative Christians and orthodox Christianity. What a disappointment this band has turned out to be. Early on, they were fine with "Faith Hope and Love" in the the Christian book stores. I guess it's OK to take our money and then slag us off. Real Christ-like behavior, Ty. Maybe you should look in the mirror when you sing this song.
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