by KSI

Album: Dissimulation (2020)


  • KSI started writing this personal track on the toilet. He'd been listening to beats, and this Jason Gilbert, Yoshi Adi and BlueySport instrumental put him in his feelings.

    It took KSI about four or five hours to write (not entirely in the bathroom!). "I shocked myself in a way, because I didn't know that I could make a melody like that," the rapper told Apple Music. "I just fell back to some moments in my life and it just came out. It's one of those songs where I just had to get my feelings out."
  • The song's theme is of KSI not being "on cloud nine" despite the "millions" he is now earning. In the chorus, he alludes to his inherent feelings of anxiety, which money can't cure.
  • The first verse is about KSI falling out with his younger brother, Deji Olatunji, who is also a YouTuber. Their beef arose from Deji revealing KSI's personal bank records in a video.
  • The second verse finds him paying tribute to his girlfriend. KSI has remained secretive about her identity, but we learn from this song she is no gold digger.

    Diamond in the rough, you know I mean it
    You don't want the money or the fame, you'd rather leave it
  • The song closes Dissimulation, which at 33:54 is shorter than most other long players. Said KSI: "I hate long albums - I'm not there trying to make this a #1 because I have so many songs and people streaming them all. I wanted my first album to be nice and concise. This is everything I need to say on my first album, and that's it."


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