Short Movie

Album: Short Movie (2014)


  • This is the title track of Laura Marling's fifth album. The record was recorded in London with frequent collaborators Matt Ingram and Dan Cox and was inspired by the singer-songwriter's attempts to find a sense of stability, after permanently relocating to Los Angeles in 2013. Marling explained, "I realized that I hadn't been in a place for longer than two or three weeks since I was 16. I thought, 'I wonder what will happen if I try and root myself somewhere [and] look back over the past eight years.'"
  • The animated video was created by the design company Art & Graft. It got a lot of attention when it was chosen as a Vimeo staff pick.
  • Laura Marling explained the song and album title to Uncut: " I had an old mentor, an American chap, who kept saying to me, 'It's a short movie, man,' which I thought was quite funny."
  • The Short Movie album is a soulful travelogue documenting Laura Marling's experiences in America. "It has quite a lot to do with the enormity of the country that are found myself in," she offered to Q magazine, "and the sort of observations therein."


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