Standing In The Dark

Album: Chapman Square (2012)
Charted: 6
  • Like Lawson's debut single "When She Was Mine," frontman Andy Brown penned this song about his split from The Saturday's Mollie King. The singer told Capital Radio how he penned the tune with bassist Ryan Fletcher after seeing photographs of Mollie with her next boyfriend, male supermodel David Gandy. "What happened was, we split up and I wrote quite a few songs about it," he explained. "It was hard because she just started going out with a ridiculously good-looking guy after me. 'When She Was Mine' was a song about that, but 'Standing In The Dark' was the first song – I wrote it with Ryan on the day we saw her with this new guy in the paper and stuff. It did hurt me hard."
  • This is the third single from Lawson's debut album, Chapman Square. Bassist Ryan Fletcher said in publicity materials announcing its release: "'Standing in the Dark' has been our favourite song to perform live for such a long time. Andy (Brown) and I wrote it whilst staying in a mate's flat which was overlooking the O2 Arena a couple of years ago and getting the chance to perform it earlier this year at the arena itself was a definite highlight for us as a band."
  • The song's music video sees Brown looking through a window as his former girlfriend romantically embraces her new love. Brown's ex is played by actress Nicole O'Neill who also featured in Labrinth's "Treatment" as the 'Ghostly girl.'
  • Chapman Square is named after the London street where frontman Andy Brown once shared a flat with his then girlfriend, Mollie King of The Saturdays. Drummer Adam Pitts explained: "We used to crash and write songs there all the time. It's where Andy was living with his girlfriend at the time, who a number of the songs on the album were actually written about."


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