Album: No Name Face (2000)
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  • Lead singer Jason Wade: "That's a super-special song for me. It seems to really connect with other people, too. It's one of those songs that every time I played it, a new part came to it. That's why it's so long and kind of mysterious. It's a bunch of different bits and pieces, but it has power because it kind of sums up everything I'm about lyrically and in terms of my relationships and Lifehouse overall. So I think it's a perfect way to end the record." >>
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    Patti - Mahopac, NY
  • This song is played in several episodes of Smallville, one of which entitled "Pilot," when Lana Lang goes into her house and Clark Kent is spying on her through his telescope. The other, titled "Tempest," is where Whitney Fordman and Lana Lang dance in the gym for the last time before Whitney joins the Marines. >>
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    Dawson - Draper, UT
  • There is a skit that goes with this song that has become popular at churches across the US. It involves a girl who starts out loving God, but gradually becomes involved with other things that steadily become more harmful, culminating in the girl nearly committing suicide. At the last second, she throws the gun away and runs back to Jesus. >>
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    Jeff - Versailles, IL
  • Jason Wade: "A lot of people think this is our best song because how it kind of grows and there's the big climax at the end. We've been seeing people proposing to their girlfriends. You look out in the crowd and you know what's happening when everyone's face is turned towards the wall, and you have to spot where the guy is proposing. That's one of those songs where if we didn't play live we'd probably get shot by one of our super-fans! >>
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    Emily - Jtown, PA
  • In a Songfacts interview with Lifehouse bass player Bryce Soderberg, he said: "We have a lot of fans that come up to us and they really relate to the song 'Everything,' which is a very interpretive lyric - people that are striving for the best versions of themselves, people that are striving for a great relationship. And we have people that have gone to war, soldiers and troops who are overseas, that are listening to our music that are interpreting the lyrics and it's helping them in their lives. They're coming to us and they're sharing their experiences."

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  • HiWhy does the guy who is playing jesus look like sam smith LOLOL
  • Jamie from Schofield WiI have struggled with addiction and mental illness for 20+ years. I found a therapist who just got me. He’s gay and in recovery too. He knows all my skeletons. He didn’t get an edited version of me like every other therapist or shrink. We had a soul connection and I trusted him with everything. Then he had to drop me as a patient. It’s a small town and one of his family members and I became friends. I don’t trust anyone like I trusted him. And my heart is still broken.
  • YaseenFor me this is a song to God. Theres none other then Him, always providing hope and light. So perfect, truly everything
  • Lydia from Eden NcI love this song. It is definitely about God and how you can't deny God's existence and Him doing something inside of you. They are not a Christian band, however, they are Christians. There are lots of bands that are Christians that say they are not Christian bands. Love it! Definitely a favorite!
  • Brian from Williamston,ncMe and a group of friends do a skit to this song, and it mostly show a person almost losing their connection with God but ends up with a new life.
  • Tacey from New Milford, NjTo those who don't know whether it is a love song for a person, or for God, take your cue from Les Miserables: "to love another person is to see the face of God". This song is the truest, most honest, giving, and humble expression of love a person can give with words. It devotes itself to the object (person, or God) that means the most to you. Why can't it be both?
  • Dave from Prince Albert , SkTo, Trish, Houston, TX
    I have a hard time with this song as corporate worship since the lyrics are such a personal confession. I see this as perhaps alter-time or reflective worship. or private worship at home etc. but I have a hard time with it as corporate sunday morning worship. its definitely, brings Christian themes and i think the line "how could i not be moved by you" is not a statement of not being moved, but a statement of there being no way he could resist being moved.
  • April from Mount Sterling, Ohits a great song. it could be a love song but i think we have too many love songs their should be more songs that are different so this song would be better as a christian song than i love. I want to play this at my sisters wedding and at church!
  • Wes from Chicago, IlFirst of all, Lifehouse IS a Christian band, that doesn't meant that every song is a God Praising Hymn, Second, this IS a Christian song about Jason Wade's relationship with Jesus Christ, that is what HE wrote it about, however music can be interpreted however you like, that's what defines the songs that we love, what they mean in our eyes
  • Andrea from Franklin, InI love this song. It was me and my husbands wedding song.
  • Mitchell from Adelaide, Australia If it had more publicity I believe this song would've totally beat Hanging by a Moment.
    And Lifehouse WAS a christian band before they became Lifehouse.
    This song is probably about God, but the main lyrics 'How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?" Somewhat makes me think differently. I just can't see how those lyrics make sense when talking about God.
  • Hannah from Fargo, NdOkay just to clear things up for you guys, Lifehouse is not a Christian band, but they are all Christian. Just like The Fray(and a million other bands!) this song is about God, not his girlfriend. If you would look at the lyrics:

    "You are the light
    That is leading me
    To the place where
    I find peace again"

    "You are the strength
    That keeps me walking
    You are the hope
    That keeps me trusting
    You are the life to my soul
    You are my purpose
    You are everything"(his strength, he finds from God)

    "You calm the storms"(how would his girlfriend calm the storms?)

    So you can see they are about God.
  • Zac from Rio Rancho, NmI disagree with andres anleu; this song is about God.
  • Alexis from Rochester, MnI think this song can be about both... Love with another person or God. I personally believe it is about love for another person, because typically speaking, loving only someone else can 'take your breath away' or be 'all i want' and 'all i need.'
    But it could be interpreted as someone declaring their love for God...
  • Holly from Danville, VaAmazing song...is it covered by another christian artist?
  • Mokkan from Grove City, OhThis song is definitely about God. It's absolutely one of the most beautiful and meaningful songs I've yet heard from a secular group.
  • Roger from Los Angeles, CaThis is their best song.
  • Hope from Florence, MtI think this is one of the best Lifehouse songs. I feel kind of bad that some people have never heard it because it would be a great song to put on the radio. I don't think it would make it as far as "Hanging By A Moment" though.
  • Hilary from Grayson, LaIt is. Lifehouse originated as a Christian band.
  • Andres Anleu from Guatemala, OtherThis song is not written about God, or at least i don't think it is.
  • Trish from Houston, TxWe sing it at church with a full band and it's SO powerful. It's my favorite worship song.
  • Ariana from Lima, Peruwuld u tell me how culd it b any better dan this? aaaaaaaaa!! i love it
  • Dawson from Draper, UtThis song is one of my favorite songs ever. This song gets me so emotional, I want to cry. I'm listening to it right now. It reminds me of Smallville.
  • Laura from SmithtonI really love this song. I think it's written about God, I'm not sure. That's certainly what I think about when I hear it/sing it. It's one of the deepest songs I've ever heard - it will continue to make me appreciate God.
  • Taufuboy from Burke, Vavery very good song
  • Dustin from Jones County, GaOne of the best Lifehouse songs ever. This was actually mine and my ex-girlfriend's song back when we were together. It's very hard to listen to at times. It is indeed very mysterious, yet straightforward. Amazing lyrics, amazing rythms. Awesomely arranged.
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtVery, very good song.
  • Terri Lynn from Heart's Desire, Canadathis song is a very powerful one. its written in a very unique manner... both lyrically and rhymically.
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