La La

Album: Tha Carter III (2008)
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  • This features Florida rapper Brisco and Busta Rhymes.
  • David Banner produced this. The rapper and producer is best known for his 2005 US #7 hit "Play." Banner told Rhapsody about this track: "Wayne is the one of the only rappers in this generation who doesn't mind breaking out of the everyday mold of what people think records should be. A lot of rappers like my beats but they're afraid to be creative. Wayne is not that type of artist and that's why I enjoy working with him the most. The fact that he calls himself a Martian may be the truth, because musically, he wants to push paths of what rappers are doing. I actually did that beat for the Shrek 3 soundtrack. I got a call at the last moment by my movie agent and they were having a problem with one of the tracks on Shrek 3 and needed a track. It was going to be an instrumental or a song, but either way, it wasn't designed for a rapper. So that within itself shows the dexterity and what [Wayne] was doing. What's crazy is, Wayne would be in the studio with Nelly or somebody, and I'll see them in the streets and they'll be, "Man, this song [with] Wayne got through you is so crazy. I don't believe this s--t." Then I was going through one of my beat CDs with Busta, and Busta heard the 'La La' beat and was like, 'Man! I peeped this s--t with Wayne! S--t's f--king crazy, dog! It's the second coming!' So I had been hearing from everybody else how dope the track was. What people don't know, I actually got two beats on Tha Carter II, but you gotta find the second one."
  • David Banner filed suit in July 2015 against Lil Wayne for missing royalties from this track, his 2007 cut "Pussy Monster" plus "Streets Is Waiting" from Young Money Records' 2009 compilation We Are Young Money. Banner sought the amount of $138,787.19 for his contribution to the songs.

    In September 2016 Lil Wayne was ordered to pay David Banner $164,303.19, which included interest on the unpaid royalties.

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  • Alejandro from Sacramento, CaLALALike this song!
  • Alejandro from Sacramento, CaThis is a sick freestyle-"I got four tears on my face and you aint ever heard me cry..." Lil Wayne keeps tha katchy phrases comin along wit tha hot hit songs!
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