The Man With The Golden Gun
by Lulu

Album: The Man With The Golden Gun soundtrack (1974)


  • Being chosen to sing the theme song to a James Bond movie was proof of Lulu's popularity, and it's notable that her singing here sounds like that of Shirley Bassey (who sang the theme songs to 2 prior James Bond movies) than the sound she cultivated in her previous hits. >>
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  • This was written by John Barry, with lyrics by Don Black. Barry composed the music for most of the James Bond movies from 1962-1987, many of which he wrote with Black.

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  • Andrew Harry Briggs from Leeds England Uk The Only Bond Movie Theme Tune That Didn't Chart Either In The UK or US.
  • C-molliolli from Hankasalmi, FinlandThe Man With The Golden Eye by Alice Cooper is on the Muscle Of Love album (1974).
  • Shane from Columbus, OhI forgot to mention 007's duel with Scaramanga, in which the world's, best, and most expensive assasin meets his match.
  • Shane from Columbus, OhThe two memorable scene in the movie is when 007 and Sherrif J.W. Pepper are chasing Scaramanga, the three nippled, $1 million a shot assasin, through the Thai Country Side, only to wacth heplessly as Scaramanga gets awy because his car turns into an airplane.
  • Jimmy from Yo Mamma, AkThe theme to The Man with the Golden Gun was almost given to Alice Cooper, but the producers of the movie preferred Lulu since she sounded like Shirley Bassey, singer of the theme to Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever and after The Man with the Golden Gun, Moonraker.
  • Grizzly from Panohai, PaThis was a terrific song for the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun," starring Roger Moore as James Bond, Christopher Lee as Francisco Scaramanga, Britt Ekland as Holly Goodnight, Herve Villiachiaze (sp) as Nick Nack, and Maude Adams as Scaramanga's mistress. I've bought the soundtrack (originally on 8-track, recently on CD) and listening to it is always a pleasure. The titular song refers to Scaramanga, a professional killer with a covert single-shot pistol (concealed as cufflinks, pen, and cigarette lighter) that fires gold bullets -- hence, his $1,000,000 per hit pricetag.
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