Lucky Star

Album: Madonna (1983)
Charted: 14 4
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  • Written by Madonna, this was her first single from her debut album. It went nowhere, but was successfully re-released six months later after "Holiday" became a hit.

    The success the second time around was largely because of the video, which MTV put in hot rotation. It was commissioned by Jeff Ayeroff, who was an executive at Madonna's label, Warner Bros. Ayeroff said in the book I Want My MTV: "I made 'Lucky Star' for $14,000 with a friend who was a pot grower from Bolinas, California (Arthur Pierson). We'd released 'Everybody,' 'Burning Up,' 'Holiday' and 'Borderline' as singles. And Madonna didn't want to release 'Lucky Star.' Around the same time, she was getting sued and needed money. I said, 'Let me release 'Lucky Star,' and I guarantee you'll sell enough records to pay that off.' 'Lucky Star' broke the first album wide open."
  • The lyrics are based on a nursery rhyme: "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight..."

    In the song, a special guy is Madonna's "lucky star," giving her a warm glow every time they're near.
  • This entered the charts as Madonna began work on her first movie, Desperately Seeking Susan. She went on to star in many others, including Dick Tracy, A League Of Their Own, Shanghai Surprise, Body Of Evidence, Dangerous Game, Swept Away, and Evita.
  • This is the biggest Madonna hit on which she is the only credited writer. Some of her early tracks, like "Everybody" were credited to her alone, but her later compositions typically credit a collaborator like Patrick Leonard or Shep Pettibone.
  • The video, which shows her and two guys dancing in front of a white background, introduced Madonna's "thrift store" look. Sporting lots of big, colorful accessories, fans who became known as "Madonna-Wannabes" started dressing like her. This look became an icon of '80s culture.
  • The song was covered in the "Old Dog New Tricks" episode of Glee. Starring actor Chris Colfer, who penned the episode, explained to Billboard magazine: "When we do 'Lucky Star,' it's because Kurt has joined an assisted living home's production of Peter Pan. In the story, he convinces them to update the production. He convinces them to use modern music to tell the story. So when he's singing 'Lucky Star' he's singing about Neverland."

    "The only thought I had was I wanted the music to fit. I didn't want anything to seem arbitrary. I wanted it to be there for a reason."
  • This song was featured in the 1988 drama Running On Empty in a scene where Danny (River Phoenix) is in music class and in the 1995 drama Safe, starring Julianne Moore and Xander Berkeley.
  • The song is referenced in Pulp Fiction (1994) when Fabienne (Maria de Medeiros) tells Butch (Bruce Willis): "I have a bit of a tummy, like Madonna when she did 'Lucky Star.'"
  • Madonna told Song Talk that she wrote this song on a synthesizer.
  • Martin Burgoyne, a close friend of Madonna's who lived with the singer before she was famous, designed the cover sleeve for the US release of this song (as well as "Burning Up"). After his death from AIDS at the age of 23, Madonna wrote the 1992 song "In This Life" as a tribute to him and many others she knew who died of the disease.
  • Guy Ritchie, Madonna's husband, used this in his 2001 movie, Snatch. It is featured in a scene where a tough-guy is roughing someone up while this plays on the radio.
  • This is the highest-charting hit in the US with the word "Lucky" in the title. It's not the first "Lucky Star" to make the chart though: Rick Nelson's song of that title made #127 in 1964.
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Comments: 4

  • Esskayess from Dallas, TxNo surprise that she "wrote" the thing herself...the words were stolen from a nursery rhyme. I can't stand songs with kindergarten lyrics. Steve Miller's 'Abracadabra' is equally unlistenable.
  • Jennifer Harris from Grand Blanc, MiI love Lucky Star! it's my favorite Madonna song. and video in the end where she pulls up her sunglasses.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThe best of Madonna's earlier songs. She wrote this track entirely by herself.
  • Sum Sum from New DelhiThe lyrics of Madonna's "Starlight star bright" are believed to be of late 19th century American origin and the words allude to the fantasy that you can wish upon a star. This "lucky star" song has no doubt been used on many occasions to quieten a child or children ready for bedtime as they look out of the window waiting to see "Starlight star bright" first star I see tonight.
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