You're Mine (Eternal)

Album: Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse (2014)
Charted: 88


  • This love ballad finds Carey singing of an absent lover. "I can't seem to live without your love," she croons. "Suffocating here by myself dying for your touch." Carey wrote and produced the song with veteran hitmaker Rodney Jerkins, whose known for his work with Brandy, Destiny's Child and Justin Bieber amongst others. Previous collaborations between Jerkins and Carey include the 2006 single "So Lonely" and the 2013 cut "The Art Of Letting Go."
  • A second version of the song was also released featuring singer-songwriter and rapper Trey Songz. The pair previously teamed up for a remix of her 2009 Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel track "Inseparable." "I love what he did with the song because I felt like he gave us a lot of different moments artistically because he's singing the hook," Carey said during a MTV First interview with the singer. "Most people can't sing, rap and have a sound that's current, yet also classic."
  • The video was shot in the El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico, with photographer Indrani (David Bowie's "Valentine's Day") directing. The clip features Carey as a topless mermaid whilst a shirtless Trey Songz portrays her lover. The singer told that she she created the concept and chose Indrani to direct. "I would say it was a directorial collaborative effort. Yeah," she said. "It was interesting. We went to the rain forest and that was interesting. Part of the reason was, first of all I love Puerto Rico. One of my favorite places ever and I did my one of my favorite videos, 'Honey,' in Puerto Rico at the El Conquistador hotel."

    "There was a moment where I had to do an additional water sequence with no director, just myself and a camera man on an underwater camera," Carey added. "I was looking at the take at 5 in morning, [the crew were] ready to kill me. But if we didn't have those shots there wouldn't be anything to cut away to, except me."


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