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  • Zellar is the former frontman for the Gear Daddies, a Minnesota-based country-rock band. This song, a hidden track at the end of his first solo album, is the only one by Zellar to become significantly popular outside the Upper Midwest region of the United States.
  • A Zamboni is an ice-resurfacing machine often seen at skating rinks and sports arenas. Named for its inventor Frank Zamboni, the vehicle is most strongly associated with the sport of ice hockey, and has long been a popular, even iconic, presence between periods at hockey games. The song is about a kid who dreams of driving one for a living. Not surprisingly, the song, like the Zamboni itself, has also become a fixture at ice arenas across North America. >>
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  • Og from Los Angeles, CaThe Zamboni was invented by Frank Zamboni here in Paramount, CA. The company still builds Zambonis sells them all over the world.
  • Dave from Milwaukee, WiNOTE: The Zamboni song was not on Martin Zellar's "Born Under." It was on the Gear Daddies' "Billy's Live Bait."
  • Dave from Milwaukee, WiThis song probably grossed Martin Zellar more money than any other, however, he personally despised the song for many years. Taking his music career seriously, he was disappointed to be defined by this song and its popularity. It was a "hidden" track for a reason. He and the Gear Daddies became known as the "Zamboni" song band and classified as a novelty band by the ignorant masses. In fact, he refused to play it during performances for several years. Having accepted the way things turned out, Martin occasionally brings it out during live shows these days. Unfortunately, many have never explored his other work.
  • Rick from Columbus, GaNot many people write great songs about resurfacing machinery, but this and Asphalt King by the Yardmen are the best I've ever heard.

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