Cry Baby

  • Melanie Martinez first gained notoriety when she finished as a Top 10 finalist on Season 3 of The Voice. The New York City native was signed by Atlantic Records in April 2014 and she released her debut EP, Dollhouse, the following month.
  • This is the title track of singer-songwriter Melanie Martinez's conceptual debut album Cry Baby. She explained in a video track-by-track:

    "Cry Baby is a character that is based off of myself when I was younger. I got picked on for taking things very personally and being overly emotional. I was never afraid to express emotion and over the years I realized that it is a strength being this in touch with your feelings. A lot of people can't go that deep so I wanted to bring life into this character that is this nickname that I got called when I was a kid that was supposed to be an insult but I wanted to turn it into a compliment."
  • This is the first track on the album. Martinez explained: "I wanted to introduce people to the character. So the song is about who she is, and how she feels."
  • Martinez directed, conceived and stars in the song's music video. The clip chronicles the character Cry Baby's birth and difficult childhood.


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