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Album: Inhale (exhale) (2019)
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  • "'Almost Home' came out of a conversation between MercyMe frontman Bart Millard and a pastor pal of his. Millard's friend has been in ministry for a long time; in fact, he was once the singer's youth pastor.

    The pastor admitted to Millard that ministry is hard and he was feeling burnt out, saying: "Man, I think I was ready for the short game when I was a youth pastor dealing with issues, but this long game is wearing me out. I never dreamed that I would outlive some of my dearest friends and mentors and do their funerals."

    The conversation resonated with Millard and provided inspiration for this song, which he penned with his bandmates and producer Ben Glover.

    "It was heartbreaking to hear and I realized one thing that we probably don't address much is as we get older, we just get tired and exhausted fighting the good fight," Millard said.

    "'Almost Home' is kind of a rallying cry to just remind us to keep running the race... to keep going. Heaven is just around the bend," he continued. "We're almost home and now is not the time to give up or tap out. Whether you're in ministry or not - parents, moms, dads, whatever - if you just feel like you don't know if you can go any further, hopefully this song will bring you comfort and help you realize that you're not alone and that the race is worth running."
  • Millard hired director Elliott Eicheldinger (David Leonard's "The Wait Is Over") to create a treatment for the video that would incorporate the idea of a spaceman. The clip features some of the band's friends' children. Matt Hammitt's son Bowen is the little astronaut and Tim Timmons' daughter Anna is the girl; both Hammitt and Timmons have toured with MercyMe.

    Milliard told Billboard the clip's concept is of a stranger passing through this world. "It's the idea of this guy, an astronaut just trying to live his life like a normal person, but not doing it super well with having to wear a space suit all the time and also he has these dreams of a significant other," he explained. "As life goes on, she passes away. He just feels incomplete, still running the race and just trying to finish. Along the way, he falls into these different people's lives briefly and tries to bring joy and happiness to them, but all the way still running the race and trying to make it home."

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  • Suzanne from Fairbanks, AlaskaMany years ago, I was a State Certified Nursing Assistant. I was working in a Nursing home managed by a Jewish family. The group of patients I had, were the more difficult ones to care for. John was one of them. Every afternoon, about 2pm., he required an ice cream cup. This one afternoon, I was running a little late. John calls me. I call him back to say that I was on my way. When I got there, he told me he didn’t want the ice cream. What he asked, was for me to do, to say the Sinner’s Prayer with him. I asked him if he knew what he was asking for, and he said yes. We spoke the Sinner’s Prayer. Two days later, I found his room empty. He died either the day of the prayer, or the day after. It puts to reality, we never know how long we have, or the others around us. Be ready for eternity, because it is there.
  • Wm from MissouriI was headed back from visiting my 87 year old Mother. I saw her for several weeks in December, about 8 months earlier. Oh my the changes in those months. I heard this song about an hour out from arriving home. It immediately took me back to my Mother and our visit. I’m soooo full. I’ve listened to this song and it’s saying over and over in my being, thinking about my Mom. Wow. It touches and moves me to tears. Thank You for the reminder, “We’re Almost Home”
  • Leann from 64873I was asked to step up and do something that I did not think GOD had called me to, and was praying about it. Heard this song on the radio, (KLOVE) and realized that this is what GOD needs me to do right now. Time is almost up, GOD has called each of us to minister to others right where we are! Don't give up, don't quit, don't stop! GOD will give you the strength if we will take the step and trust HIM!
  • Sandie from OregonThis song is so powerful to me. The sudden death of my husband, having to put a dog down, and having my only child go to prison all within 12 months was overwhelming. This song is a message to me to carry on.
  • Valorie Shiver from FloridaLost my son recently and this song speaks of how I have feeling. This was a message from my son to keep going, running, doing what I have been called to do. Heaven is around the corner.
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