Album: ...And Justice For All (1988)
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  • This song is about a soldier fighting in a war and a mortar blows off in his face. He can't hear, see, smell, taste and he doesn't have arms or legs. He comes out of a coma in a hospital. During the time he is in the hospital he reflects on his life and things his father told him. Eventually the doctors get worried because he's having spasms all the time, but he doesn't seem to be dying. They call in the general and he can't figure it out either but the soldier with the general recognizes it. "It's Morse code," he says. The general asks what he is saying and the soldier looks for a minute and then says, "He is saying K-I-L-L- M-E over and over again." >>
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    Paul - Anacortes, WA
  • The lyrics are based on the 1939 novel Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, which is about World War I. A specific passage that inspired the song is: "How could a man lose as much of himself as I have and still live? When a man buys a lottery ticket you never expect him to win because it's a million to one shot. But if he does win, you'll believe it because one in a million still leaves one. If I'd read about a guy like me in the paper I wouldn't believe it, cos it's a million to one. But a million to ONE always leaves one. I'd never expect it to happen to me because the odds of it happening are a million to one. But a million to one always leaves one. One."

    James Hetfield was introduced to the book by his older half brother, David Hale, who was also in a band.
  • In 1971, Johnny Got His Gun was made into a movie that was directed by Trumbo starring Timothy Bottoms and Jason Robards. The video for the song uses images and monologues from that movie.
  • This was the first single released by the band to feature bassist Jason Newsted, who continued playing with Metallica until 2001. You have to listen very carefully to hear his playing, however, since the bass was buried in the mix.

    In our 2013 interview with Jason Newsted, we asked him if he would like to see the album re-released with a more prominent low end. He replied: "There's been so much hubbub over this thing and people make so much out of it, but whatever it is that they make out of the blend of the whole thing, to me the album is perfect. Kill 'Em All isn't perfect, but it's perfect. And Van Halen I isn't perfect, but it's perfect. ...And Justice For All isn't perfect, but it's perfect. Because it captured that time for those people. Going back and re-recording albums that were already classics, I'm just not sure about all that stuff."
  • Metallica performed this at the Grammy awards in 1989. This was the first year a Grammy was awarded for Hard Rock/Metal Performance, and it went to Jethro Tull. This was a bit of a joke, since few people consider Jethro Tull to be Hard Rock or Heavy Metal. The next year, this won the award for Best Metal Performance and the year after, Metallica won again for "Stone Cold Crazy."

    In 2014, Metallica once again performed "One" at the Grammy Awards, this time joined by the Chinese piano player Lang Lang.
  • Metallica guitarist James Hetfield wrote this with drummer Lars Ulrich. It is a fixture at their live shows.
  • Metallica made a major concession by cutting the song down for single release, taking it from 7:27 to 4:58. The band did very well with their first three albums, selling millions of each and filling arenas on tour, but to expand their audience, they had to get more radio play, and editing down a single was the way to do it. The ploy worked, giving them their first placing on the Hot 100 and bringing metal to the masses. Some fans accused them of selling out, to which Lars Ulrich replied, "Yes, we sell out everywhere we play."
  • This was the first video Metallica made. As part of their us-against-the-world ethos, they distanced themselves from MTV, which ignored metal until 1987 when the network gave it 90 minutes every week on Headbangers Ball. Directed by Bill Pope and Michael Salomon, the "One" video looked nothing like what was in hot rotation on MTV. Morbid and sepia-toned, it runs 7:44 with disturbing images from the film Johnny Got His Gun. Metallica did give in by making a video, but they did it on their terms. The MTV presence helped them reach an audience far larger than any metal band had before.

    Lars Ulrich was especially skeptical after Salomon showed him an early version of the video. "More than half of that first version was the film, and dialogue," the director remembered to Metal Hammer, "and Lars said, 'this is our first video, and you're covering up all our music!' He was freaked out. We went back and forth for a month before we agreed on the right balance."
  • The name of the statue with the scales on the album cover is "Doris." >>
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    Ali Sadeghi - Scottsdale, AZ
  • Hetfield has said he lifted the intro from Venom's "Buried Alive," a song about being trapped in a casket while being buried alive, similar to the predicament of the character in this song. >>
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    Michael - North Adams, MA
  • Because it is used in the video, Metallica had to pay royalties to use the film Johnny Got His Gun, which ended up being substantial. Instead of pulling the video or continuing to pay, when it came time to re-negotiate the license they simply bought the rights to it. When the film was released on DVD, it was their doing.
  • Hammett told Kerrang! September 13, 2008 that this track has one of his favorite Metallica guitar solos. He explained: "Specifically, this is the middle solo of the song. Much like 'Enter Sandman' it's a solo that everybody can pretty much sing along to, and it definitely gives me a really good feeling every time I play it."
  • ...And Justice for All was the last Metallica album engineered and co-produced by Flemming Rasmussen, who also worked on Ride The Lightning (1984) and Master Of Puppets (1986). According to Rasmussen, Ulrich blasted out the double-bass machine gun section in one take. "He just flew straight through that," he told Songfacts.
  • When Metallica appeared on The Howard Stern Show in September 2013, James Hetfield explained that this was not so much an anti-war song as an observation. "War is a part of man," he explained. "We're just writing about it. It's not good or bad, it's just a thing."

    Hetfield also revealed that he could relate to the character in the song because of his difficult childhood. He said that he often felt like a "prisoner in his own body," with no means to escape. His father left when he was 13, and his mother died a few years later.
  • This was included on the 1999 live album S&M, which they recorded with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
  • KoRn performed this on MTV Icon in 2003. >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ, for above 3
  • This song is featured in the video game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock and is considered the second hardest song on the game. >>
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    matt - Langhorne, PA
  • There is a anachronism in the video: It's set during World War I, but we hear the sound of helicopters in the song. Those hadn't been invented yet.

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  • Dave from WisconsinThe Morse code section doesn't get mentioned enough, in my opinion.
    S: - - -
    O: . .
    SOS over and over again.... what rhythm does that make?
    Two convective triplets with two beats between.

    Also, no bass = missing man formation.
  • Brad from AtlantaI believe songs (all art) has different meanings to different people. I am 46 years old (in 2021.) A week ago my father suffered a brain injury and is now in a similar place mentally as the soldier in the song.

    Thirty years ago this was one of my favorite songs in high school. I loved the rush I felt from the raging guitars and machine gun bass drums and powerful vocals. The lyrics were intense like the music but very unimaginable to me and they helped give the music its power and meaning. I never had to stop and think about it beyond that.

    Thirty years later our family has had to decide whether to sustain dads life on machines or take him off and let him live - or die - naturally, and there is no way to know which will happen. He would have many years left if not for this accident.

    He is occasionally aware of our presence, sometimes he can faintly squeeze our hand when we talk to him but he can’t open his eyes or even make words with his voice. Again it is unimaginable to me, except this time it is very real, and Dad is truly suffering. But we don’t know what he would want us to do.

    The song has new meaning to me now, the words so powerful that thirty years later they came back to me as we agonize over what to do for Dad.

    The lyrics clearly discuss the hardships of war, but to me the soldier’s story is a way to convey a much deeper meaning about man’s place in God’s universe.

    I am a Christian and believe that man has a relationship with God, but to try to fully understand it is futile. All of the worlds faiths seem to teach us that we should be thankful for the small moments that make up the good times in our lives, and lean on God and each other through the hardships.

    There are many unspoken meanings in this song but at the same time I think it’s fine to just rock out to it without getting ‘deep’ because it’s just so awesome.

    As for Dad, we did decide to take him off the machines and he is surviving on his own for now, with medication to ease physical pain. I imagine that he’s experiencing similar feelings to the soldier in this song but I also know that his condition is temporary (what isn’t?) and he will soon pass to a better place - either here on earth through healing and recovery, or on to God’s unknown realm beyond our lives.

    Yeah, “One” is a powerful song and it came back to me at a time when I needed it. Love and peace to all.
  • Tim S from .stl MissouriMetallica has been my favorite bands since I heard the song the prince when I was 8 years old but they still rock I just stopped listening to them after the s and m album but they still rocked just not my style of metallica I'm not saying I didn't like some of there songs just couldn't listen to the whole album start to finish...
  • Josh from Tumwater It’s about there’s no one left only you
  • Faith Fanatic from Promised LandTo Richard Marshall Bowman,

    I know that it's the worst thing for you, and maybe for everyone too. But God doesn't do a thing with no reason. The reason is, He wants to test His worshippers and He won't test them beyond their limits. Lost his sight, lost his speech, lost his hearing, lost his arms, and lost his legs. Someone will say nobody can take that punishment, but I'll tell you again, Lord knows the one who can pass His test with heaven's the compensation.

    Thanks peacefully.
  • Richard Marshall Bowman from Seattle, Wa.I find the concept both fasinating & frightening....beyond anything anyone could conceive. "Trapped inside oneself." Unable to talk. see, write or communicate with the outside any fashion. But, one's brain, one's mind is in tact. That's HORRIBLE! That's God aweful. What could be worse? Nothing I can think of. If I were to punish someone for something extreme THAT would be the punishment. Disable their arms, legs, tongue, eyes, ears....but leave their mind, their brain in tact. All they could do would be to hate...and wish.....pray.....silently to a God that does nothing for them....until they die...(which could take years...decades). ALL they can do is to think.....endlessly...about the person that enemy who put them in this position...and to wish vengeance on no avail....(and even if something bad were to befall that would one know it???)....this is unspeakably horrifying punishment. The worst state a person could be in....and still be alive. Nothing could be worse. NOTHING!
  • Anton from EarthTheis song has some vary interesting changes in tempo, beat, rhythm, whateverthehell it is. to me uneducated ear, seems like Ulrich was at the top of his game on this numbar. Love the transition from the slow ballad music at the start to the staccato heavy metal at the end. Is a shame didno appreciate this when it came out, but now, much rather listen to it than the contemporary music(?) being played.
  • Rene from The Netherlands Chris.....From Bc,Bc....
    Jeff is right. No one has ever been more right. They are real sell outs. And that's ok. You can still listen to your favorite band. You can go visit the concerts, in stadiums and really Big venues all over the world. You can stand in the back, and see your hero's as tiny little ants, thinking....witch song is this?, because the sound is so poor. You can go and pay over a 100 dollars for a gig. But Jeff is a guy who remember the day's. And he is probably very fond of his guts and happy with live.. get a live chris....go listen to some real s--t.
  • Chris from West BygodMetallica are sell outs. James said it himself. Metallica (sells out) every show, every stadium, everywhere they play! Always will...
  • Maverick from Houston, TexasWho said Death Magnetic sucks? Death Magnetic was the best album Metallica put out in years. All Nightmare Long, The Day That Never Comes, and Suicide and Redemption are the best songs on the album. But, One is the best song (in my opinion) from Metallica.
  • Mayank from Ranchi, IndiaAnd Apocalyptica's live version of this song kicks a**.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjMy friend Jason who's a big Jethro Tull fan and got me into 'Tull, well, I told him how they beat Metallica for best Metal album and even HE thought that was weird. BTW, Crest of a Knave, the album that won, is a pretty good one, but definately NOT Metal.
  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationAs Lars Ulrich recalled in I Want My MTV, "We'd had conversations about videos for Fade to Black, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Master of Puppets. We were trying to keep the band mysterious, and we felt there was an underlying purity to the whole thing that would be compromised by making a video."

    But after talking with their managers, Cliff Burstein and Peter Mensch, they decided to finally try it with One.
    "We'd use the movie footage, and then intercut band performance – but without really showing our faces. If you watch that video, there are a lot of shoulders and arms. We were proud to have struck the right balance between our own feelings about video and the commercial demands. We didn't think of it as a particularly accessible video." (James Hetfield also refused to cover the words F*CK BON JOVI on his guitar, so the director, Bill Pope, had to shoot around this as well.)
    The video for One cost $25,000, and it was sent to MTV uncut at over seven minutes. As Burnstein recalled, after playing it once at night, it was the second most request video the next day.
    "After seeing what the One video did for them, Metallica were just as interested in making videos as everyone else was," Burnstein added.
  • Steve from Lala Vile, InOBJECTION!! Eye Of The Beholder was the first single to have Jason in it.
  • Ben from Pittsbugh, PaOne of the Greatest metal songs by one of the greatest metal bands
  • Yavuz from Ankara, TurkeyI think this is the ultimate metal song, because it is about the dark aspect of life, as dark as it gets...
  • Jarrod from Adelaide, Australiaumm... Shingami... A Sanitarium is a voluntary place so how can you be locked up there. anyway nice story.
  • D from Gresham, OrTo Maryam: Read the book. I didn't listen to the song until I did. To give a persuasive argument, you should feel strongly enough about a certain issue enough to try and persuade others. Taking another's opinion as your own only cheats you. Anywho: The song witten by someone who read the book. In closing, don't come to a forum where people share personal thoughts, and try to start a debate so you can write a paper.
  • Maryam from Dubai, United Arab Emiratesi agree its one of the best songs ever written.
    But i need a help from u guys, im writing an arugement about this song, and i need a strong thesis statement,, not something like "this song shows that war is not good" its not valid or strong enuff, does anyone have any sugggestion? THNXX
  • Kennedy from Newport, Wathe most epic song and music video ever!!!!!! I love Metallica
  • Daniel from Denver, CoI love this song it has so many awesome solos!!! and a lot of people are probably agreeing with me. i read the book, seen the movie and the music video.
  • Billy from Nederland , TxMy neighbor(Who is in a heavy metal band)taught me how to play this on guitar. Awesome Song.
  • Joe from El Paso, Txthe music vid 4 this song clearly explains the whole thing; try Jango, MegaVideo, Yahoo music vids etc.
  • Greg from Slidell, Lajeff from az is right.metallica was the best but once they went mainstreem in like the mid 90s they just sucked.they still do.the death magnetic album was sorry metallica fans but they will never be as good as they wer back when they wrote this song.
  • Alejandro from Lic, NyThis song was one of the songs that inspired me to learn how to play the guitar. Love this song.
    Long Live Metallica
  • Derek from Shrewsbury, Majeff has a point that they lost their punk image they are corpret sell-outs
  • Chris from Bc, BcJeff from AZ i hate your guts and i hope u die metallica is still THE and will always be THE metal band and if u can appreciate that got to hell
  • John from Moline, IlJosh, the song was based off of the book/movie johnny got his gun, which is about a soldier, so there is no other deeper meaning, it means exactly what the book/movie does
  • Mel from Riverbank, CaAwesome song, this was the one that hooked me on Metallica in Jr High. Then later when I read Johnny Got His Gun in high school (part of the AP reading for freshmen) I was like holy crap, it's One! Now it's funny, my 8-year-old is playing this one on Guitar Hero (expert) and it has gotten him into Metallica. We got tickets to see them in San Jose in December for his birthday :)
  • Hernan from Montevideo, UruguayThe first Metallica's song i heard, i sware i fell in love of ONE hahahahaha, aguante MetallicA!
  • Spudz from P Town, Wagosh tough croud anyway im thinking about making a orchestra arrangement of this song send me a message if you want it
  • Josh from Perth, AustraliaI think this song was about medicine keeping people alive when they really shouldn't be and finding a point where someone just needs to die. And probably the soldier and the landmine in the video clip wasn't the message but a way to show what the song was about.
  • Bobby from North Port, FlThis song is really amazing. It is totally mind blowing and Metallica is awesome regardless of what any "purists" have to say.
  • Jordan from Hope Mills, Ncthis is a song to like i am realated to the drummer which is the only reason i have a 52 inch plasma in my room oh and hes my brother!!!
  • Shawn from Frostburg, MdI totally agree with Jeff from AZ. No metal band could touch them back in the day. They were "THE" metal band. Now they are just "A" metal band and quite frankly, they get blown away by some of the newer bands... All for the almighty mainstream money machine....
  • Nick from Cairns, AustraliaJeff your an idiot. What you really mean is that they don't play heavy, fast stuff like they "used" to. I bet you haven't seen cunnning stunts then? that proves they still have their talent along with other concert DVD's they've released. Just cause its not, well in your case, "fast" doesn't mean you stop listening to em. I mean the slow, moderate stuff is still great music to listen to and still heavy too in a sense. In my opinion, i think their lyrics have evolved a lot through the years, and the money is somethin they needed too. I mean, the band members have gotta continue their lives somehow, other than music, such as owning a house, car, etc. By the way, their new album, death magnetic, has got some great stuff there, stuff from their old roots for people like you i guess.
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, AzMetallica are sell outs, not because of any video. No, sir or ma'am. It's becuase their music and lyrics became more, how do I say? made for tv? Yeah, they lost--no, they gave up--that edge that they and only they had control of. And, for what? Money, money, money. They suck to this day. They were once a great metal band. Hell, THE metal band. After Justice, they fell. I don't even know one song of theirs after the Black album. They freaking suck now. Embarrassment! They are. To what they were. It's like Jesus doing commercials for Coca Cola. Damn! Pathetic.
  • Austin from Smallsville, New EnglandKorn covered this song on Mtv's tribute to Metalica.
  • Logan from Stephenville,Cool, I never knew about the book. This used to be my favorite song, and still is one of them.
  • Linc from Beaumont, TxWe read the WWI novel All Quiet on the Western Front in high school. Which deals with the morality issue of allowing people to live without the facets that make them alive. Our teacher let us watch the interview with Metallica and then the One video as part of our lecture. I think this is my favorite Metallica song. I love their early stuff.
  • Joe from Brunswick, OhI like the song when it is live because at the heavy part before the solo when they sing the words landmine and darkness really loud and before the solo James Hetfield screams (no!!!!)
  • Pvt Don Denton from Raleigh, Ncok the guy was a vietnam soldier who steps on LANDMINE not a MORTOR im a combat engineer so i kno the effects of both. sitting in the hospital he feels imprisoned in is misery and wants his f--king life to end because he understands theres no point in living
  • Alycia from San Jersey, CaI really Love Metallica. Gotta love Rock When it actuallly WAS rock. This was my fav. metallica Era..
  • Mike from Whitstable, United Kingdom@ Aki: The morse part is in the video, it's pretty damn sad.

    Awesome song.
  • Brandon from Manchester, United KingdomIs this song true?
  • Nate from Provo, Utthis song is a m a z i n g. drangonforce sucks dick trogbob.
  • Jessie from Dallas, Txbest metallica song EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv it
  • Trogbob from San Diego, CaIt's in guitar hero III and I've heard the solo is harder than "Through The Fire and Flames". Awesome song, though!
  • Aki from Sunrise, FlSo that "machine gun" part at the end is morse? Because I have the album and can read out the lyrics right now and fail to see anything in the lyrics about the general and the morse, etc.

    Great story though. The song rocks.
  • Chad from Grasse, FranceBefore the war theme was added to this song it was originally a tribute to Lance Johnson the center fielder who's number was one.
  • Sean from Round Rock , TxYou should see the video with the clips from 'Johnny got his gun'. It's really creepy.
    I think this song has one of the best solos ever.
  • Matt from Cape May, Njthis song has deep meaning and is awesome!!! also a good music vid!!!
  • Zakk from Ponoka, Abthis is the best song it the world!!
  • P from Arvada, AkThe song One, is actually about a man in war who had his face severely damaged by shratnol and he was in a hospital when i think a leutenant came in and saw him and he was tapping out SOS and KILL ME NOW. It is a really emotional song.
  • Sara from Flint, MiDalton Trumbo was inspired to write "Johnny got his gun" from reading an article about a british officer who was horribly disfiqured during world war one.
  • Robbie from Boro, TnThe video is really sad....
  • Matt from Struthers, Ohjohnny got his gun was an amzing book i read it 2 times once in high school then again this year so i could understand it better and the song is just as good.
  • Chris from Wrentham, MaAll you people saying they sold out with the video are morons. I mean, God forbid someone should try to make money doing what they're good at! So is every band that made a video a sellout? Shut up.
  • Mike from Vancouver, Waand also Garage Days was all covers
  • Mike from Vancouver, Waok so they make a video and that means they sold out? What about Zeppelin, Floyd, the doors are they all sell outs what about every 80's metal band theyre all sell outs. thats really stupid that because they try something new that you dog on them for it
  • Shawn from Frostburg, MdWhile this is a great song, I think once the video was made Metallica became mainstream and it all just went downhill from there. Now, they are no longer rock Gods in my book but HUGE sellouts. I mean C'mon covering a Bob Segar song??? They WERE rock gods during the "Ride the Lightning", "Garage Days", "Kill Em All" Ater "Black" well, it was jsut top 40 teeny bopper stuff.
  • Jena from Bonner Springs, KsV-Starr: Yes, it is. Finally, a video game I can stand listening to my kid play! LOL
  • Jena from Bonner Springs, KsTruly one of THE best songs ever made. The video, paying homage to the excellent storyline of Johnny Got his Gun, also rocks. The video is awesome, but the book/movie (Johnny Got his Gun) and the song "One" are each classics that stand independently on their own merit as well!
  • Mark from Williamsburg, VaThis song rocks!!! Movie's okay, novel: can't understand it, song: m/
  • Russ from Davis, CaThis song is about putting one d*ck into the vagina of society
  • Billy from Cresco, PaBeautiful song, beautiful video. How did metallica sell out by making a video?

  • Jay from Jackson, Msthe video is really sad and... sad. :-(
  • Randy from Rio De JaneiroThe controversy over whether it's a landmine or a mortar is due to the difference between the movie and the lyrics. Watch the video/movie, it clearly shows a mortar descending into the trench/foxhole where the soldier is hiding.

    OTOH, the lyrics say "Landmine has taken my..." followed by a list of body parts.
  • Riles from Riverview , MiI disagree of the interpretation in part . ?This song is about a soldier fighting in a war and a mortar blows off in his face?,?..refrence the lyricis ? landmine has taken my sight taken my speech taken my hearing taken my arms taken my legs taken my soul left me with life in hell. I think if you replace Mortar with landmine you are right on ?
  • Danielle from Titusville, FlI always laugh when I watch the music video a little boys talking to his father he like dad whats politics his dads responds it has something to do with young men killing them selfs! then the boys like dad do you want me to go into politics dad responds what dad would not it kills me every time!
  • Cam from Melbourne, Althis song is sensational. the first time i heard this, i was just... let me put it this way, i thought i had died. At the start of the song i felt sad, then in the chorus i felt powerful, and in the machine gun section i felt angry, and at the end i just lost contol over all my feelings. INCREDIBLE song. best meatllica
  • Benjamin from Philadelphia, PaThe transition of the song from slow to fast is just amazing.
  • Candace from Portage La Prairie, Canadawell not to b mean but a mortar is a landmine so i dont know what the fuss is about Evan so i guess you two ppl were both right i sure would hate to have body parts blown off by a mine lol i have been in fights but not like this. worst ive been hit with was a butterknife lol it hurt but it was funny afterwards i have a permanent scar lol at least i didnt lose an arm
  • Evan from Otway, OhOK...about the whole Landmine and Mortar thing....
    I would say he got hit by a landmine, seeing as how James says "LANDMINE" and not "MORTAR". Anywho, this song, Master of Puppets, and Creeping Death are my favorite Metallica songs EVER. Not to mention, these are, in my opinion, excellent when played live...MOP and One because of their length, and creeping death because of the millions of fans screaming "DIE! DIE! DIE!" (not to mention these songs rule, in the first place) m/ >_< m/ <---headbanger xD
  • Laura from Perth, West Australiabrilliant song, even better video clip. this is my mate dougies favourite song. love the guitar and drumming. quite an eery song to listen to, but once again metallica know how to write good music!!!
  • Jeff from La Pine, Orthis is metallicas greatest slow song
  • Evan from Otway, OhNot my favorite Metallica album, but One definantly makes up for it. The way it goes from slow to fast is awesome...I know they did this tactic in Fade To Black and Welcome Home (Sanitarium), but this is definantly the fastest out of the three (and the best =O). Hearing this song live is like the climax of the show...if not the climax then its definantly a up there.
  • Alex from Londond, Englandthe riff was not lifted that should be taken out of the most revelvent facts it was promted
  • Alex from Londond, EnglandOne"'s opening A-G modulation was written by Hetfield based on an idea prompted by the song "Buried Alive" by the band Venom.
  • Jt from Tullahoma, TnI love this song. It's one of Metallica's best. ...And Justice for All was pretty badass, it had this, Blackened, and the title song with a few others. Master Of Puppets was amazing, it helped me get started, but I'd have to say my favorite album is St Anger... Just fukcin' with you, that album doesn't compare to these, but my favorite Metallica album is Ride the Lightning. I hold each and every song on that album dear.
  • Scott from Columbus, OhHave to agree with Donald from MO.. Korn doing this song is an absolute well as their attempts at Pink FLoyd and whatever they do next (maybe Elton John).
    Leave the original feelings alone, it's what makes artists who they are.
    Korn can certainly kiss my ass too, those unoriginal bitches... they are Becoming the Rod Stewarts of Metal.
    This is an amazing song...done by METALLICA!
  • Dan from New York, NyIt was a landmine, hence the words: "LANDMINE has taken my sight..."etc, etc. Song is truely amazing, and the video is chilling. KoRn did a cover of it at MTV ICON, and that too was amazing. They had to edit it a lot though because, well, Munky and Head combined are just not Kirk. But Jonathan was dead on and the Metallica guys were really into it. They also allowed KoRn to put it on their album as a bonus track. Before anyone starts bashing KoRn, if the men who wrote it are in favor of them, that should be good enough.
  • Dylan from Wicklow Town, IrelandBehold... THE GREATEST SONG EVER WRITTEN!

    Inspired by the film "When Johnny Got His Gun"

    The fil is about a man who's arms, legs, and most of his body are blown off by a landmine, and he cant talk or see... so he lives in his own personal hell...

    long live Metallica
  • Zach from Carlsbad, CaHe gets hit by a MORTAR. But is that the reason his arms, legs, and face are gone...READ IT
  • Austin from Tulsa, OkLars Ulrich is the best drummer ever. Even now at 40 plus yrs he's still the best
  • Adrian from Kingston, Canadaho do people get the part about the soilder using code to say Kill Me.. is this what takes place in the movie/book..
  • Jason from Noblesville, InOne is one of the best songs that metallica did. It is telling a story of a soldier in ww1 that was wounded by a LAND MINE not a mortar. It is going to keep my fighting when i go to basic a some day go to iraq with the marines. So the song hits home really close because cousins in iraq. The soldier was turned in to a side show by his doctor, and forced to be looked at by people.
  • Steve from Midland, Mimetallica is my favorite band, I can listen to this song over and over and not get tierd of it, it's one of the best songs I have ever heard!!!
  • Sergio from La Aldea, Gto., MexicoMetallica is the best band on earth, but to me "One" is the best song. It remainds me many things that have happened in my life.
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohthis song is great especially live with pyros during the landmine part. Metallica rules.
  • Steven from Viking, Canadathe video rules and i like how in the last part where lars does that awesome drum beat and the lyrics rule. this my favorite song
  • Donald from Festus, MoThis isnt only the best Metallica video but the best music video period. James and Lars wrote this song to feel the anguish and pain in the lyrics. It is writing at it very best. And whats this i hear about Korn covering it? Korn can kiss my ass! They arent even close to writting their own songs, let alone trying to match this masterpiece
  • Eighteen from Marysville, MiIn 1988 when Metallica released the masterpiece "...And Justice For All" I was going to be on vacation and unable to purchase the album on the day of it's realease so I asked my girlfriend at the time to pick a copy up for me. As soon as I returned home I immediatly put it in and gave it a listen. I was blown away! At the time I also would listen to the radio show "Metal Shop" the only show with teeth! (Metalheads, remember this show with Charlie Kendall?) on this show Hetfield says he had to write a book report in school about the book "Johnny Got His Gun" so he read the book only to learn later he could have just watched the movie. This is how he said he came up with the metal masterpiece "One". The video for the song was Metallica's first. They, along with many true metal bands of the time, thought video's were for the poser bands and refused to do them. This video is probably the greatest music video of all time. Perfect! Oh yeah, and the girl that bought me this album I ended up marrying her and having 3 beautiful children who were all turned on to metal music by this song. What a story! What a great song (and Video) Truly a metal masterpiece and quite possibly the greatest song ever.
  • Arm from Somewher, United StatesThe opening guitar riff in One sounds more like the riff that starts at almost the first 4 minutes of Shine On You Crazy Diamond than Buried Alive.
  • Kenny from Ubly, MiAdrian from Oxnord, you obviously haven't read the book, because it mentions World War I multiple times in the book, and states that Joe Bonham had been fighting in Europe. Also the book was written in the late 1930s.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaTruly an amazing song, one of my absolute favourite metallica songs of all time. I even remember one night I was reading The Telltale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe and the exact line I was on when the guitar solo came on started "It was the beating of the old man's heart..." and of course I can't remember the rest, but that's probably the most I've ever remembered. My point is: Metallica helps you learn!
  • Charbel from Sydneythat was the first ever song i heard from MetallciA!!!
    it was back in 2003 or so, when my cousin came from usa to Lebanon and he told me about this song!!!
    since then MetallicA influenced me and my life-BIG TIME- and i had both good and bad times listening to their great Music...some of the songs i like(including one):-nothing else matters(s&m)-fade to black-until it sleeps-whiskey in the jar- MAMA SAID-wherever i may roam-st. anger-my world-some kind of monster.......
    and in 2004 i moved from lebanon to australia and then MetallicA became everything to me...and beleive it or not, 3/4 of the lyrics i can imply to myself and how i have changed after the big move.....
    i love you METALLICA!!!---just because i'm happy
  • Phil from Niagara Falls, Canadathe lyrics "hold my breath as i wish for death" is what got me to like metallica.
  • Scott from Columbus, OhSorry! Adrian from Oxnard, CA. but this book is clearly not set during the Vietnam war as it was written in 1939! =)

    What an awesome book, the progression of Johnny's insanity and his view of what's happened to him is very intense and sad.

    It's amazing how metallica managed to bring out that same desperate feeling in their song...what an accomplishment!
  • James from Portland, OrThis is overall an outstanding song. By far Metallica's best performance, and the guitar solo at the end in my opinion is the best of all time because of the length and intensity of it. The intro is also very thought provoking and powerful.
  • Ash from Charleston, WvTo Brian in Mayfield Heights, OH: how is it Jethro Tull's fault that they were given the Grammy over Metallica??? If you want to get mad about it, don't aim your anger at Jethro Tull, aim it at the Grammy's. Even Jethro Tull was completely baffled by the award.
  • Koksal from Istanbul, TurkeyThis song makes a dead man lying under his grave alive. So i will write on my will to play this song till i come alive to ONE!
  • Oguz from Istanbul, Turkeyi loved the song
    i loved the lyrics
    i loved the clip

    i have a the video there are monologues from the film but i can't understand them.i wanted to know that is there any site that writes these monologues.
    Thanks from Turkey
  • Emy from West Monroe, Laat first the soldier realizes he is spelling s.o.s., then they realize he wants them to kill him.
  • Adrian from Oxnard, Caactually the book johnny got his gun takes place in vietnam.i know because i read teh book.
  • Michael from Zurich, United StatesThanks to Ian from Canada.
    That's new to me, I did never realise the "lyrics" at the very beginning of the song.
    Since I'm very interested in the lyrics of Metallica, I'm glad about any news from my favourite band.
  • Andrei from Tallinn, Other1. "They call in the general and he can't figure it out either but the soldier with the general recognizes it. "Its Morse code," he says. The general asks what he is saying and the soldier looks for a minute and then says " he is saying K-I-L-L- M-E over and over again"
    REALLY - he says, "It's Morse code". "What does it say?" "SOS. Help!" And then he says "THEY kill me - over and over again"
    2. there are two videos for "One" - one is with excepts from the movie, the other is without.
  • Frank from Hyderabad, IndiaWell, the song "one" resembles a person who feel about the hospital. Its a feeling of a patient. Every word of the song explains about people who stick to the bed being sick and hospitalized.How do they feel and what happens with them. This song doesn't rememble a single person at all.
  • Kyle from Lake Village, InThis is the greatest song written ever the old Me
  • Russ from Mivlerton, CanadaThis is an intense song. The music video gives the song so much more meaning.
  • Carley from Grande Prarie, CanadaThis is a great song. Theres alot of meaning to it. It's like "Nothing Else Matters" In a way, because like that song it shows that Metallica isnt just about noise.
  • Hassan from Nyc, Nyoh man, this has to be the best metallica song ever. Its actually the first metallica song i've heard, and from there, it still is my fav and number one. Have to give everyone in the band credit for this song, amazingly done, just like an imagination. and the guitar solo (third one) is out of this world, not only is it crazy, but it's like the guitar has its own anger and releasing it with high pitched noise. When i first heard this, well to tell you, hearing this solo was actually what made me like metellica. The drums was just unbelieable, and Bass rhythem was smooth. Best song, i would have to say,
  • Matt from Monmouth, NjI've read the book and seen parts of the movie. Great read. WWI quadrapalegic soldier who got most of his face blown know the rest. The sounds in the beginning are a little misleading. If they're trying to give the impression of WWI, the gun fire could be said to be machine guns (which were around in WWI), but the rotors are definatly those of a helicopter, not a biplane. I can't really explain why it's there other than for effect. And on another note, I'm pretty sure life support technology that kept Joe Bonham alive was available in WWI.
  • Neil from London, EnglandI always felt that the song, and the clips chosen, were more about promoting euthanasia. It concentrates more on how he wished he was dead and how he is now less then human, although anti-war message is also clear. Despite this, the movie (and i presume the book, although i have not read it) seems to be more about the horrors of the battlefield as well as how the government considers itself to own the soldiers which it commands first and the euthanasia issue second.

    The song and video is very fitting to the movie, and isses involved
  • Darryl from Gastonia, NcI agree, this is the best solo by metallica ever. But sanitarium is a pretty close second.
  • Armando from Mexico City, MexicoThis is the second best song of Metallica and it has one of the best solos in the world.
  • Ian from Hamilton, CanadaThe voices in the intro are James, Kirk and Lars. James says: Stop that shower! Get yur ass outta this place! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!
    Lars responds: look out Sarge!
    then Kirk screams: Nazi Bastards!
  • Callum from Hobart, United Statesthis song is not only about the horrors of war but the repprucussions of it after.
  • Tom from Brewster, NyJohnny got his gun by dalton trumbo was the premise for the movie whihc was then included in the video. the book is about a soldier who has no sense left du to a war accident. it takes a look into the life of the soldier and puts you into his head where he battles with himself for ideas on how to communicate with the outside world. he loses track of his dreams and his reality. the majority of the book contains no puntuation because it is basically just a flow of his thoughts as he struggles to communicate. an amazing book and a must read for anyone who is literate
  • Mike from Jackson, NjI think it's about the Vietnam era... just with the helicopter sounds... and too, I don't know how good the medical supplies were back then, and I have no idea if they had machines to pump bodily fluids to keep people alive, but it sounds to me like the song has a much more futuristic setting apposed to WWI...
  • Luke from Manchester, England1, There was no Johnny, 'Johnny Got His Gun' was a film.

    2, This song is based on that film, not about a singular war.
  • Paulo from India, United StatesThe movie isn't out on DVD in the States, for some reason.
  • Mark from Outside Kc, Ks"There was no vietnam war, it was only a conflict, (A)merica never actually declared war, we went in helped and left."

    Try asking a Vietnam Vet if there was a war going on... I only hope you have matured and the veil has been lifted. You are correct politically, but so very, very wrong.

  • Gabriel from Mhafb, IdITs an awesome bloody song and who cares if Jhonny has a gun the song is all that matters
  • Michael from Melbourne, AustraliaPerhaps Metallica's greatest song, powerful, moving, haunting beginning and fast paced ending, a masterpiece of music
  • Eddie from Acton, MeThis song really captures the grimness of the story "Johnny Got his Gun" in the music & lyrics.
  • Jesse from White Pine, TnThere was no vietnam war, it was only a conflict, america never actually declared war, we went in helped and left. This is a great song. It is about the gov. It is on the albulm "And Justice For All..." which is about the gov. It is in the pledge of allegience. This song is about the movie "Johnny Got His Gun." He seems to have been drafted and he must not have been experienced in the art of combat (if you thinks an art..) He "got" his gun. It sounds like it was forced on him. In a draft they give you a gun and tell you to use it. Well he steps on a land mine and it blows him all to hell. Takes his arms off and his legs. It blinds him. He cant talk. He cant even hear. He can't do anything but count bunnies in his head and think think think...which in pure silence is a total hell. They put him on machines that kept him alive, and since he was just here on earth mentally it was just like being in a womb. So he wants to die. One who wants to die will commit suicide. He tries to hold his breath, ("Hold my breath as I wish for death, please God wake me.") but as you may know holding your breath without covering your nose and mouth will have no result. Even if you have the will to do it, you will pass out which then you will begin to breath normal in your state of unconcienceness. So, he taps his head in morse code for "Kill me now." Finally his pain is ended.
    Jesse, 16, Morristown T.N. U.S.A.
  • Chris from San Diego, CaThe reason that the song is reminescent of, and confused with the Viet Nam war is that although the book was originally written about WWI, it was soon censored and outlawed. It wasn't till Viet Nam that it was once again allowed to circulate with a new preface by Trambo. Because of this re-circulation at this specific time, its meaning changed to a challenge to the Viet Nam war. The most direct image of this is just the cover of the book. Although the soldier is definitly from WWI because of his helmet, he is sorounded with the two finger peace sign, remenescent of the 60's.
  • Mike from Pittsburgh, PaI heard that kirk actually taps out morse code for "help" somewhere in the song?
  • Aaron from Kennewick, WaHey Brian from mayfield heights....Jethro Tull is obscure? Dang, I had better alert the millions of fans that have followed them since the sixties! This is big news! Don't get me wrong, I love Mettalica (old stuff, not new) and this song is very profound on many levels, but comparing the two bands is like comparing Boston with Pink Floyd. Both awesome (i think) but for different reasons. So don't post stupid comments anymore, okay?
  • Jake from Chicago, IlI believe this song refers to how much pain your inflicted with once you get shot several times. The person he is singing about obviously wants to be dead rather then suffer great pain and agony.
  • Katie from AustraliaI reckon this song is absolutley about World War One. The "helicopter" noise at the start could be explained away as the sound of a close-range fighter plane. World War One was fought on all fronts meaning land, air and sea.

    This song is just so powerful and moving. I had a great-great uncle killed in action on the Western Front in 1918, so I have studied the subject a bit (and in Australia it is a compulsory subject during high school). The lyrics are the accurate portrayal of a man who had had everything taken from him by the war and left with a fate worse than death.
  • Andrew from Sydney, AustraliaThe automatic fire sounds like a machine gun, which they had alot of in World War 1, and the helicopter sound, could be explained as the old plane's, however i admit that parts a stretch.
  • Joe from Dublin, OhI found the movie on dvd on ebay for $24.95 Im considering buyin, i love the song and video.
  • Andrew from Sacramento, CaMy only problem with it being in world war one, first there is automatic weopon fire on land, and second there is a helicopter, any world war 1 buff would know most the battles where fought in europ and in trenches. They also didn't have Helicopters then.
  • Will from Mcallen , Txthis is another song metallica got heat from thier "hardcore" fans for. since this was thier first video, many felt that they had sold out. this is a great video and the song will be forever linked to what is metallicas "sound"
  • Chris from Dallas, TxTHIS SONG IS ABOUT WAR WAR WAR
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, OhJethro Tull should be burned at the stake for their theft of Metallica's rightful Grammy. Thnkfully, they're now so obscure no one cares, and Metallica has multiple grammys under their belt. Haha Jethro. You lose!
  • Mishel from Madera, Cathis song is gold covered by my other fav band korn! great song
  • Paul from Perth, Australiagood song although the the music seems to sound alot like "achilles last stand" another classic from led zeppelin.......... check it out im sure you will all agree paul marlow perth western australia
  • Brian from Oldsmar, FlIf you havent read the book it's awesome. Really makes you think...
  • Chronometer from Somerset West, South AfricaThe video had to be censored because it showed too much violence. I've got the original, it's very thought provoking. It makes you feel guilty that you can't help the guy. Many of my friends are freaked out by it, for some unknown reason...
  • Brian from Paoli, InThis song was an instant classic, one of those songs that proably will never grow old. The song also raises questions about euthanasia, whether we should be able to humanely kill off the people that suffer so much they don't want to live. Personally I would rather be dead that have to live like that.
  • Keith from Raymond, NhYou can find "Johnny Got His Gun" the book and the movie on Ebay. I got the bok for 10 bucks and i got really lucky and found the movie for only 24.99. Ive seen it priced for over 100 dollars. The music Video is by far the best video ive ever seen
  • Jeremy from Arlington, Txthe man in the movie was injured in battle. he lost his arms, legs and his face was burned so bad he couldnt talk or see anymore. the doctors try to keep him alive as sort of an expirement and he begs for them to kill him using morse code.
  • Rebecca from Canvey Island, Essex, EnglandThis comment is for patrick, cottonwood, AZ I found a copy of the book on amazon but no luck with the film, hope this helps.
  • Mirei from My Mother's Womb, Azerrr.....I haven't seen the video or the movie or read the book so I have no clue what to say, so I was looking at the lyrics and this one part made me think about life. "Back in the womb its much too real, in pumps lif that I feel but can't look forward to the time when I'll live fed through the tube that sticks in me, like a wartime novelty, tied to machines that make me be cut this life off from me" it sounds like the person was badly injured and placed in the hospital, hooked up to many machines that are keeping him alive.
  • Nedko from Veliko Tarnovo, BulgariaMetallicA was has a grammy nomination for the
    "...And Justice For All" album and the "one"single but lost to Jethro Tull eventhou everyone expected Metallica to win.
  • Nedko from Veliko Tarnovo, BulgariaThe "One" solo reached #7 in the "100 best solos ever readers' choice" in the September 1998 issue of "Guitar World"
  • Derek from North Buderim, AustraliaMetallica bought the rights to the film "Johnny Got his Gun" so they could include film footage in the video "One"
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