Haven't Met You Yet

Album: Crazy Love (2009)
Charted: 5 24
  • This is the first single and one of two original songs on Canadian jazz singer Michael Bublé's fourth studio album, Crazy Love. In an interview with the Australian newspaper The Age, Bublé admitted that the song was inspired by his fiancée, the Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato. Said Bublé: "I wrote it because I had met this girl and there was nothing solid about anything of it. She didn't speak English. She had just been in a relationship that was very public for her and so had I (with Emily Blunt). There was every reason to not try to get into this predicament of a relationship, yet I did and it was weird. The song came from that – it was inspired by meeting her. You live on your potential as a single person – it keeps you sane. I'm not saying that you can't be alone and be happy but there's this great way to keep your sanity where it's like you know it's going to happen – you just haven't met them yet."
  • Bublé co-wrote this song with former collaborators Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gilles. Chang and Foster-Gilles previously collaborated with Bublé on his hit singles "Everything" and "Home."
  • Bublé commented on the recording process for Crazy Love in a statement: "I started this record knowing I was going to record it differently than my previous ones. I dug way deeper and was more introspective on this one. Basically, I sang the truth - made each song autobiographical - and you can definitely hear the difference. I went back to the way my idols made their records. I wanted an organic feel - so people could feel like they were in the studio with me. The musicians and I all sat in the room, recorded it right from the floor and we let the sounds all come together and bleed into one another. It's not contrived. Not too perfect. It just feels really good."
  • In an interview with The Associated Press, Bublé was asked what the message is he's trying to send with Crazy Love. He replied: "I think the message is that all of us can relate to this feeling, this emotion called love and it's a complicated feeling. It doesn't just come with butterflies in the stomach and happiness and sunshine and lollipops, it comes with heartache and jealousy and sometimes rage and sometimes insecurity and sadness and regret. It's a beautiful, complicated, and really special feeling that keeps us all connected."
  • This was the first recording by a jazz crooner to reach the Top 30 of the Billboard singles chart since Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" seven years previously in 2003.
  • The official music video was directed by Rich Lee, and mainly filmed at the Killarney Market grocery in Vancouver, British Columbia. The blonde woman Bublé meets at a fridge is his real life fiancée, Luisana Lopilato.
  • This song won Single of the Year at the 2010 Juno Awards. Crazy Love also won Album of the Year at the same ceremony.
  • The song peaked at #24 but spent 44 weeks on the Hot 100 tying with Melissa Etheridge's "Come to My Window" for the longest chart run for a title that peaked outside the top 20.
  • The song featured on adverts for Carte D'or ice cream in the UK.
  • Bublé has long been a mainstay on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. This aptly song was the jazz crooner's first title to breach the Pop Songs listing.

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  • Beth from N/a, VaThis isn't the best song lyrically (he uses the word "work" three times in the span of a minute), but I can appreciate the sentiment behind it. A very uplifting song.
  • Brandon from Taylor, Miit's just a song about rebirth with love, and being reborn to find the right person.
  • Lacey from Chicago, Ilsuch such suchhhh a great song. my favorite song AT the moment. it just gets me dancing with a smile on my face all the time whenever it comes on. his voice is just purely beautiful..i could listen to his voice for hours. i love his classy touch to this world:) gotta love michael buble!
  • Gary from Colchester, CaCompletely copied Sara Bareilles melody to "Love Song" from 2007. He should be locked up for theft or wear a mask. Robbing bastard. Or he could pay her royalties which she could donate to me for pointing it out? Criminal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Laurence from Sydney, Australiasuch a good song
  • Darren from London, United KingdomThis is the best 'feel good' song of 2009! Only recently started listening to Michael and i have to say he is the nearest thing ive heard to Sinatra, a smooth easy to listen to voice. This is such an optimistic song and the video is a corker...that girl is gorgeous i think is is his real life girlfriend, lucky fella!
  • Nikita from Drogheda, IrelandThis is one of the best songs I've heard from him! Some of his very best work! I think Michael Buble should write more songs. He's brilliant at them. I'm not saying the classics aren't good - they're brilliant - I'm saying he's only writen 5 songs,and he should definately write more!
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