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by Moby

Album: Destroyed (2011)
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  • This is the first single from electronic musician Moby's tenth studio album, Destroyed. The majority of the recording for the record was done while Moby was touring. He'd stay up in his hotel room through the night because of his insomnia and work on music using both digital plug-ins and vintage synthesizers he had on the road. The New York musician drew inspiration from "other people's music," including Kraftwerk, Suicide, Silver Apples, OMD, early Simple Minds and David Bowie's collaborations with Brian Eno. "That's the music that made the most sense to me in hotel rooms at four in the morning - late '70s/early '80s electronic music," he explained to Billboard magazine. "I was listening to that, realizing I wanted the album to have that kind of warm, broken-down synthesizer/drum machine sound to it."
  • Moby explained on his website that this song "was written in a hotel room in Spain at dawn when I hadn't slept. It was a beautiful hotel room, a beautiful perfect hotel room and it was six or seven in the morning. I wrote it on a acoustic guitar and recorded it on my phone, brought it home and re-recorded it with old broken down electronics that I have in my studio."
  • The artwork for the album was shot at New York City's LaGuardia Airport. As Moby's flight was delayed, he decided to explore the terminal and he came across an electronic sign that said "all unattended luggage will be destroyed." Since the sign could only fit one word at a time, he waited until the word "destroyed" appeared and took a photo.
  • The song's music video was inspired by visiting his late mother in the hospital and by watching friends deal with drug addictions. The clip was used by public policy advocacy group MoveOn as part of its campaign to raise awareness of how proposed budget cuts will hurt vulnerable Americans. "It's flattering and it's an honor," Moby told Billboard magazine. "I love when music and images work well together, and in the case of this MoveOn (video), the images have a vulnerability and power to them that really conveys the message."
  • Lyrically, the song is about a day Moby spent in the hospital with his dying mother. His mom, who brought up her son alone after Moby's father died driving drunk, passed away from lung cancer in 1997.
  • This was used in the 2013 film Trance, starring James McAvoy.


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