Dr. Feelgood

Album: Dr. Feelgood (1989)
Charted: 50 6


  • Motley Crue bass player Nikki Sixx wrote this about a drug dealer who gave him his "fix" every now and again in Los Angeles. >>
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    Rachael - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • The band reached its peak popularity in 1989, with the release of Dr. Feelgood, which was their fifth album. It became their only #1 album and stayed on the charts for 109 weeks after its release. >>
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    Jason - North Caldwell, NJ
  • Guitarist Mick Mars came up with the main guitar part and melody line for the chorus, which Sixx put words over. >>
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    Justin - Fredericton, Canada
  • Vocalist Vince Neil looked back at this song to Rolling Stone in 2009: "I knew it was a classic from the time I heard that very first 'bomp bomp bomp bomp' - that intro just kind of grabs you. This song has been popular for 20 years. It was funny because I was watching VH1 and they had the Greatest Hard Rock Songs and 'Feelgood' was 15 or something. I was like, 'Wow, of all time.' Then you have Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith and AC/DC and 'Feelgood.' I was like, 'Wow, that's cool.' It's our signature song in some ways."
  • Bassist Nikki Sixx recalled to Rolling Stone: "I remember it had a whole other set of lyrics. I had sort of forgotten that and I found them in a box recently. I was like, 'oh, wow.' It had a whole different theme to it. It was called 'Dr. Feelgood,' but a whole different thing lyrically. In the end it was inspired by drug dealers. Is there ever just one? A good drug addict always has more than one dealer."
  • Aretha Franklin released a song called "Dr. Feelgood" in 1967; hers is about how she doesn't need a doctor giving her pills because her man gives her the medicine she needs. There was also a song called "Doctor Feel-Good" in 1962 by Dr. Feelgood & The Interns. That one is about a guy who likes his women 400 pounds.

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  • Kyl from Mesa, AzI love this song a lot and what really grabs me is it was written after Vince got out of rehab.
  • Jake from Oakland, OkMr. Brownstone is about heroin that's why u can compare them but they chorus for dr. Feelgood and dr. Love are similar
  • Jake from Oakland, OkWho says listen to Jimmy cony play with dr feelgood in a demon voice is Mick Mars
  • Shawn from Green Bay, WiAbsolutely explosive guitar and thundering drums. Yes, music-wise, probably Crue's signature tune. But lyrically there are about 20 Crue songs better than this.
  • Eric from State Collge, PaThis is a pretty decent song, makes me sing.
  • Sigourney from Castro Valley/oakland, CaRatt tailed jimmy hes the second hand hood
    deals out in hollywood
    got a '65 chevy, primered flames
    traded for some powdered goods

    Gotta love it
  • Rehab from Toronto, Oni've heard at the end of the song someone says "listen to Jimmy, come play with Dr.Feelgood"
  • Blane from Pocola, Okthe band calls the video dumb.
  • Jamey from Montgomery, AlDoes anyone have any idea what is being said in the demonic voice in this song? I think Nikki was saying this part in the music video but I'm not sure who's voice it actually is. Thanks!
  • Justin from Fredericton, CanadaGuitarist Mick Mars came up with the main riff for the song, whick gave Nikki the melody for the line "hes the one they call dr feelgood...". Theres no personal connection of any of the band members or the fictional dealer "Jimmy". Growing up on the srteets for most of his adolescent life, Nikki ofen wrote about the way he saw it.
  • Johan from Almunge, SwedenWhat I love about Motley Crue is that they give out tons of music videos for their songs. And I just love the drums in this song! Tommy Lee is the best :-)
  • Karren from Deerfiled, Nhthis has got to be the *BEST* motey crue ever!!!!
  • Jessica from Orangeville, CanadaThis is a wicked song! The crue at it's best!!!!
  • David from Taylors Falls, MnThe crue's song Hell On High Heels. Way better than Dr. Feelgood. The video's better too.
  • John from Northam, Australiathis is a tops song love it
    i can in a way see some comparison between this song and gnrs mr brownstone
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