Wild Side

Album: Girls, Girls, Girls (1987)
Charted: 23


  • The band wrote this as tribute to their lives in Los Angeles, and the hardships of the rock world that they experienced on the Sunset Strip. It was also was a rally song to those who lived life on the "Wild Side." >>
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    Josh - Sunbury, PA
  • In his book The Heroin Diaries, Nikki Sixx explained how the song came to be: He was casually seeing a Catholic school girl and one day asked her to recite the Lord's Prayer. He thought it sounded cool, so he messed with it, and out came "Wild Side."
  • Much of the lyric uses religious imagery to flaunt the band's sins, and they are clearly not concerned with penance: "Forward my mail to me in hell."

    The song goes on to give a perverse take on the Lord's Prayer:

    Our father
    Who ain't in heaven
    Be thy name on the wild side
  • The video was shot during a concert at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis. Directed by Wayne Isham, it's a fairly typical concert video except that there is no effort to hide the camera crew, who scramble on stage to get close-ups. It's also a good look at Tommy Lee's gyroscopic drum kit, which revolves him while he plays.
  • In The Office episode "Performance Review" from season 2, Dwight rocks out to this in the stairwell to pump himself up for his evaluation. It was also used on Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the 2015 episode "The Swedes."
  • This was used in the movies Friday Night Lights (2004), Rock Star (2001), and Like Father, Like Son (1987).

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  • Don from Darkside Of The Moon"By the freedom of speech gives me the right to post whatever I want, remember? "

    Not that I disagree with you, but that is a common common misconception. This only prevents the government from stopping you. A private citizen or company can use whatever legal method is best. Probably simpler before the doctrine of the bill of rights applying to states (rceot the 3d amendment, of course, because that doesn't help the leftists., Just like article 4, sections 1&2 is problematic.)

    "Indeed, many Americans were told from the day they were born that there is a "God". Our parents took us to church and told us to pray "

    Built you a temple
    And locked you away.
    But they never told you
    The price that you pay
    For things that you might have done.

    Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  • Stukka63 from St.augustine, Fla.Tommy Lee should not wear seat belts/harness.
    Using a 2 mode switch he can decide the cage roll speed.
    1: WARP SPEED The centrifugal force keeps his body glued to the chair.
    2: SLOW ROLL When he falls into drums, an airbag explodes covering the audience with cocaine.

  • Mike Flavo from UsaIn the Video there are two (2) female back up vocalists. Can anyone tell me who they are? Thanks
  • Robert from Lebanon, MoWildSide song is based off real life experience. Also WildSide was the first song Motley Crue had as when Tommy Lee and Nikki Siix was forming Motley Crue then Vince Neil and Mick Mars joined then the song become complete.Nikki Sixx had wrote a song that wasn't complete at the time of the forming of the band.It was a Battle against Lucifer the fallen Angel of God. He was trying everything he could to destroy the band from forming. God came down, and spoke that he heard Lucifer say how great of a musician he was. So, God had Lucifer and i the original owner of Motley Crue to have a battle of the band's. WildSide came from the place between heaven and hell. I have stayed Private/Anonymous not of by my choice.Yet, if you want to hear the truth and this is the truth if you can handle it. I had Nikki Sixx under Contract to call the song's his and the band's song's. It was struggle between life choices.The Contract for Motley Crue was for 30 year Contract with a final tour after 4 years not more than 5. The Contract end's in 2015 of January. Oh by the way, Tommy Lee,Nikki Sixx,Mick Mars and vince neil are the best people to have as in keeping there word and honesty in all part's. Without these Guy's Motley Crue wouldn't be Motley Crue. I am glad for there achievement and stuck in their after all that went on in our lives. Thanks Tommy Lee for watching out for me.
  • Joe from Petoskey, MiPaul,
    "...all other belief systems are man-made. Christianity is the only religion where God became a man and came to earth."

    You sound quite ignorant. Let a possessor of a Doctorate in Theology set this to rest.

    ALL religions are man-made. Period. Faith is what keeps them alive. There is no proof God came to Earth. There is no proof Buddha existed. There is no proof that the Tuatha Dé Danann existed. But we believe in them. That is faith. Not everyone has to have it, nor is any religion wrong for believing in one god/goddess/pantheon over another. We are all flesh and blood in the end, we all die the same. Your comments are pushy, and very anti-Christian, as in it is the OPPOSITE of what the Bible teaches. Go study it. READ it. It says to spread the word of God, but NEVER says to force it down others' throats.

    Oh, if you must know, the Tuatha Dé Danann...MY gods, the Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic lands, who came to Earth as humans. From them we are all descended and equal, or so my religion has taught me. They also pre-date Christianity by about 2,000 years at least, if you count back in the Bible (or just look up what Jewish year it is, same thing). But hey, I am here as a music fan, and commenting to tell you, as a theology scholar (not just of my religion, but of all), that you are wrong in your statements. Now enough Godspeak. Back to the music.
  • Chris from Weston, United KingdomThe religion is tongue in cheek, not remotlely serious.
  • Dylan from Euclid, Ohso what about all the god stuff. this is a awsome song!
  • Angela from Seabrook,What is up with all this about god and stuff I know this song has stuff about him but its a song. Also during Shout At The Devil time Nikki Sixx was into the devil and everything and he want to call the ablum Shout With The Devil but Tom Zetaut got him not to. So guys give it a rest its an awesome song
  • Angela from Seabrook,What is up with all this about god and stuff I know this song has stuff about him but its a song. Also during Shout At The Devil time Nikki Sixx was into the devil and everything and he want to call the ablum Shout With The Devil but Tom Zetaut got him not to. So guys give it a rest its an awesome song
  • Daniel from Baytown, Txgood song, but anyone have the version where at the end you here a girl scream and a gun shot right after? I have heard that on one bands song, think this i the band, while recording right at the end of the song, you hear the murder of a girl.
  • Dustin from Arcadia,ok God shuld never even be brought up in this but even so roy you are wrong.
  • Adam from Yarmouth, Mewho cares what religion is true and not all that matters is that this is a amazing song and should get credit for that so stop debating religion because that is not what people want to read when they look at the facts for this song
  • Sixx from Hellsinki, Finlandyeahh this is one of my favs too. And i really don't care what they believe, i believe in them.... Just a kickass song and that's it!
  • Jason from Denver, CoThis is one of Mick Mars's greatest guitar riffs ever. I think Mick is an UNDERrated guitarists ever! To all of those posting their OPINIONS on God and Jesus, God is God and Jesus is Jesus.
  • Caleb from Rockford, Ilwellll lemme tell you all a little something.
    Read The Heroine Diaries.
    It doesn't account for the whole band, but that of Nikki Sixx.
    He used to hate God for one reason, he had a girl that everytime they got high she talked non-stop about religion. today he is a christian he believes in god and jesus as savior. so to say that motley crue are satanists is an over-generalization. how you all just stop arguing about other peoples' lives and just enjoy the music they have put out and the fact that they draw such a diverse crowd of fans (proven here atheists, christians, stewardesses etc.) just get over yourselves.
  • Paul from California, Sdsorry, forgot to type way in between by and the
  • Paul from California, SdTo rory: Wow, man, congrats! you just made atheists everywhere look RIDICULOUSLY STUPID! How old are you? 10? By the freedom of speech gives me the right to post whatever I want, remember? Also, since Jesus is God, and He came to earth as a man, He did prove God exists, so your wrong.
  • Rory from Melbourne, United Stateserrrrrrr shut up paul you freakin god lover, there still is no proof of god, buddisim is the belife in yourself , im not that , but still thats the clossest to a reall.. you cannot proove that god exsists, no one can , its up to your self to make thatdession to be a (bleep) wit and belive in somone who has an enemy that looks liek a gaot and lives in the clouds
  • Tucker from Asheville, NcThis message concerns Paul from California, SD. Indeed, many Americans were told from the day they were born that there is a "God". Our parents took us to church and told us to pray when we were so young and didnt know exactly what was going on or why we were doing it. But I am going to take a wild guess but I bet you, Paul, were one of these people. What if, hypothetically, there was, in fact, no "God" and you were born into a Muslim family in India or a Buddhist family in China. What then? Are all those little children who were born Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist going to hell? Not to mention the thousands of other religions throughout the world. These children don't know any better. Like you, they only believe what their parents told them because they do not know any different. Im not saying that you are wrong but I personally dont believe in God, I believe in myself and what I can see, such as science and not an invisible force.
  • Paul from California, SdDamian, the problem is, is that all other beliefs systems are man-made. Christianity is the only religion where God became a man and came to earth. Afetr all, the only back to God is through God.(Jesus). It seems that your belief system is convenient for you to do whatever you want, because your beliefe system dosen't provide a check and balance system, such as the Holy Spirit in Christianity. The only way to improve yourself is to accept Jesus in your heart(not the organ), therefore, letting Him become a part of you, and cleaning you out from the inside. Let me guess, damian, your wiccan?...maybe not, but it kinda sounds like it. To quote Jesus: I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father, except through me. Truth dosen't sound so pathless, after all, does it?
  • Damian from Ft Myers, FlI'm sorry Paul, but i am inclined to agree with Jeremy, that had NOTHING to do with this forum. As far as setting everyone straight, i feel that your comments are rather pushy. To say that one is screwed because he doesn't know God? Who's God? Yours? Because MY God wouldn't damn me for not being Christian. He would be satisfied with me doing what i can to help my fellow man, for not hurting anyone with intent, for living a live based on love and peace. There are many belief systems out there and some work for some people and some don't. What is important is the message not the messenger. And to quote Jiddu Krishnamurti: Truth is a pathless land............anyway, best Crüe song ever!
  • Paul from California, SdJEREMY you are RIGHT, but I just had to SET people STRAIGHT. And yes, the song is about living and playing in L.A. Or, perhaps the not-so-desirable area in any town.
  • Jeremy from Minneapolis, MnThis conversation is RIDICULOUS and has nothing to do with the song. Whatever the bands PERSONAL philosophical beliefs may be it has NO bearing on the song, a song about living and playing in LA.
  • Paul from California, SdListen, people, anti means against, right?...so if your not for Christ then you are against Him. The Bible is clear that there is no middle ground in this area. So, with that being said, then yes the Crue are anti(against)Christ. Even you, if you are not for Christ, then you are against Him. Oh yeah, as far as Tommy Lee thanking God for not dying from the pyro miscue, it is/was a very pseudo-gracious attitude. I say that because of the fact that he thanked his "higher power" on the generation swine album.The question is, what is the highr power? Plus, people say, "thank God" all the time without any real meaning behind the phrase. Anyway, this is a good song, with a good riff, etc. But, lets face it folks, if they, or you, do not know who God is, on judgement day you will be scrued.
  • Ashley from Salton City, Cathis song is awesome!!! why are people asking if they are anti- christ? who cares!!! they rock
  • Jessica from Orangeville, CanadaMotley crue is not Anti-christ even though Vince neil stopped believing I mean wouldn't you
  • John from Taylors Falls, MsVince Neil is not christian though, since his daughter died, he stopped believing. That sucks.
  • Snake from Custer , SdMotley Crue are not anti-christ, Tommy himself thanked God the othernight that he wasn't dead from the pyro's 2 nights before in Wyoming, so I highly dowbt they are satanists.
  • Danny from Sydney, Australiathis song rules. I love the way they have the queen-like multi voice layering when "wild side!" is sung.
  • Adriana from Monterrey, Mexicoare they antichrist..? they seem so.. anyway I loove Mötley Crüe.. they are all awesome.. this song is actualy one of my favorites
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