Come On

Album: Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children (2010)
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  • This is the first single from Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children, the seventh studio album by alternative metal band Mushroomhead.
  • Co-Vocalist Jeffrey Nothing told AntiMusic the story behind this song: "'Come On' is about us, as a people and perhaps as a Nation, have had enough... and seriously how much more do 'They' think we can take? It's about rebellion and standing up. It's being fed up.

    I came up with a verse, then (Co-vocalist) Waylon's verse. It all just started to vibe and feel good. We merged them into 'Come On, do you wanna f--- with me.' Skinny our drummer and producer said it was great and we were off. Actually, my part was written from a serial killer's perspective. When you think of it, serial killers are for the most part feeling invincible and anonymous.

    This was one of the last songs we recorded. We felt we had a good record going into finishing our new album Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children, so this song was icing on the cake. In some ways it felt like 'Come On' wrote itself, but there was some shifting around of parts."
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  • Zero from Nowhere, NjCome on! We need some more Mushroomhead songfacts! Mushroomhead are a really deep-thinking band (don't let this song throw you off). Let's get more Mushroomhead songfacts so we can have some deep, philosophical discussions! This band is deeper than most of the rock music out today. [By the way, I saw them at the Gramercy theater in April this year (2011). They opened with this song, and it was good.]
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