September Morn

Album: September Morn (1979)
Charted: 17
  • This song is about a couple who have come back together after a break in their relationship. It's an emotional moment, as Diamond sings about recalling the feeling when they danced until morning - a feeling he still gets on certain September mornings. They've grown apart, but not so far that they can't remember the good times - or so he hopes.
  • Diamond wrote this song with the French composer Gilbert Bécaud. The pair worked together again on The Jazz Singer soundtrack.
  • The Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo was 20 years old when she vanished on April 13, 2011. As usual in cases of this nature, a number of "psychics" came forward with information that could assist the investigation. Authorities made it clear that these dubious tips were interfering with the investigation, but volunteer groups pushed to follow the leads.

    Among the calls that came in was one from a person who insisted that the lyrics to "September Morn" contained clues to Bobo's disappearance. Just what the lyrics supposedly revealed about the case was unclear, but it made news along with other odd claims.

    Naturally, nothing came of it, although sometime later, one September in 2014, her remains were found. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England

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  • Emily from GeorgiaOne of my FAVORITE Neil Diamond songs. Heard it later in life (48) but, grew up with Neil and others from that time (nee’ 1971) My parents immigrated from Zimbabwe (since deceased: Mom-1995-car accident; Dad-2000-heart attack; Brother-2000-questionable) We we’re only here in the US (I was the only one born here) because my Dad was 1 of 50 chosen for a quarter to tour the US.Music was our life (my daughter is a singer/songwriter. Only recently have I finally been able to listen to and remember things from my childhood. Thank you Neil...
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