Album: Who I Am (2009)
Charted: 73


  • This is the debut single for the side project of Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers.
  • Nick explained to MTV News why he chose this as his side project's first single: "It's [one of] the first songs we wrote for the record; it means a lot to me personally. It's a song just about trying to find love and wanting to find that person who understands who you are. I think everyone can relate to something like that. It was also one of the first songs I recorded for the record, so it set the tempo for the sound."
  • Nick told MTV News he originally penned this track for someone else, but the artist just wasn't feeling what Nick was selling them, so he decided to make it all about him. He explained: "The funny story about 'Who I Am' is I was actually working with some other artist that we've worked with in the past, and I kept playing them this chorus. So finally, when I was sitting there, I was like, 'This song is about who I am. Why am I trying to give it to someone else? I should just write it for myself,' and it came out of me. What I'm talking about in the verse is when it sounds like I'm talking about someone, it's really about me talking about myself and realizing you need to know yourself before you can find love."

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  • Geno from Carbondale, Pai think i can relate to this song, because for some reason, nobody can like me for who i am...everyone just looks at me like im a wierd kind of one can just stop and look at the real person i am
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