Album: Broken Machine (2017)


  • This is the most personal song on Broken Machine. Nothing But Thieves explained: "We went through a lot of changes both as a band and as people during the process of making album two, this song was written in the eye of the storm."
  • While touring lead singer Conor Mason experienced insomnia before becoming hooked on sleeping pills. This song is about how his addiction created tension with the rest of the band. Mason explained to

    "It basically started because I went on a tour bus for the first time ever, and this was like, coming up on two years now. I wasn't sleeping that well in the tour bus and I was worried 'cause I had to sing... So I went to a pharmacy and just got, you know, run-of-the-mill sleeping aid tablets. I got through this tour for a week and I was like "Oh cool, this is fine", not thinking too much about it.

    And then I came home and I found myself not sleeping and my mind made me go 'This must be because you've just used this tablets and you're not used to' and it just spiraled and for a year it just got worse and worse. And I was so addicted to taking these things.

    And we wrote a song called Particles that was right in the center of everything going downhill."
  • The song is paired with a video that sees Nothing But Thieves performing in America, interspersed with shots of the band encountering some interesting characters across the country.


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