Hold Me for a While

Album: Evolution (1993)


  • In an interview with LaShonda Barnett that appears in the book I Got Thunder: Black Women Songwriters and Their Craft, Adams said: "What I found was that holding someone without speaking was more intimate than sex. Listening to each other breathe is very intimate. Anybody can be full of bull and try to tell you what they think you want to hear to calm you or seduce you. And it's so easy to hide during lovemaking, which so many people confuse with love. Sleeping with somebody doesn't mean that you love them or that you even actually enjoy being with them. But to have someone hold you... to have time to smell each other, to listen to each other's heartbeat and no words are being said... it's just intimate. Sometimes words get in the way. Sometimes they get in the air and they cover over what really needs to be communicated."


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