Album: Fall To Grace (2012)


  • "Agony" finds Faith drawing on her real-life experience falling in love with a drug addict. "He said his problems were in the past," she told Q magazine, "They weren't. I've seen addiction, how it devastates families. But addicts are also addictive. They can be exciting in a way teetotallers just aren't. I have an affinity with addicts having had experience of them."
  • The song was co-penned by British actor, Jazz musician and songwriter Blair MacKichan. As an actor MacKichan appeared in a famous long-running series of adverts for Oxo during the 1980s and 1990s, in which he was the oldest son of a father and mother played by Michael Redfern and Lynda Bellingham. MacKichan's other songwriting credits include Will Young's hit single "Your Game".


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