The Ending

Album: Who Do You Trust? (2018)
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  • Trust is a reoccurring theme throughout the Who Do You Trust? album. The title track deals with the issue in terms of our political leaders and the media, while this song concerns how a lack of trust can affect relationships with loved ones.
  • I'm watching all the moves you make
    Can't turn back now, it's too late
    Checkmate, there's no defending
    This is the start of the ending

    Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix told Billboard that he sees trust as "the bedrock for healthy relationships," which is something he's fighting towards.

    He added: "Unfortunately, I've been the person that's broken trust in my life at one point or another, so I've been on both sides of it. Feeling the pain of being let down, that's tough stuff. Being the person letting somebody down and hurting somebody, there's a lot of pain and struggle in that too because when all the dust settles and you see the wreckage you've created, for somebody with a conscience like myself, it eventually just eats at you. You've got to reframe how you're living. I've been that point a few times in my life, so trust is definitely an issue."
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