Cry Me Out

Album: Turn It Up (2009)
Charted: 12
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  • Pixie told the BBC about this torch song, which she wrote with Mads Hauge, Phil Thornalley and Colin Campsie: "I always prefer to write songs about emotional situations and heartbreak, because I like getting into the character. When we were writing 'Cry Me Out,' I said, 'I feel like singing about something sad but, obviously, still being strong'. So the guy has to cry to get over me, instead of the other way around."
  • Pixie told Digital Spy that the lyric "I got your emails, you just don't get females" is her favorite line on the album.
  • Lott explained to Music Promotions the story behind this song: "'Cry Me Out' is about a boy who's done you wrong, it has a real positive message, girls not being depressed about a break up, telling a boy I'm not going to be the one who is upset, you can Cry Me out. It has a good meaning."
  • At the time of writing this song, Lott had never had a serious boyfriend. She told The Guardian: "I always write songs in the heat of the moment, like when I've had an argument with someone, or I'm upset or really happy. With songs about heartbreak, I feel like I've been heartbroken in other ways and get into the character of the song, even though I haven't been heartbroken by a boyfriend."
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