Lacquer Head

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  • This was produced by Fred Durst, lead singer of Limp Bizkit. Primus had a bunch of guest musicians play on or produce tracks on the album. James Hetfield, Stewart Copeland, Tom Waits and Tom Morello were some of the other musicians who contributed.
  • The claymation music video was banned by MTV because it depicted, among other things, a boy sniffing gasoline and glue.
  • A "lacquer head" is someone who gets high from sniffing paint, glue or other toxic substances (lacquer, which is a wood finish, will also do the trick). The song paints a bleak picture for young people addicted to inhalants, as Les Claypool sings about a girl who gets hit by a truck after sniffing turpentine and a kid who goes into a coma after huffing carburetor cleaner.
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  • Rusty from Argyle, Ny"satan" is his brother
  • Chris from Peabody, Maread the lyrics and you might get a very vague description of a boy who loved his carborator cleaner, perhaps a message about a boy sniffing himself into a coma. the video was banned because of the lyrics in conjunction with a boy getting high from satan putting a helmet on him that had gasoline running through it. had we seen the boy's body parts fly all over the place, thats why mtv would have banned it.
  • Luke from Martin, TnThe video didn't depict a boy sniffing gasoline and glue. It was banned because Satan rode the boy into a brick wall, causing him to explode.
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