Lacquer Head

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  • Sometimes bored and sometimes lonely
    Pimple faced and rather homely
    He wasn't much for socializin'
    The TV kept a mesmerizin'

    In one ear and out the other
    Picked up a trick from his older brother
    Got him a can of sniffin' sauce
    Pinned his mind up on a cross

    Lacquer head knows but one desire
    Lacquer head sets his skull on fire
    Lacquer head knows no in betweens
    Huffin' on bags of gasoline

    Sniffin' paint since the seventh grade
    She was high on gin and Gatorade
    On turpentine she lost her luck
    Fell in front of a speeding pick-up truck

    He was a boy of soft demeanor
    And he loved his carburetor cleaner
    The vapor made a sweet aroma
    He sniffed himself into a coma

    Lacquer head feeds his one desire
    Lacquer head sets his brain on fire
    Lacquer head knows no in betweens
    Huffin' on bags of gasoline

    Keep on sniffin' till yer brain goes popWriter/s: BRYAN KEI MANTIA, LES CLAYPOOL, REID L. III LALONDE
    Publisher: Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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Comments: 3

  • Rusty from Argyle, Ny"satan" is his brother
  • Chris from Peabody, Maread the lyrics and you might get a very vague description of a boy who loved his carborator cleaner, perhaps a message about a boy sniffing himself into a coma. the video was banned because of the lyrics in conjunction with a boy getting high from satan putting a helmet on him that had gasoline running through it. had we seen the boy's body parts fly all over the place, thats why mtv would have banned it.
  • Luke from Martin, TnThe video didn't depict a boy sniffing gasoline and glue. It was banned because Satan rode the boy into a brick wall, causing him to explode.
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