Album: We Couldn't Think of a Title (2003)
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  • Psychostick is from Tempe, Arizona, where many of the students at Arizona State University appreciate the titular beverage. Guitarist Josh Kay told us: "The song 'BEER' is proof that as artists, we tend to overthink our creations. Beer was written as a joke, we didn't even think we'd actually play it. Rob (Kersey, lead singer) and I wrote most of the song in 15 minutes while bored at work. But it turned out so funny that we did decide to start playing it live, and it ended up being our first hit."
  • The animated video is a big hit on YouTube, with over 750,000 views.
  • Kay explains Psychostick's songwriting process: "Songs get written and learned several different ways. Writing songs in these different ways will give the album a different 'feel.' But we almost always start out with either a song idea or a really good 'line' which we build off of. Sometimes we write songs individually. Sometimes we write together. But once we've got a song idea with some meat to it, we will go and demo it out. I use the computer to write basic MIDI drum tracks and put some guitars over it. We all listen to the demos, then get together and learn the song as a group. Then we continue tweaking and changing all the way up to the point that it's tracked and we can't change it anymore. I still have some demos from the very first album. It's funny to listen to, because the demos always end up so BORING sounding compared to the recorded, finished song." (The band's website is


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