Inside Susan
by Pulp

Album: Razzmatazz Single (1993)
Charted: 50


  • This is Part 2 of the "Inside Susan: A story in Three Songs" trilogy, not including the unofficial fourth part "The Babysitter" (on the "Do You Remember The First Time?" B-Side). After exploring her adolescence in "Stacks," this song investigates the thoughts of a now well-into-teenage-years Susan as she rides the bus, reminiscing about parties, drinking too much cider, and low-level sexual encounters with teenage boys.

    It's written in spoken-word style, read more as a narrative than lyrics, and the final stanza/verse explains how no-one ever really wanted to "get inside" Susan (hence the title) and get to know her or deeply connect with her - more use her and then "slag her off around town."


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