Album: Queen Naija (2018)
Charted: 45


  • Queen Naija is a singer and YouTube vlogger who auditioned for American Idol in 2014, making it to the top 50. Her rise to fame as a vlogger came as one half of Chris And Queen, a YouTube vlog channel she started with her husband Chris Sails that at its peak boasted nearly 2.5 million subscribers. However after Queen Naija created a solo channel in April 2017 and moved in with her brother, fans began asking questions about her relationship with her husband.

    "When they saw that I stopped doing videos with [Sails] on our channel, the fans were trying to put two and two together, like, 'What's going on?'" she recalled to Billboard. "I didn't want to answer. We were a public couple, and we had a big platform - it was embarrassing."
  • "Medicine" is billed as Queen's "explanation" to her followers, in which she explicitly references a breakup and cheating rumors. The song went live on the singer's YouTube channel a few hours before midnight on December 31, 2017. "It pretty much explains everything I felt and the reason why I actually did leave," Queen said about the song in a vlog a few days later. "When everything is so public and you don't have no privacy and people are throwing themselves at you, sometimes stuff just happens."
  • Queen Naija recalled in a Genius attribution the day that she wrote the song:

    "I was at my brother's house, downstairs in the guest room. I was just sitting there, vibing to music, because I'm going through all this stuff, so I need to do something to occupy myself. I just started listening to beats, and I was like, 'This is nice.' I was like, 'You told me you love me, but I haven't been feelin' this lately.' So I just kept going with it. And the whole, 'You say you love keepin' me fly but can't keep me from looking crazy,' that basically means when a guy showers you with gifts and all this good stuff and jewelry, but you got me out here lookin' stupid. You like to keep me fly, lookin' good, but I still look dumb."
  • The song quickly went viral attracting over two million YouTube views within a fortnight. Queen Naija believes part of the appeal of "Medicine" is the fact it addresses the double standard applied to women in relationships. "You know how a girl can cheat, and a guy will just leave them, but a guy can cheat, and a girl [is expected to] give them chance after chance?," she said. "As soon as you give [an adulterer] a taste of their own medicine, they want to trip out -- [as if] they didn't do a million things to you."


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