Album: The Phoenix (2012)
  • Raghav originally wrote this song for Michael Jackson. Before his death in 2009, Jackson heard the song and told producers Jim Beanz and Timbaland that he wanted to record it and put it on his upcoming album. Jackson was set to go into the studio in London while on tour in August 2009 to do the song, but he tragically died before that could happen.

    After Jackson's death in 2009, Raghav decided to record this song himself and release it on his 2012 album The Phoenix. The singer believes in his version of the track and tells us, "hopefully people can say I delivered vocally in a very sophisticated way."

    Raghav has no doubt that if Michael Jackson did get a chance to record this song, it would've been a huge hit. "The record was made for Michael and if Michael had been singing this record, it would be a #1 international smash," he says. "So hopefully people can appreciate that I've done a job on it that is worthy of the person who was about to get on the record in August of that year."
  • Growing up, Raghav was heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, so it was an amazing feeling to know that one of his idols was interested in recording one of his songs. In 2012, Raghav told us, "Sometimes I feel my whole career is one big Michael Jackson impersonation. He just inspired us. I mean, he inspired every artist to a certain point. And then there's certain artists, like, I put myself in that category, or Chris Brown or an Usher. I mean, it was more than an inspiration. I mean, he was the be all and end all of being an entertainer."


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