Perfect Life
by Red

Album: Release The Panic (2012)


  • The first single from Release The Panic is about the demands of a pop culture-obsessed society. "As we recorded in Los Angeles, the inspiration for that song was all around us, all the time," explained guitarist Anthony Armstrong. "So many people have themselves convinced they're living the sweet life, the good life, and some have worked really hard to get there, but it's the people who are trying, clawing their way to live this kind of life that's troubling."
  • Armstrong expanded on the song's lyrical content about the demands of a pop culture-obsessed society to Artist Direct: "All the media out there have a way of portraying what they believe to be the perfect life," he said, "exactly what it will take for each of us to be happy. We would rather determine and discover what makes us feel complete on our own rather than falling for what the rest world says and has to offer in the way of happiness."

    He added: "This idea felt like it was a great fit for a straight up rock track so that's how we approached writing it."


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