Longer than a Lifetime

Album: The Best of Sanctus Real (2015)


  • Sanctus Real founder and frontman Matt Hammitt announced on July 1, 2015, that he was leaving the band at the end of the year. This song, specifically written for The Best of Sanctus Real, compilation was the last song he wrote with the group. Hammitt told NewReleaseToday about this farewell track:

    "For us," he said, "in crafting a final song together, we wanted a song that would not only literally capture the feelings of being on the road together but also be a metaphor for the times emotionally and spiritually that we bonded as brothers in the faith."

    Also, like in the song 'Friends' by Michael W. Smith, we basically we wanted to share in our own way the idea that in God's Kingdom there really are no goodbyes forever," Hammitt continued." We'll be spending an eternity together doing the very thing we started this band to do, which is to be a hymn of praise to God."

    "Psalm 37:5 has been a verse that I've clung to over and over again," he concluded. "We tie ourselves in this life to people or places or careers, and we commit ourselves to our own plans. And when we do that, we take ourselves away from the freedom that God wants for us. He wants us to walk according to the Spirit. Something that's very important for me in this season is the idea of availability as we follow Jesus, to have our hands open."


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