Cry for Help

Album: The Sound of Madness (2008)


  • This song is about drug abuse. It shows that the person in the song is living off his/her friends while trying to raise money to pay off the "monkeys in the rabbit hole" (drug dealers).
    "The white witch" is heroin. "Mama Kin" is a character in the song "Mama Kin" by Aerosmith (One interpretation of the song is the hallucinations you get when high). The wolf implies that the hallucinations from the drug abuse are getting stronger and out of hand.
    The drug addict in the song better pray that they can find a way out because they are in too deep and nobody is going to help them. The drug addict may have thought it funny to say they were fine and have everyone fooled, but they only had one friend and now not even the friend was agreeing to help the drug addict, because the friend was done being fooled. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Gabie - FAFB, WA

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  • Zero from The Abyss, NjBy they way, this song perfectly describes my cousin.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI always thought the lyrics were "smokin' tea with Mama Kin" like the Aerosmith song goes, "Sleepin' late and smokin' tea". Tea, of course, being another word for marijuana.
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