• This was the second single from American Christian rock band Skillet's eighth studio album, Awake. In a 2014 Songfacts interview, John Cooper said this was inspired by the 2008 movie The Incredible Hulk, starring Ed Norton. After Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) is injected with chemicals to become The Abomination, the Hulk's adversary, a soldier asks him how he feels. "Like a monster," he replies.
  • Frontman John Cooper explained to StereoTruth: "It's a song about being fake and putting on a face for people that's not the real you. But it's basically about the nature of sin and the nature of the divine, which is the duel nature we have as Christians. Everyday we have to strive to throw away the old and be that new person in Christ."
  • Cooper expanded on the song to Christianity Today magazine: "In a theological sense, the song is about original sin. You are born into the human race, you're guilty or sinful, no matter what you hope to be. 'Monster' is about the fact that there is somebody we know we don't want to be. Some people call it the old man or the old self. That guy wants to creep out when you're driving and somebody cuts you off. You wonder as a Christian, how do I keep it at bay? I liken it to the idea of a '50s horror film of this beast inside you coming alive."
  • This song was used as the theme for the 2009 edition WWE pay-per-view "Hell in a Cell." It is also featured in WWE video game Smackdown vs Raw 2010 and was used in the NBC telecast of Wrestlemania 25, highlighting WWE wrestler Randy Orton's quest to become the WWE champion. >>
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  • Cooper also told us how the song profoundly affected a security guard he met at one of the band's concerts. "He had been a heroin addict for years and years and he lost his family, he lost his kid. He was kind of going to die, and he heard the song 'Monster.' He said, 'That's exactly how I felt. And it was that song that talked me into going to rehab, basically. I realized that I was living inside somewhere underneath, and I had to get out. And that was several years ago.'"
  • Some radio stations played an alternate version that cut out Cooper's "I feel like a monster" growl near the end of the song. "For the most part, fans love it," Cooper told "The growl has sold us more records than the song."
  • In 2016, this reached 2.6 million sales and was recognized as the biggest digital single in the history of Christian music.
  • This peaked at #4 on the Mainstream rock chart.
  • According to Billboard, this was the 10th most-played Halloween song of 2010.

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  • Deliverance Kid from TxThe song made me manifest & now i’m going to get deliverance. It started as a snake & grew into a dragon, i’ve asked God to slay it. And am going to change my life.
  • Tacocat_king from Caton, New YorkI freaking love this song. Had no idea it was as big of a hit as it really is.
  • Anonymousi love your music
  • Drew from Mn UsaAlthough this song was meant to be religious. It's up to yourself to decide what it means. The lyrics never directly imply anything to do with religion. You could very easily say this song is, as mentioned, about hiding your true self from public. Whether that is religious or not, to each his own.
  • Austin from Yankton, SdI am atheist but that doesn't stop me from listening to them. I like all of their music. It all has a different message for everybody.
  • Kate from Milton, IaI absolutely love this song. Skillet rocks, even if they are a Christian band. I myself don't follow the religion, but I don't allow that fact to stop me from listening to them. Especially with the great meanings they have behind each song. (:
  • Michael from San Antoio, TogoI like their song monster. This band kicks ASS!
  • Zack from Noblesville, InI never thought about the song like that. I love the heaviness and all but the meaning has touched me true sin is a sinister beast a monster and depending on who the person is it varies in strength mine is strong enough to make me fear for my life the woman I love whom left me and my family the darkness inside me continues to grow and fester that sing is true to the fat everyone has something that makes them feel like a "monster" a beast that's is angry and wants out.
  • Juliet from Polokwane, South AfricaWell said Shannon! There are so many christian rock groups out there which so little know of!! Gives me great pleasure to know that people are listening to christian groups and don't even know about it!! Fact: God's annointing is all over these groups and their music and somehow, someway He wil get through to you!! Skillet are one of those bands...their songs are amazingly powerful...especially Monster!! I'm in a daily battle with sin, it's like a monster, just lurking behind every corner...waiting to attack!! Sin creates a monster in you and - if not repent - could kill you!!
  • Shanon from Wichita, Ksoh my god Jack shut up!
    you dont like it LEAVE THE PAGE! dollars to donuts you would have been too dense to know this band is contemporary christian if the article above hadnt SAID it.
    I knew they were because Carman used Skillet's song best kept secret in his movie. bottom line, dont like it dont comment.. guess i shouldnt tell you that Creed is a contemporary christian group.. switchfoot and nickelback too. See? the message is being passed quietly... but the songs help people cope.

  • Jack from Nashville, TnI can't wait for the day where people stop forcing their religion down my throat.
  • Naomi from Belfast, United KingdomTo me this song is about a person struggling with some aspect of themselves that they feel makes them a monster. That's just me.
  • Allen from Bermenton, WaWhat they say is soooooooooo true that it's hard to believe that they said it and not me. There is a lot of sin in my life and the life of others in this world so this song means a lot to me. I'm glad you guys have this band and this song.
  • Seraphim14 from Charolette, NcFirst thing is first, this band kicks ass, they are the best Christian Rock band out there. This song means a lot to me b/c I'm fighting sin and it's a monster inside me. I can't control it, nor could I let it loose but it does it on it's own. Repent yours sins and that monster(sin) will never hurt you again b/c Jesus has taken over :)
  • Azalea from Hot Springs, ArThis acctually reminds me of the Crank series by Ellen Hopkins.
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