Loud Love

Album: Louder Than Love (1989)


  • The intro is a feedback melody. Guitarist Kim Thayil got his guitar to produce feedback and then slid his finger up and down the string to make it sound melodic.
  • The album was originally titled "Louder Than F--k."
  • This was the last album Soundgarden recorded with Hiro Yamamoto as the bassist. After this album, he went back to school.

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  • Matt from Houston, Txaustin- I hope you're including mudhoney,screaming trees,the pixies and green river in there. the original grunge bands. or at least the bands that got caught in that label
  • Austin from Charlotte, Nci think Soundgarden, alice in chains, the melvins, jane's addiction, etc. are all true grunge. nirvana and pearl jam are more pop and alternative.
  • Alice In A Garden from Plainfield, IlYeah Chris Cornells number is 815 730 1794...I'm close with his family!
  • Anon. from Twin Cities, Mnlove the audioslave cover of this song, though chris cornell sang better in the original.
  • K from Pville, MdSoundgarden never sold out... Chris Cornell once said, "Music driven by money deserves to fail."
  • Ryan from Plano, TxJorge, you ought to contact their record label that they used to be on as record labels typically hold all the rights to the use of a band's name, members, or the like.
  • Marco from Stanfield, United Statessoundgarden did not "sell out" selling out means to do something that you dont want to just for the money involved. they always wanted to make music but they just had some technicalities and broke up. but their ultimate goal all the time was to write and play music, and they were not in it for money!
  • Dee from Indianapolis, InGood old Soundgarden rocks!! This is a great tune. To bad they sold out then disbanded.
  • The Jorge from Hell, OtherDoes anybody know where i can contact soundgarden, i want to use Louder than Love as the name of a band im in.
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