Existentialism On Prom Night

Album: Straylight Run (2004)


  • In a very limited nutshell, existentialism is the study of human existence and the doctrine that our actions have consequences and certain things are not predestined to happen; that we really do have control over our own lives. This appears to tie in with the line in the song that stands out most, "Sing like you think no one's listening." In essence, lead singer John Nolan is saying that in high school (i.e. prom night) we care far too much about the reactions of others to our actions and that true happiness lies not in what a group thinks of you but what one special person thinks of you. It's sort of a carpe diem type of thing. >>
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  • Nun Ya from Nun YaMusic is what you want to hear. I have just read through all of the comments after listening to this song for the millionth time and my reaction to the lyrics are different almost every time. I think that is why I love this song so much. Make the music what you want it to say to you.
  • Jack from Amery, WiMelissa, you have to understand that there are so many varieties in music. Bands can't always tour with other bands like themselves, and a lot of shows are made up of bands with different sounds for variety. For instance, I went and saw Circa Survive open for the Deftones in Fresno CA a few months back. Two bands with absolutly NOTHING in common in terms of music, but the show was epic none the less. SR getting booed off stage simply tells me that your crowd (As in the attendees of that show...) need to open up a little, and subject themselves to more music. (Possibly other life subjections as well.) Simple Plan isn't the only band out there. I'm not here to bash on them, or try to turn you away. I still listen to music that people give me crap about. Vanilla Ice for instance. It doesn't make me a bad or shallow person, nor does it you. I'm assuming your still young, middle school or high school perhaps. Start a movement. Don't be the trendy kid struggling to become popular. Give some of the music out there a chance.

    And about SR. Amazing band. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. Right up there with Brand New in my book. THAT would be a great chill concert.
  • Natasha from Albuquerque, NmOne of my favorite songs of all time. But Simple Plan Blows.
  • Laura from Atlanta, Gaokay, a lot of people are saying that if you like simple plan then you would'nt like straylight run. well simple plan is one of my favorite bands and i love straylight run. existentialism on prom night is my favorite song. it never even occured to me what kind of genre of music simple plan is. i dont even think they are punk rock.
  • Paige from Burlington, IaStraylight Run did in fact get their name from Neuromancer. Will Noon, the drummer, brought it and while they thought it didn't have particular significance, they all felt it had a mysterious significance.
    I love the name. It's like nothing else out there, which is exactly what they are. I've never heard anything like them.
  • Akara from Birmingham, AlOf course Simple Plan fans didn't like Straylight Run. Simple Plan fans are all pre-teens who aren't old enough to understand Straylight Run. You might think Simple Plan has meaningful lyrics now, but chances are you'll change your mind when you get older.
    Anyway, we're not here to diss Simple Plan. Existentialism on Prom Night was the first song by Straylight Run I heard. I saw the video on Fuse and I thought it was just amazing. I have two of their CDs now and although all their music is good, none of their other songs compare to Existentialism on Prom Night, IMO. The music is just so beautiful. I wish I could play the piano so I could learn to play it.
  • Kendal from Troy, Ohok first off why are we comparing straylight run and simple plan? if i was in a newer band i would open up for a bunch of sell outs as well because duh they are going to have tons of little junior high girls there that might hear their music and tell others. if anyone should have been booed off stage it should have been simple plan for sucking. thing is straylight run isn't close to simple plan, and simple plan isn't punk rock either, whoever thinks that haha. they are a typical boy band. straylight run are actual artists. they have great music with amazing lyrics so lets not put them and simple plan in the same post anymore before i throw up.
  • Blake from Lima, Peruummm wow.i listened to simple plan when i was in elementary school. thats about the age theselyrics relate to anyone.

    anyway, on to straylight. they are one of the victory records bands out there. this song uses good keyboards/piano and syncs it well with everything else. if you listened to the words theres more to the meaning.
  • Stephen from Beloit, WiIlene, I don't have official music for it, but I wrote it up in Finale Notepad for you - and any other piano players who love this song:


    Note, it's just the piano part, not a piano reduction. Also, I find that adding octaves in the right hand make it sound really nice - makes up for the lack of a violin.
  • Ilene from Los Lunas, Nmamanda i completely agree with you, that melissa chick dosent know what she is talking about, simple plan songs are overrated and they whine too much
  • Ilene from Los Lunas, NmMelissa,Toledo,OH you are so stupid, simple plan is gay, Straylight Run is an awesome band and have beautiful songs!
  • Ilene from Los Lunas, NmHey this is Ilene, can someone help me find the piano sheet music for this beautiful song Existentialism on Prom Night by Straylight Run
  • Mike from Dallas, TxAlright, you guys have to stop ridiculing melissa. All she did is share her opinion of a song which is the entire reason we're all here. If you're not willing to respect both peoples negative and positive opinions, then you should either grow up or stop using these comment sections. As for the song, I haven't listened to much of straylight run's music, but this song is amazing. When i first heard it i wasn't at the age where i appreciated music for the content of its lyrics, but the other day i stumbled upon it and the lyrics realy hit me. My favorites are "And we're keeping it, Keep it all going, This delicate balance, Vulnerable, all knowing". What it means to me is how we develop a habit of doing what we're taught is right, without acknowledging the changes we're capable of making through our own actions. And as for Simple Plan, they suck. I'm suprised anyone could think that their lyrics are meaningful. They have perhaps a few meaningful songs, but the rest is just Teenage Rebellion BS that some kids listen to because they cant find anything better to believe in. And i'm not suprised that they were hated at a simple plan concert, because the two bands have very different fanbases.
  • Student from Oceanside, NyBelieve it or not, Im a graduate from the class of 2003 at Oceanside High School and this song was actually written about a girl i went to high school with!
  • Kms from Hemet, Caok, I have never heard any of Straylight Run's music but as this is songfacts I do have an interesting fact about the band. I am currently reading a very bizarre science fistion book called "Neuromancer". I forget the author. Anyway, it's a decent book and I see how a few people might revel in it. To the point... There is a section in it called The Straylight Run. As it is an old book (80's) I would bet this is where they got the name of their band. Anyway the Straylight run if I'm correct is an attempt at getting through the security (ice) of a Mansion called Straylight owned by a corporation called Tessier-Ashpool in order to somewhat liberate an artificial intelligence called Wintermute... Now I'm not finished with the book so I who knows. Anyway I just all you Straylight fans might be interested in this!
  • Michael from Charleston, IlIt's about the choice to have sex on prom night. It's about waking up the morning after and realizing that you made a choice to sleep with your date.
  • Jill from Warren, PaSince when does Simple Plan come into this? Stop bickering already. We're here to talk about "Existentialism on Porm Night". I had the first post on this song. After I heard it, I was in complete shock. The lyrics are so amazing and meaningful.."Sing like you think no one's listening..." Not to mention John Nolan is a genious. I agree. Straylight Run branched off of another absolutely amazing band TBS. Much love guys.
  • Emilooo from None, GreenlandYah, I absolutley love this song I think There new CD is even better. I would also like to say that I love simple plan just as much as I love Jonny Cash and Taking back sunday and Straylight run and all the old punk bands (misfits, social distortion, sex pistols, sonic youth) Yah..>_> so their music doesn't have much substance People can totally relate to all these peoples music. Come on straylight run does'nt hate against what other people choose to enjoy so you probally shouldn't either.
  • Amanda from Sandusky, Ohmelissa, you make me ashamed to live in ohio. straylight run is an amazing band that has sprouted off of annother amazing band (taking back sunday). like simple plan all you want but dont sit there sayin they have meaningful lyrics. they are based for their audience, which is preteen girls. i used to like them when i was younger, but i have grown past it. they are two totally different types of music, dont hate what you dont know.

    as for the song, a awesome portrayal of highschool and growing up.
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, FlThe only reason Straylight Run opened for them is probably because they're part of the same record label..bands that are on the same label tour together(if im wrong or whatever correct me its cool) and second Simple Plan has been around for years and have written some of the dumbest things ever. Straylight Run have a totally different style of music and much more meaning. Simple Plan is a band based on attracting a bunch of 10 year old kids. There a mainstream pop band.
  • Melissa from ToledoOk first of all...if you open up for a band you are trying to get more fans so if the music is not even close...why go open for them and not a band more like them? Second, is not a happy sing along type and Simple Plan does have meaningful lyrics you just judge them and say they are posers(which they aren't) before you even listen to their lyrics they have good lyrics that are about life but you judge them too fast.
  • Rachel from Sullivan, MoIf you love this song, check out "Sympathy For the Martyr." It comes from the same CD, and it's simply amazing...the message in the song...wow. This song's greatness should not be overshadowed however, it is equally great. One of the best songs I've heard in a long, long time.
  • Adriana from Buffalo, Nyi have to agree with sam...simple plan is a happy sing along type of band.There pop/punk which is what i count as poser rock.Straylight run is a great band and any1 whos a fan of simple plane probly wouldnt like them cause they are use to cheery,happy music.straylight run has meaningful lyrics and simple plan...doesnt.
  • Mike from Lodi, Caits just funny how some one at a simple plan concert feels its necessary to give an opinion on good music. as for this song i think its great that music is starting to develope a variety again.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI'm just telling you that no one at the concert liked them and Simple Plan isn't happy sing along and they are not sell outs. Why would they open for a band when they don't even have close to the same type of music? Why not open fo a band who will like them so the people who came to see the band will like them? It just makes sense.
  • Sam from Nyc, Nywell, judging that you were at a pop-punk concert obv. not many would enjoy the music of straylight run they are so completley diffrent. I mean the people there are waiting for happy sing along chorus's that don't have too much context within them are hearing meaningfull non-sell out music.

  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI'm not trying to be mean but when I went to a Simple Plan concert and this band opened for them...they sucked. People were yelling at them to get off stage. Like I said I'm not trying to be mean but they're not very good. No one at the Simple Plan concert liked them.
  • Tom Bush from North Rose, Nyi love it. the song rocks. i also like their hands in the sky(big shot).
  • Chris from Tampa Bay, FlI agree with jill..although she'll be the only one reading this lol but i do love this song very much its got such an awesome melody and i just..love it its so awesome! straylight run rules!!
  • Jill from Warren, PaThis is my fave song...so beautiful. I can't believe no one else has commented on it.
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