Ghost Man On Third

Album: Tell All Your Friends (2002)
  • This song is about a depressed, disturbed man who is in a hopeless/useless relationship, where nothing that he does or can do will make a difference. He beats himself up over the problems and tries to make us see that this is how living like that is - depressing and uneasy. >>
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    Amina - Toronto, Canada
  • John Nolan answered a question about the meaning of this song on his Formspring account, and said that Adam Lazzara wrote the lyrics and that they were a reflection of "where he was at at the time." >>
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    Emily - Johns Creek, GA
  • The "Ghost Man" is a term used in wiffleball, dodgeball and sometimes baseball when a small number of players are participating. If a runner reaches third base and it's his time to bat, he'll be replaced at third with a "Ghost Man," meaning an implied runner.

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  • Brandon from Whiteville, NcAll you guys are sort of close, but the entire TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS album, is not about a girl. I used to think the same, but that was prior to the knowledge I later gained of Jesse and Adam's beef. This entire cd, is about/directed towards/fueding "come-back" responses as a result of BN's SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN. I'm actually constructing a blog right about showcasing the fued, when complete, you will be able to see and follow the fued, song for song, lyric for lyric responses and come backs between said Adam and Jesse. Take it upon yourself to ponder who "won" or squashed the beef. But I think it's pretty evident that after BN's release of Deja Entendu's "okay i believe you, but my tommy gun dont," that Jesse totally walked away the victor and had Adam totally pegged.
  • Dani from Chicago, Ilit sounds like a guy gets cheated on and deals w/ it by drinking...and he's ashamed of it, and he's hit rock bottom.
  • Cecily from Redding, CaThis song IS about a "love triangle" but it is written from the point of view of the "other man" and he is obviously upset about the silence. I think alcohol plays only a small role in the meaning of the song, maybe highlighting the dramatic depression as a result of the song. He is very regretful at the situation he is in where the girl wants to keep things quiet and keep her relationship with the other man, but he feels little self pity and much self-hatred. He's basically saying in the last lines that the situation was his choice and he has no right to cry about it, but he's going to scream about it instead. BTW, I seriously love this song.
  • Hazel from Sikeston, United Statesthis is my favorite song!!!!its sad...and i do think its about an acoholic.... but i've heard its about a book...i forgot the name
  • Tim from South Jersey, Nji think its about a guy that has turned to alcohol to sooth the pain of a break up. The break up was caused be his girlfriend cheating on him ("thinking if it's three")
  • Captainrobin from Boston, Mai think it goes along with the song great romances of the 20th century and how he, as does everyone, has flaws. in this case it is alcohol, and how its getting in the way of their relationship. and the title is very interesting. i agree with Landon.
  • Landon from Atlanta, GaJust something interesting to point out about the title, in a baseball game that needs ghost runners, you will never need to have a "ghost man on third" unless their is only one man on the team. If you are familiar with baseball, just think about it for a second. I find the title very interesting because of that.
  • Bob from Jackson, MiThe title of the song refers to the backyard baseball practice of leaving a "ghost man" on base when the person occupying that base needs to go back and bat. Useful for very small games of baseball. :)
  • Brandie from Jacksonville, AlI think this song may have been about a struggle with alcohol. (It's my fist vs. the bottle) and how it tends to take control of one's life. He is depressed and moody. He is ashamed of what he has become. (and thank god you weren't watch me hit bottom)
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