One-Eighty by Summer

Album: Where You Want to Be (2004)


  • This song is about a guy who is frustrated with a girl who he needs "like a bad habit." He is frustrated that she turned him into what he is now: "Well my best side was your worst invention." He keeps asking her why won't she ever be happy and is determined not to come back down and stoop to her level. >>
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    Amina - Toronto, Canada
  • Taking Back Sunday's song titles often have nothing to do with the songs themselves. In this case, the title comes from a bet made between the band and their guitarist Eddie Reyes. The bet was that he couldn't lose enough weight to slim down to 180 pounds by summer. >>
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    Kevin - Chicago, IL

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  • Ervo from Muncie, Inthis song is my favorite of Where You Want To be, its like drenched in emotion. but yeah sound s like a guy is in a relationship with a girl and there both very...well...dramatic. baiscilly what Nina said.
  • Nina from All Over, OhI think they are both glutton for punishment and they like the drama troubles of relationship produce. Maybe the guy less than the girl.
  • Dani from Chicago, Ilgirl is dependent, can't live without the dude. and she constantly need attention. i know a lot of my friends are like that with their boyfriends. and the title of the song is amazing cause it represents that ed reyes was supposed to be 180 by summer =D
  • Faramarz from Sterling, VaNo i'd have to say its about a guy and a girl who have broken up but he still wants her. and in actuality she still wants him too. shes just too proud to say it. thats why he says 'are you ashamed...' also she kinda wants the guy she fell in love with but hes telling her he cant be that same guy. they can still work it out but he cant 'live up to his first impression' he says that his 'best side was her worst invention' and then also says why cant you 'just come back'. why do you have to make it about you. 'why cant you live wihtout the attention?' he also says how he needs her defenseless and dependent and how she needs to stop being so proud and just kinda let herself go to him. ya dig?? maybe not. my take on it.
  • Cecily from Redding, CaGod, how many times have you wished a man would have lived up to his first impression? This is one of my favorite TBS songs. The two people in this song are equally screwed up.
  • Kim from Someplace, NyThe title is actually 'One-Eighty By Summer', not 'One-Eighty Summer'. But i agree with Amina...its about a boy who is frustrated with his needy girlfriend. She is never happy, though he tries desperatly to please her, including changing himself. But he does it all because he believes he needs her.
  • Kevin from Mansfield, CtI thought it was about.. a girl that keeps wanting the guys attention... Yea basicly what amina said.. ---she said live up to your first impression
    well my best side was your worst invention
    why cant u live without the attention--
  • Horatio from Perth, Australiahe says that the girl needs him like a bad habit. He's telling her to just admit that she needs him
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